If your budget for a new LED TV is around 25000 Rupees, then follow this article. I shortlist here the best LED TV in the price range of 22000 to 25000 Rupees. The shortlisted models are the latest LED TV models on sale. We examined them from every angle. That even includes postmortem of their manufacturer’s behavior in providing hassle-free post-sales service.

Which brand is best for LED TVs in the Indian market? Sony, LG, Samsung, and Vu are four of my favorite brands for LED TVs. In this piece, however, I selected LED TV models for review not by seeing their brand name but rather by considering their features, functions, build quality, and price. Thus, here you read about – the top LED TV models – even those brands – which are yet to plant seeds of their brand reputation in the customer's mind. The suggested TV models come with a big screen, full HD resolution, a powerful audio system, and many multimedia features.

☼ 43-Inch Acer AR43AR2851UDFL Smart TV

Under 25000 Rupees, this Acer Android Smart LED TV is the best choice on the market. Compared to what is currently available on the market, the Acer brand offers a lot more for 25000 Rupees. The television has some first-time features. Those features are the contrast ratio of 5000:1, USB 3.0, and HDMI 2.0. Moreover, there is no television below 25000 Rupees other than this with 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM.

A frameless screen will provide a better viewing experience than a screen with a thick bezel. The Acer AR43AR2851UDFL 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV has a frameless screen, and the screen quality is incredible. For Indian homes, 43 inches is the perfect screen size. 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR10+, HLG, UHD upscaling, Super Brightness, and Digital Noise Filter are some of the prominent features for a better screen on this Acer 4K Smart LED TV.

Blue Light Reduction, Dolby Sound, and Headphone output are the features that perfect this Acer Smart LED TV for continuous entertainment without disturbing family members. Plus, two super load high fidelity speakers with 30W audio make this 4K TV stand out from the rest.

  Smart TV: ₹30000 - ₹35000

On the connectivity side, this Acer television is currently the most advanced Android TV. It has three HDMI ports and Two USB ports. The version of HDMI and USB ports is the latest. Yes, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity mode is available with a 2-way Bluetooth feature.

Thus, considering everything above, this Acer Smart LED TV is the best choice on the market if your budget is 25000 Rupees. More about it is our video review.

Price ₹24990 → Amazon
Features 43-Inch | 4K UHD Resolution | 30W Dolby Sound | Bluetooth 5.0 | 3×HDMI 2.0 | 2×USB Ports | Warranty: 2-Year


☼ 43-Inch Sansui JSW43ASFHD Android TV

Vu, Kodak, Sanyo, Sansui, and Thomson are some of the best brands in the Indian market for high-class but affordable android televisions. Under 25000 Rupees, the Sansui smart TV JSW43ASFHD model is currently one of the best options. This Android TV has a big screen and a powerful Dolby speaker system. On the connectivity side, it beats televisions of even top brands.

For smart TVs, Bluetooth is not a standard connection method. The wireless communication option is only available on a few television models. The Sansui smart TV is one such model. Also, it has a headphone-out port for watching TV without disturbing others around.

The screen quality of the Sansui Android TV is mind-blowing. Color and clarity are incredible due to the A+ grade panel, Full HD resolution, and better contrast.

The Dolby sound technology is one of the main reasons we selected this Sansui 43-inch TV. The speaker system generates clear and loud sounds with two 10-watt speakers. With this Sansui TV, you will hear the news with excellent clarity and songs with deep bass.

  TV Voltage Stabilizers under ₹5000

Other noted features of the Sansui JSW43ASFHD TV model are the remote with voice control, HDMI ARC, flawless user interface, and free installation by the brand. Trust us when we say that with this Sansui TV, you will receive better value for your money.

Price ₹22990 → Amazon
Features Android 11 OS | 43-Inch Full HD {60Hz, 1200: 1, 8-ms} | 20W Dolby Sound | 2×HDMI | 2×USB 2.0 | Bluetooth | Wi-Fi | RJ45 |  Built-in Chromecast | Smart Remote | 1GB RAM | 8GB Memory | Quad-Core Processor | Made in India | Free Installation


☼ 43-Inch Vu 43UA IPS Android TV 2022

Which TV is best under 25000 Rupees this month? The Vu TV is currently the best smart TV under 25000 Rupees. I can say it without any ambiguity. Because this Vu LED TV comes loaded with hundreds of features and functions. There is no feature that you think this Vu TV does not have.

The Vu 43UA TV comes with an ideal 43-Inch screen size. It has two large speakers that generate super clear and dynamic 30W sound. Dolby Audio Technology and DTS Studio Technology together further improve the audio quality of this Vu smart TV.

  स्मार्ट टीवी: ₹35000 - ₹40000

On the connectivity side, the Android TV has all the commonly available options. Although the surprising factors are having Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Other notable features of this Vu Full HD TV are Audio-Only Mode, Parental Control, Time Shift, and Anti-Glare screen. Vu brand provides a smart remote with it. More you will know more about it in our review video.

Price ₹22990 | Amazon
Features 43-Inch | Full HD | IPS Screen | HDR Technology | 30W Sound | Dolby Audio Technology | DTS Studio Sound | Bluetooth | Wi-Fi | Warranty: 1-Year | Free Installation


► 43-Inch Sanyo 43A170F IPS Android TV

The Sanyo smart TV is one of the best-selling Android smart TV in the Indian market under 22000 Rupees currently. This Android IPS TV does not disappoint with its Full HD screen, impresses with its 20W Dolby sound, and wins the user’s heart with its bezel-less screen design and built-in smart features that include Chromecast.

The use of a DLED backlight in the LCD screen is a letdown considering its current market price. The use of the IPS screen panel, however, saves this Sanyo smart TV and does not let it fail on the front of screen quality.

  Smart TV: ₹10000 - ₹15000

The sound quality of the Sanyo 43A170F IPS Android TV, On the other hand, is very impressive. Its 20W box speakers with Dolby digital sound technology generate crystal-clear and loud sound.

Price ₹21990 | Amazon
Features Google Certified Android TV | Automatic Software Update | Warranty: 1-Year (with 10-Days Return) | Free-Installation | Free-Demo
Smart TV OS: Android Pie 9.0 | Remote with MIC for Voice-Control Through Google Assistant | Built-in Chromecast | Google-Playstore | Installed Apps: {Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube} | Processor: Quad-Core | Graphics: Triple-Core Mali-470 | RAM: 1GB | Storage: 8GB
Screen FHD {1920×1080} | Panel: IPS | Backlight: DLED | Refresh-Rate: 60Hz | Contrast: 1200:1
Sound 20W {2×10W} | Speaker-Type: Box | Dolby-Digital
Connectivity 2×HDMI {Slot 1 → ARC} | 2×USB | Bluetooth 5.0 | Wi-Fi 2.4G 2T2R | Audio-In | Optical Audio-Out
Build 3-Side Bezel-less Design | Power-Consumption: 74W | Installation: Table-Top/Wall-Mount


► 50-Inch Kodak 50FHDX900S Full HD LED TV

One of the top LED TVs from the 20000 to 22000 Rupees price range comes from the house of Kodak brand. This 50-Inch Kodak TV has a crisp & clear screen and a quality speaker system. 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports onboard should be sufficient to keep its concurrent connection with several media gadgets. You do not need to unplug one to plug another. You can keep everything connected with your Kodak X900S full HD TV and control them using their remotes.

The 50-Inch big screen of this Kodak LED TV shows movies and TV serials in outstanding picture quality. It has an A+ Grade IPS panel with 500-nits brightness. Screen response time is 6.5-ms (much better than the 8-ms response time of other budget LED TVs) and also a digital noise filter for improving picture quality. You can be 100% sure of the life-like color on the screen.

  Smart TVs under ₹20000

The 20-Watt 2.0 sound system generates neat & clear sound. You will love it. Its audio quality is good, but not the best, however. That is not the Kodak brand’s fault essentially. Kodak is not Sony, and also there is a limitation because of the LED TV design. I cannot forget to mention about built-in Headphone-out port, a must-have to watch LED TV at night quietly, withal.

Price ₹20990 | Amazon
Variants 32-Inch | 40-Inch | 50-Inch
Features Built-in Digital Media Player | Child and Program Lock | Favorite Channels List
Screen Full-HD | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Brightness: 500-nits | Response Time: 6.5-ms
Sound 2×10W | AVL
Connectivity 2×USB 2.0 | 3×HDMI | Headphone-Out | Required TV Connection Points
Build Power Consumption: {Active: 105W} | Setup: Tablet/Wall mount
Warranty 12-Months | Free-Installation
Sales Box TV | Table-Top Stand | Wall-mount bracket kit | Remote & Batteries | Power-Cord | Documents


► 32-Inch Samsung R4500 Smart TV

The Samsung LED TV is an all-in-one entertainment system. Because it is a LED television, music system and also a personal computer. You could use this LED TV as a music system by activating its virtual music system mode. Therefore, buying this TV means you will save the money that you may spend on buying a branded speaker system. You will save more than 10000 Rupees because the cost of a music system that produces at least 40W audio and has the Dolby Digital Plus sound technology costs more than 10000 Rupees.

The Samsung R4500 Smart TV sports a big bright 32-Inch HD screen with HDR support. So, its screen shows picture frames with more vivid colors and better contrast. Even SD channels will look better than those full HD TV which does not have HDR support.

  Smart TV under ₹30000

Besides all the above said, this Samsung smart TV comes with hundreds of features for user convenience and care. Therefore, It is an excellent LED TV for you if you budget for a smart TV in the range of 25000 Rupees.

Price ₹25000 | Amazon
Features Use as: {Personal-Computer | Music-System} | Auto Channel-Search
Smart TV Tizen-OS | Voice-Assistant: {Bixby, Google-Assistant, Alexa} | SmartThing App Support | Gallery | Installed Apps: {Netflix, YouTube, Amazon-Prime-Video, Hotstar, ZEE5, SonyLiv, ALT-Balaji,…} | S-Share | Auto-Data-Backup | Content-Guide
Mirroring 2-Way Sharing {Mobile-To-TV & TV-to-Mobile} | Sound-Mirroring | TV-Sound to Mobile Mirroring
Screen HyperReal Picture Engine | HD {1366×768} | HDR | Refresh-Rate: 60Hz | PurColor | Micro-Dimming-Pro | Contrast: Mega | Contrast-Enhancer | Film-Mode | Game-Mode | Digital-Noise-Filter: {Analog-Clean-View | Digital-Clean-View | Ultra-Clean-View}
Sound 10W+10W+10W+10W | Speaker-System: 4-Channel | Dolby-Digital-Plus | Multi-Room Link | Bluetooth-Audio
Connectivity Wi-Fi | Wi-Fi Direct | Ethernet | HDMI-ARC | Digital-Audio-Out | 1×USB 2.0 | 2×HDMI | Component-In | Composite-In (AV) | RF-In | ConnectShare {HDD, Pendrive} | Connect-Human-Interface-Device {Bluetooth, USB} | Teletext | IPV6 | Bluetooth-Low-Energy | 4G-Dongle-Support
Build Power-Consumption: {Active: 59W} | Energy-Efficiency-Class: 2 | Setup: Table-top/Wall-mount | Triple-Protection | MBR | Remote: TM1950A
Warranty 1-Year for Whole-Unit | 2-Year for Panel | Free-Installation | Free-Demo


► 32-Inch Sony 622G Smart TV with 30W Audio

The latest Sony smart TV in the Indian market is the Sony 32W622G LED TV. It is almost twice as expensive as its alternatives on the market. Yet, I recommend it. The reason is Sony's trust. Don’t worry about HD screen quality because Sony HD screen means full HD screen of other brands. You will agree with me that no company can beat Sony for display and sound quality. This 32-Inch HD Smart TV under 25000 Rupees proves it well.

Sony Bravia 32-inch HD Smart LED TV with 30W Audio

Besides the incredible screen, the best feature of this Sony 32-Inch Smart TV is its 30W audio system in a 2.1-Channel configuration. With the 14W subwoofer, this TV produces audio with crystal clear deep bass. You will watch movies and tv programs in the cinematic audio format since Sony equipped this TV model with Dolby digital sound technology and DTS surround sound effects.

The Sony 32W622G smart TV is not an Android smart TV. Its operating system is Linux. And, its smart remote comes with a one-click button for Netflix and YouTube. Presently Hotstar is the only TV app from the list of most popular TV apps in the Indian market not supported by the Linux operating system. Still, you would be able to access Hotstar through a built-in Browser.

  Smart TVs under ₹50000

I liked this 32-Inch Sony Smart TV with 30W Dolby sound system. It also has an FM radio. Thus, Sony 32W622G TV is an all-in-one entertainment system: A Smart TV, a speaker system, and an FM radio. Therefore, it is one of the best smart TVs below 25000 Rupees.

Price ₹25000 | Amazon
Features FM Radio | Sleep Timer | Internet Connectivity with USB Tethering | Neat Cable Management | 12-Months Warranty | Free-Installation | Power Consumption: {Active: 69W} | Setup: Table-top/Wall-mount
Smart TV Linux OS | Browser | Installed Apps: {Netflix, YouTube} | Screen Mirroring: Photo Sharing Plus | Smartphone Plug & Play: Share Smartphone content on Big Screen
Screen HD | 50Hz Refresh Rate | Brightness: | Frame Dimming | LiveColor Technology | X-Reality Pro for Screen Enhancement | HDR10 | HLG | Video Signal Support: Up to 1080P at 60Hz | Motion Enhancer: Motion-Flow XR 200
Sound 8W+8W+14W | 2×Speaker + 1×Woofer | Full Range Speakers | Dolby Digital Sound | DTS Surround Sound | ClearAudio+ | S-Force front surround
Connectivity Wi-Fi | Ethernet | HDMI-CEC | HDMI ARC | Headphone-Out | 2×USB 2.0 | 2×HDMI | AV | RF-In | Composite-In | Subwoofer Output Port
Sales Box TV | Table-Top Stand | Wall-mount bracket kit | Remote+Batteries | Power-Cord | Documents


► 32-Inch Samsung N4300 Smart TV

This Samsung smart TV is one of the best LED TVs in a 25000 Rupees budget, currently. It is an ideal LED TV for home use, especially for a bedroom. Its picture quality and sound quality are excellent. It also has the screen mirror feature to share a smartphone screen with its 32-inch high-definition screen.

Equipped with 4×10-Watt down-firing speakers, this smart LED TV produces loud and clear, punchy sound. Enjoy virtual surround sound effects while watching movies and serials thanks to DTS Studio Sound technology with the built-in audio system. Buying this Samsung smart TV with a 40-Watt audio system means saving money that you would need to spend on purchasing an external audio system.

Further, the HyperReal Engine of this Samsung smart TV makes the footage feel alive on the screen. The Wide Color Enhancer technology is excellent at painting videos with vibrant colors.

  Smart TVs under ₹100000

This Samsung smart TV impresses with its picture quality but amazes with its audio quality. Happily, consider Samsung 32N4300, as it is undoubtedly the best TV to buy at 25000 Rupees price at present.

Price ₹25000 | Amazon
Smart TV Pre-installed Apps: {Netflix | Hotstar | YouTube} | Tizen OS | Internet Browser
Screen 32-Inch | HD {1366 X 768} | Refresh-Rate: 50 Hz | Mega contrast | A+ Panel Type | Wide Color-Enhancer
Features Advanced Audio-System | Internet-Browsing | Smart-Apps | Triple-Protector
Audio 4×10W | DTS Studio Sound
Build Power Consumption: 59-Watts
Connectivity Wi-Fi | 1×USB 2.0 | 2×HDMI | RF-In | Audio-In | Audio-Out | VGA-In | Composite-In
Warranty Up to 2-Years | Free-Installation | Free-Demo

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