You have perhaps done a great deal of research to catch and buy an impeccable dream TV set for your family. Perchance, you have furthermore endowed your valuable money in upgrading your home gaming systems and video disk playing gadgets as well. So, are you done? Don’t you think there’s something that’s missing? Yes, you got that right! I am talking about the breathtaking sound that you may only acquire with an impressive speaker system for your home theater.

Want to attain the best home theater experience? Of course! Now that you have resolved to add the final touch to your home, you must take account of certain things before running out to the market and buying a reasonably priced choice. After all, picking the best home theater speakers can be a fairly intimidating task.  A lot of producers assert their product to be the best — but as with any acquisition – few speakers are of greater worth than others. A few of them have a greater price than others too. But, does the most costly always mean the best? No, not at all!

So, what speaker do you think is the best for your home theater?  Before you make a decision, it would be a fabulous idea to do a slight research on the web. To streamline the unnerving task of research for you, after conducting a competent price comparison, we’ve selected best multimedia speakers under 3000 Rupees that might suit your needs.

☼ 37W F&D A140X Multimedia Speaker System

The brand F&D has always been my favorite for such affordable speakers that generate superior sound and profound bass. If your budget for a multimedia speaker system is around 2500 Rupees then this Indian speaker brand has an excellent product to offer you. I am talking about the F&D A140X speaker system. It is a 2.1-Channel multimedia speaker system. That means it comes with three speakers, two satellite speakers, and one subwoofer. Besides, having an FM radio function makes it a complete entertainment system.

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The F&D A140X speaker system has all the required connectivity options. It comes with USB 2.0, Bluetooth, Audio-In, Audio-Out, and SD Card reader slot. You can pair your smartphone with it through Bluetooth and play all your favorite songs in its solid sound with heavy bass.

Price ₹2490 → Amazon
Features 37W | Bluetooth | 2.1-Channel | Bass Control |  Wireless Music Streaming | FM Radio | With Remote


► 11W F&D 203G Multimedia Speaker System

The F&D speaker is the best multimedia speaker system in India market below 1500 Rupees. I say it with full responsibility. No speaker system can match this F&D multimedia speaker system in terms of audio loudness, audio clarity, and bass level in the audio. The subwoofer of this speaker system generates thumping natural bass since it has a powerful 4-inch bass driver and its cabinet is made of real wood.

This speaker system delivers bass as much as the listens would want. It has a dedicated bass control knob on the back panel of its subwoofer. This is another reason why this 2.1-Ch speaker system is the best multimedia speaker system under 1500 Rupees.

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Tell me how many branded speaker systems are there on the market with such great features for better sound? The answer is only one that is the F&D 203G 2.1-Channel Multimedia Speaker System.

Price ₹1290 → Amazon
Features Crystal Clear Sound | Natural Sound with Natural Bass | Bass Boost Technology | Warranty: 1-Year
Sound 11W {2W×2 + 7W} | Satellite Speakers: {Driver: 2.5-Inch Full-Range | FR-Range: 100Hz – 20KHz} | Subwoofer: {Driver: 4-Inch Bass | FR-Range: 20Hz – 160Hz | Signal-To-Noise: {≥ 65dB, Separation: ≥ 35dB}
Connectivity LR Audio-In | 2 × LR Audio-Out
Build Big Volume Control Knob on Front side | Bass Control Knob on Back Side | Blue LED Power Indicator | Subwoofer in Wooden Cabinet
Sales Box Speaker System | RCA Cable with 3.5-mm Audio Jack | Documents


► 20W Envent Deejay 550 Multimedia Speaker System

The Envent speaker system is currently the only multimedia speaker system below 2000 Rupees that comprises five speakers. The set has four satellite speakers and one sub-woofer. Through its five speakers, it generates loud & clear sound with deep bass. Its audio quality is surprisingly very clear and loud.

To my surprise, the subwoofer of this Envent Deejay 550 BT multimedia speaker system comes in a wooden cabinet and has a dedicated bass control knob as well. So here is a speaker system that generates natural bass and the level of bass that the listens want to hear. If you like listening to songs with heavy bass, here a powerful speaker system.

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Further, what is even more surprising is that despite the low price of this multimedia speaker system Envent brand provides remote control with it. Therefore, considering everything it would not be wrong to say that it is the best multimedia speakers in India market below 3000 Rupees.

Price ₹1890 → Amazon
Features 4.1-Channel Speaker System | Wireless Music Steaming | Wall Mountable Satellite Speakers | Subwoofer with Bass Control Knob | FM Radio | Warranty: 1-Year
Sound Max Audio: 20W {2.5W×4 + 10W×1} | Impedance: 4-ohm
Connectivity Memory-Card Slot | USB 2.0 | Bluetooth 4.1
Build Subwoofer in Wooden Cabinet
Sales Box Subwoofer | Satellite Speakers | Aux Cable | AV Cable | Remote | Documents


► 15W F&D F210X Multimedia Speaker System

Currently, the best-selling multimedia speaker system below 2000 Rupees is F&D F210X. It is a set of three speakers with a fully functional remote. What makes it unique is its ability to generate loud and clear sound with deep bass. Bass in the audio can be controlled by the dedicated bass control button on the back of the woofer unit. F&D brand equipped this speaker system with FM radio function also.

F&D F210X Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers

The build quality of the F&D F210X multimedia speaker system is outstanding. That too, when it is so affordable. The subwoofer in the set has a wooden cabinet. And, its speaker driver size is 4-inch. Thus, it generates loud and clear punchy bass with a natural feel. The effect of the wooden cabinet on the bass audio is apparent. Even at the top volume level, bass in the sound feels very soft, pleasant to listeners’ ear.

This F&D speaker system comes with all the required connectivity options. It has a USB port, SD-Card reader port, Bluetooth, analog RCA Audio input, and audio output ports. You can play songs on your smartphone with the F&D F210X speaker system by connecting through Bluetooth. Use its RCA input To connect this F&D speaker with an LED TV.

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F&D F210X is at the number one spot in the multimedia speaker category at Amazon. Lakhs of people have bought it and appreciated it. So, no doubt about it that it is the best multimedia speaker under 2000 Rupees. Go for it. Not to forget here, F&D is a professional speaker brand.

Price ₹1700 → Amazon
Features 15W Audio | Wireless Music Streaming | FM-Radio with Antenna | Digital-FM works on PLL technology | Storage for up to 100 FM stations | Remote Controller With 10-Meter Range | USB-Reader supporting MP3/WMA Dual-Format decoding
Speaker Driver Size: {Front Speaker: 2.5-Inch | Woofer: 4-inch} | Audio: 15W {2×3W + 9W} | FR Range: {Front Speaker: 135Hz to 20KHz | Woofer: 30Hz to 130Hz} | Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 60dB | Separation: ≥ 40dB
Build 100% Pure Wooden Cabinet | Connectivity: {Bluetooth 4.0 with 15-Meter Range, USB, SD Card Reader, RCA Input, Audio-Out} | Full-function control buttons on side panel | Dedicated Bass Control Knob


► 42W F&D A180X Multimedia Speaker System

One of the best multimedia speakers in India under 3000 Rupees is the FD A180X Bluetooth speaker system. Most speaker systems in this price range either have no wireless connectivity or if they do, the bass is unsatisfactory. F&D designed their FD A180X Multimedia system to fit the needs of a student or a small homeowner, preferably a bachelor.

Fenda Audio (F&D) is among the leading speaker system brands in India. Their dexterity in Sound Engineering is matchless. Here is what we liked about the FD A180X Wireless Multimedia speaker system.

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Bluetooth connectivity plus: If you are looking for F&D best speakers, then the FD A180X multimedia system must be on your list. To start with, this system gives you numerous connectivity options to play music from. First, it has Bluetooth (A2DP), meaning that it can play music from your laptop or smartphone wirelessly.

In addition, we liked the fact that this F&D music system has an extended Bluetooth range of 15 meters. Most systems in this price category have Bluetooth limited to 10 meters at most.

Extra input options: Additionally, this system has an inbuilt FM radio, a USB port for playing music from thumb drives, and an AUX in port. Moreover, the USB reader on this system uses plug and play technology. This means there is literally no time wasted when loading files. Furthermore, the USB reader supports a wide range of audio formats including MP3 & WMA dual format decoding. This system also comes with a remote control to help you change settings easily.

Powerful Audio and Bass Output: Maximum Bass in the audio is one of the reasons why the FD A180X is the top favorite 2.1 channel multimedia speakers. Basically, this system is powered by two 14-Watt satellite speakers and one 14-Watt Sub-woofer. Combined, this setup generates a total audio wattage of 42-Watt with a signal to noise ratio of 70 dB. Notably, the Sub-woofer on this device is a 5.25-inch bass driver. Actually, this bass driver is considerably big for a Speaker system in this price range.

Out of the box Design: The F&D design team did a good job on this particular product. As a matter of fact, this is the first time we are seeing such a striking design on a speaker system under 3000 rs. Besides, the manufacturer also included an LED Digital display so as to make things easier for users.

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Apart from the glossy front facing, the rest of the body on this F&D music system is wooden. Wood dumps vibration effectively and enhances sound clarity. Conclusively the A180X F&D sound system price will range between 2800 to 3000 rs on average.

Price ₹2850 → Amazon
Speaker 2.1 Channel | 42-Watt Audio | Impedance 4 ohm
Connectivity USB | FM | Aux-in | Bluetooth
Features Powerful Sub-Woofer for Maximum BASS and Loud Audio | Wireless music streaming | USB Card Reader
Build LED Display Panel | 3.4-Kg Weight | Dimensions 10 x 10 x 4 cm | Remote Control | Compact Wooden body
Sales Box 3 Speakers |  Warranty Card |  Remote Control
Warranty 12-Months | FD Customer Care 1800-425-55-46