Air fryer usages hot air to cook food whereas food streamer usages steam. Manufacturers of both the kitchen appliance types — claim for cooking food with 80% less oil. Which one should you buy if you need 80% less oil content is your food?

Air Fryer is more in demand than Food Steamer. In a comparison of nine models of Air Fryer, there is only one food steamer in the market. This is just a rough estimate for explaining you.

Less demand means home appliances brands are least interested in launching new food steamer with innovative and lots of convenience features. I just searched on Amazon and Flipkart. There are only a few food steamers. On the other hand, there are hundreds of new models of air fryer are on sale.

► Air Fryer Food Taste vs. Steamer Food Taste

I found food cooked in Air Fryer testier than the one cooked in Food Steamer. Air Fryer makes food item crispy from outside while juicy from inside. This is my opinion. You can choose to ignore it.

Food Steamer Kitchen Appliance

Food steamer basically boils a food item. Air Fryer, whereas, usages water inside the ingredients to cook them. All the living things including fruits and vegetables have 30 to 80% water in their body. Air Fryer smartly usages the water to cook them. It makes more sense to use water inside the things than using steam from outside.

You will be annoyed if you eat food cooked in Food steamer every day. Air Fryer contrarily is an excellent solution to make something crispy and lite, every day, two-three times in a day.

Air Fryer Kitchen Appliance

Guest-Friendly: – Considering the taste of food cooked in a food steamer, I do not think you can serve them to guests. If the guest is unwanted, unwelcomed, then Food steamer is the best kitchen appliance to cook launch and dinner for him every day as long as he stays.

► Should you buy an Air Fryer?

You should not be doing crazy things if you do not earn your living because of good physic and beauty.  For good health invest in a practical solution, which is do-able every day, and you can continue with it without any habitation. In my opinion, food steamer is not the right solution to cooking food every day whereas Air Fryer is.

Food steamer boils food, so its role in a kitchen is limited. Air Fryer, however, could be an excellent addition to your kitchen. Use Gas Cooktop to make the main course and Air Fryer for making side dishes with 80% less oil.

Samsung SLIM FRY Microwave Oven

Instead of buying an air fryer, you should buy Samsung’s microwave oven which comes with SLIM FRY technology. This technology does the same thing what an Air Fryer claims to do, cooking food with 80% less oil. Your Samsung Microwave Oven will work in two ways. One day you make oily food and next day non-oily food. This way you can maintain the right balance. Always invest in multipurpose Kitchen appliances and avoid over-loading your kitchen area.

Samsung SLIM FRY Oven 8000 to 35,000 Rupees
Air Fryer 3000 to 50,000 Rupees
Food Steamer 2000 to 12,000 Rupees