If you are looking for a microphone for computer recording, you are then at the right place to buy the best solution. The professional microphone brand Antlion Audio has launched its ModMic microphone in the Indian market.

Even though the microphone is not cheap but the kind of features it offers – is making it a worthy choice for computer recording. Priced close to 5000 Rupees in the Indian market, this microphone is designed in such a way that it records clear voice with minimal background noise.

Antlion Audio ModMic 4 is an ideal microphone for computer recording, gaming, VoIP calls, and certainly a highly recommended solution for YouTubers. Recording clear and loud HD audio even in noisier ambiance is the USP of this microphone.

Let us now see the best features of this best microphone for computer recording, and its key features and services that it would offer to users.

Variants of Antlion Audio ModMic Microphone

This efficient microphone for best quality recording has three variants in the market at present. The ModMic 4 microphone model is with two variants: one with the mute option and another without the mute option.

ModMic 4 without mute, terms as GDL-0422, is the cheapest variant and it consists of features console compatibility, Noise isolation MIC, and Antlion Cable Clasps. And, it is evident from its name that it misses an essential control option, the mute button. The ModMic 4 with Mute, named as GDL-0420, has the same features as the earlier variant, but it adds the much-needed Mute switch.

Having a dedicated switch to control mute or sound through could reduce mistakes in recording and add more professionalism to what one wish to record. Especially during a long video project, when doing everything alone, as most YouTubers do – requires a special direct control button to start stop voice recording.

From the brand Antlion Audio, the ModMic 5 is the best microphone for computer recording in HD audio. I am able to say this by going through specs of this most advanced microphone. It, in fact, has the features, which Antlion Audio has invented to prove its products uniqueness in the market. And I must say, Antlion Audio has been appreciated in its effort.

The ModMic 5 microphone model has some additional features along with the features that the two junior variants have. The additional features on this most advanced microphone are studio quality MIC, modular cord length, and a unique cable wrap to manage long cable of it.

All the three microphones have one common feature that users can clip them on any headphone. Honestly, such convenience with these microphones is making them truly special and unique.

A Microphone for computer Recording can work with any Headphone

One of the greatest features of these microphones has to be easy to clip on any headphone regardless of shape size and design. Essentially, it works with all headphones. Another greatest feature is it can record sound with any gadgets as long as they have the support AUDIO-in.

The sales box of this microphone keeps multiple stickers with magnetic support. A user has to stick them on one side of headphone and create a jack support to clip this microphone there and hold firmly during use.

Stickers with Magnetic Support

The arrangement made to attach this microphone on headphones is durable enough. That acts like a natural adjustment, something that was designed at the time of production of the headphones. Users could freely adjust the microphone according to requirement.

Dedicated Case: The brand Antlion Audio provides quality according to the price users have to pay. For instance, look at the carry case. The black case of this microphone looks so impressive. That also works as a protection cover and makes easy to carry this microphone for computer recording on tour.

Inside the case, there are some magnetic clips and a glossy microphone with a long wire. A user manual is also there, which makes very easy to setup this microphone. Although I am repeatedly calling it a microphone for computer recording but the fact is – it fits for all kinds recording that too in HD quality.

Antlion Audio ModMic Microphone with Strong Carry Case

Function and features of Antlion Audio ModMic 4

This is a uni-directional microphone, which means it can record from one direction only. Being a uni-directional mic also means it a brilliant choice for recording voice-over or any computer-recording project. Furthermore, because of its internal design, this microphone is a brilliant choice for most voice-related activities, too.

Noise Cancellation Features: Especially for YouTubers, it is not possible to have a soundproof studio (because of fund problem) for recording clear crystal sound in the initial days. Moreover, YouTube is making earn money from its platform even tougher. Of late, they have put a condition that at least 10000 views are needed for a video being eligible for monetized with ads and the YouTube channel being eligible for the YouTube partner program.

Thus, it is essential to invest in great gadgets if you want big returns from your effort, time and your creativity. This noise cancellation mic from the house of Antlion Audio is a solution and could be a genuine alternative of a soundproof studio.

This microphone by using its programmed noise cancellation feature would ensure that only the voice of the user is through. In fact, the test we conducted with it had a quite satisfactory result.

What makes this Antlion Audio microphone a unique one in the Indian market is that so far noise cancellation features has been a part of headphone design. With this microphone arrival, however, for the first time, the noise cancellation feature becomes a part of a non-studio microphone.

Thanks to this microphone, even a low-cost headphone could be a genuine carrier to record HD quality voice. You can fit this microphone even on a 500 Rupees headphone to record crystal clear HD sound. Isn’t this amaze you? Flexibility in use with any headphone is what making this microphone for computer recording in HD quality sound – a truly special gadget.

Antlion Audio ModMic Microphone with Noise Cancellation Features

Why should one buy this multipurpose Microphone?

This Antlion Audio ModMic 4 microphone is durable, flexible and it could record HD voice without background noise. In fact, this microphone, which I would highly recommend for computer recording works, is one of a kind because of the included noise cancellation feature. Essentially, this microphone in your bag eliminates the requirement of a soundproof studio to record clear HD voice.

Especially for YouTubers, this reliable microphone is a boon. Trust me by using this microphone you can record very clear sound in HD quality without any background noise and it even eliminates heavy fan running noise.

This microphone for HD recording also works seamlessly with smartphones. It also supports iPhones. Thus, if you want to minimize the cost of investment for starting podcasts and YouTube channel, you have to make some initial investment and a portion of that should be for buying this microphone.

If you have a smartphone with a decent camera, only investment you would require to make is that a tripod and this Antlion Audio microphone. Attach this microphone with your smartphone and place that on a tripod. Now get this microphone close to your mouth and start your conversation with your fans.

Must-have accessories for this Antlion Microphone

For using this microphone for computer recording with Android smartphone requires a dedicated plug-in for creating the audio-in facility. Antlion sells the required accessories so nothing to worry about that.

Antlion Adeptor for Using this Micrphone for Computer Recording with Android Smartphones

There is one more adapter, which Antlion Audio launched to cut system’s operational noise during recordings. The adaptor although is cheaper but its functions making it truly worthy. Without this advanced adapter from Antlion Audio, recording HD voice with 100% clarity and 0% background noise would not be possible. Actually, this adaptor is for solving clichés within a system while recording sound. Effectively it does the same job as the costly advanced heavy size programmed machines do in a recording studio.

In case a computer or laptop is not supporting this microphone, use this Antlion special adaptor. Moreover, there is a possibility that while recording, the regular system hardware would miss few seconds of sound. This adapter would solve that.

Further, any system would record unwanted machine sounds. This happens quite often even when using a sophisticated computer system for recording. This Antlion adaptor eliminates that too.

Antlion Audio USB Adapter

Pro Features:-

  • A perfect microphone with noise cancellation feature for recording HD sound
  • Very easy setup

Conclusion: After testing this microphone, I have become a fan of it. I love its flexibility in use. It works with smartphones, computers, and camera or any gadget, which has the function of audio-in. Its setup is seamless. To solve hiccups while recording on different platforms, the brand Antlion provides the required accessories on low prices. One cannot disregard a product from a brand, which sets an ultimate goal of making sound recording impressive on a minimal investment.

I have to agree that this microphone with required accessories looks pricey but the kind of quality setup it ensures for professionals is very impressive. YouTubers especially would love this microphone.

Price 4800 Rupees
Weight 113 Grams
Connector 3.5 MM