Which is the best air fryer under 10000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling air fryers from top brands from the price range of 5000 to 10000 Rupees. The suggested air fryer models have been rated with 4-Star or 5-Star by their buyers for their superior build quality, outstanding performance, many features, and ease of using.

► 1500W 3-Liter Kenstar Oxy Fryer

Kenstar is an Indian brand and its sells Made in India Air Fryer. That is indeed a pro considering the current situation and the fact that Made in India is always a thousand times better than Made in China in terms of quality and durability.

Kenstar Oxy Fryer Air Fryer

Kenstar air fryers have a modern and cool design. That impresses most of the buyers. Kenstar calls its air fryer the Oxy Fryer. Currently, Kenstar Oxy Fryer is available in two capacities: 3.0-Liter and 3.5-Liter. Though they have the same power capacity — 1500W.

Kenstar Oxy Fryer can make 100% oil-free items. Food items cooked in a Kenstar Oxy Fryer is crispy from outside and juicy from inside. Apparently, the Oxy fryer technology makes sure that you don’t have to apply much oil, ensuring a healthy diet. The timer makes sure that your food does not get overcooked if somehow you lose your attention.

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This Air Fryer comes with a recipe book that features 100 very popular Indian and International dishes. Also, Kenstar has launched a dedicated Oxy Fryer app to bring the best of Air Fryer cooking at your smartphone device.

3-Liter | 1500W Air Fryer under 7000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Kenstar Oxy Fryer

Price ₹6990 (3.5L) | ₹6490 (3.0L) | Amazon
Features Made in India (Haryana) | Super Silent Cooking | 100% Oil-Free Cooking | Hot Air Cooking | Warranty: 1-Year
Cooking Power-Capacity: 1500W | Food-Basket: 3.0L/3.5L | Temp-Control: 80°C to 200°C | Timer: 1-min to 30-min
Build Outer Body: ABS Plastic | Non-Stick Food-Basket: Aluminium | Control: Digital (3.5L) / Manual (3.0L) | Power-Cord: 1.2-Meter | Height: Less Than 40-CM


► 1230W 4-Liter Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer

Most of the people might have not knowing that Havells is not just a home electronics brand, it is also a Kitchen appliances brand. This reliable brand also sells best air fryer in India market.

Havells launched the Prolife Digi air fryer last year and still today, it is the best option below 10000 Rupees. The air fryer price is 7000 Rupees.

The Havells air fryer consumes 1230-Watt of electricity that makes it efficient being a product of today’s technology. It also has Rapid Air Technology similar to the Philips Air Fryer’s Rapid Air Technology. Principally All Air Dryers have the same concept behind, but they use different technology because of patent laws. It weighs 3.5-kg, and its cooking capacity is 4-liter.

Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer under 10000 Rupees

If you give a little attention to the design of this Havells air fryer, you see is that it takes inspiration from Philips HD9220 Air Fryer and Kenstar Oxy Fryer. It, however, has control touch panel instead of a temperature control wheel at the top of the front. Because of the touch panel, the Prolife Digi air fryer looks futuristic and is user-friendly. If you look at the shape of this air fryer, you find its resemblance to the best Philips Air Fryer model HD9220. Havells has worked to give a differentiating look to this air fryer, although.

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The cooking procedure includes pulling the container out, putting the food that you want to cook in it, and then putting it back in its original position. Then, you have to set the temperature with the touch panel. A twist in the timer just above the handle help you set the cooking time. Once you set the timer, it automatically starts cooking your food.

One thing that this fryer specializes in — is the feature of multi-type cooking. Not just oil-free cooking and frying, you can also bake, toast, roast, and reheat with this digital air fryer. In fact, that is the biggest plus-point this fryer has over others. Therefore, it is safe to rate Havells Prolife Digi as the best air fryer under 10000 Rupees on the market currently.

In the sales box of Prolife Digi Air Fryer, Havells also provides a separator for cooking two food in one go. A recipe book is also included to help with the procedure to cook several delicious dishes.

Pros: – Havells has indeed succeeded in making its first digital Air Dryer a genuinely user-friendly appliance. Labels on and around the controls, a recipe book make it easy for customers to use this product. It also allows one to set the timer up to 60 minutes, against the 30 minutes timer option in the Philips HD9220 Air Fryer. You also get an on-site warranty for 24-months, which is exceptional. Moreover, you can get your Prolife Digi air fryer repaired from Havells service centers spread across India.

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Further, only 3.5-KG of weight makes it lighter than many other air fryers manufactured by reputed companies. The list does not stop here, 4-liters cooking container is big enough to cook food in one-session for a family of two to six. Looking at the build, design, capacity, and cooking efficiency, I have no hesitation in rating Havells Prolife Digi as one of the top five best air fryers in India at present.

Best Air Fryer under 8000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Havells Prolife Digi

Price ₹7000 | Amazon
Ideal for Fry | Toast | Bake | Grill | Reheat | Oil-Free Cooking (85% Less Oil)
Features Power Capacity: 1230W | Patented Round-Basket | Digital Touch Control Panel | Dishwasher-Safe Parts | Warranty: 24-Months
Cooking Rapid Air-Technology | Timer {Up to 60-Minutes} | Temperature Control {80°C – 200°C} | Auto Off | Quick Cooking Time {12-Minutes}
Build Control {Red → Power-ON | Green → Heating Up} | Body: Hard-Plastic | Aluminium non-stick coated Cooking-Basket {4-Liter} | Cooking-Pan Separator {For Cooking Multiple Items} | Basket Release-Button | Food-Basket {2.5-Liter} | Integrated Air Filter | Cool-Touch Handle | Internal Cord-Storage
Sales Box Air Fryer | Cooking-Pan | Food-Basket | User-Manual | Recipe-Book


► 1425W 2.2-Liter Philips HD9216 Air Fryer

In India market Air Fryer became famous and a choice of masses because of Philips. Even today, Philips air fryers are the best among all available options. Because of superior build quality and ease of using, price-wise, Philips air fryers are little on the higher side. Still, they totally worth it! If you can, then you must buy a Philips Air Fryer even by paying little extra.

Philips HD9216 Air Fryer for Low-Fat Fry

Philips HD9216 Air Fryer is what you need to buy If your budget for an air fryer is below 10000 Rupees. The current price of this Philips Air Fryer is 8000 Rupees. Its cooking capacity is 800-Grams and Heating capacity 1425W.

I have many Philips appliances. Some of them have been in use from – more than 7-Years. Still, they are in a well-good condition. That is the kind of value you get when you invest in Philips appliances.

How useful is the Philips Air Fryer? You can fry, grill, roast, and even bake with Philips HD9216 Air Fryer. Moreover, you can manually adjust cooking time and temperature. That means a lot can be done with this Philips Air Fryer.

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The primary objective behind an Air Fryer is to cook with almost no oil. That is why the appliance is called Air fryer. Fry using air, which is indeed a challenging task. Philips HD9216 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology, however, makes it possible. Items cooked in this Air Fryer will be crispy from outside but juicy from inside. Wow, so Delicious!

Price ₹8000 | Amazon
Ideal for Low-Fat Fry | Grill | Roast | Bake
Features Rapid-Air Technology | Automatic Shut-Off | Dishwasher-Safe | On/Off Switch | 2-Year Warranty
Cooking Basket-Capacity: 800-Grams (2.2-Liter) | Temperature-Control {80°C to 200°C} | Set-Timer (0 to 30-Minutes) | Ready-to-Cook Indicator
Build Cord-Storage | Non-Slip Feet | 0.8-Meter Power-Cord | Power-Consumption: 1425W | Hard-Plastic Body


► 1500W 3.2-Liter American Micronic Air Fryer

Those who bought the American Micronic Air Fryer and currently using it have referred it as a magical kitchen appliance. In terms of cooking and power capacity, it is bigger and superior to Philips HD9216, which is experts’ recommended air fryer under 10000 Rupees.

The Philips Air Fryer comes with an 800-grams cooking basket and a 1425W heating system. Whereas, the capacity of this American Micronic Air Fryer is 3.2-Liter and its power capacity is 1500W. And yet it is cheaper than the Philips HD9216 Air Fryer.

American Micronic Air Fryer

The most critical thing in the selection of an Air Fryer is the technology used for cooking. Cooking technology and build quality are the two most essential things you need to consider.

American Micronic Air Fryers are based on the Turbo Tunnel Fresh Air Technology to cook food with almost no oil. Going by the assessment of those who have been regularly using this American Micronic Air Fryer model to prepare low-fat fried items, it seems the technology works well.

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Can we trust the build quality of this American Micronic 1500W Air Fryer? Yes, of course! The brand offers 2-Years warranty for the whole unit. And, currently, one-year of extended warranty for a limited period.

3.2-Liter American Micronic Air Fryer under 7000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Philips #AmericanMicronic

Price ₹6300 | Amazon
Features Ideal for {Fry, Cook, Bake, Roast, Grill, Hot} | Air-Fry 1.4-Kg Food in One-Go | Cook with Almost No-Oil | Dishwasher-Safe Parts
Cooking Turbo-Tunnel Fresh Air Technology | Temp-Control {80°C to 200°C} | Auto-Off Timer {0 to 30-Minutes}
Build Cool-Touch Handle | Non-Stick Basket | Non-Slip Rubber Feet | Temp-Control Wheel | Indicators
Warranty 2-Years + 1-Year Extra-Warranty | Repair/Unit-Replacement | Free-Pick from all PIN Codes | 350-Rupees Courier Charge for Repaired/Replacement Unit Delivery


► 1400W 2.2-Liter Philips HD9220 Air Fryer

Philips brand has several Air Fryer models on the market. The best model in them is model number HD9220. Currently, it is one of the best-selling air fryers under 10000 Rupees range. for its excellent build & design and outstanding cooking performance, It has so far received two prestigious awards. WOW!!

Philips HD9220 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology

Philips HD9220 air fryer can make delicious food with 80% less oil than the oil used in regular cooking. Yet food items made in this air fryer are crispy from outside and juicy from inside. Philips’s signature cooking technology the Rapid Air Technology makes that happen.

Other pro features of this Philips Air Fryer are adjustable timer and temperature control. With these two options, it is a fully versatile cooking appliance, which can cook almost anything with less oil. Whereas, because of 1425W power capacity cooking completes very quickly in this air fryer.

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Thus, Philips HD9220 Air Fryer cooks fast, cooks healthy, and makes delicious food. Its build and durability are fully trustable since it is a Philips product. Therefore, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that it is one of the best air fryers in India market.

Price ₹9500 | Amazon
Make Low Fat-Fry | Cook with 80% Less Oil | Healthy Grill | Healthy Roasted Items | Baking
Features Patented Rapid Air Technology | Power-Capacity: 1400W | Timer ( 0 to 30-minutes) | Temperature Control {80°C to 200°C} | Auto Shut-Off | Recipe Book in Sales Box | Warranty: 2-Year
Build Dishwasher-Safe Parts | Fryer Basket: 800-Gram (2.2-liter) | Weight: 7-Kg | Power-Cord: 0.8-Meter | Cord-Storage | Non-Slip Rubber Feet | Cool-Touch Body
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