Are you looking for a water pump for home use? You must know the types of home-use water pumps to select the right one for your requirements.

  1. Surface Water Pump: This type of water pump sucks water from a borewell and delivers it into an overhead tank of a building.
  2. Submersible Borewell Water Pump: This type of water pump is dropped in a borewell. While remaining submerged in the borewell water, a borewell submersible pump delivers into an over-head tank of a high-rise building
  3. Submersible open-well Water Pump: This type of water pump remains submersed inside sump water and delivers water into an overhead tank of a high-rise building.
  4. Pressure Water Pump: This type of water pump is used for increasing water pressure at the water existing points in a flat.

Where can I find the best water pump for less than 5000 rupees? In this water pump review article, we cover the best-selling monoblock, submersible, and pressure water pumps from 1000 to 5000 rupees ranging from top water pump brands in the Indian market.

☼ 1.0HP Kirloskar Rian Water Pump

Which type of water pump is most suitable for home use? It depends on the home's specific needs. For example, if the home needs to pump large amounts of water, a submersible pump is probably the most cost-effective option. If the home needs to pump water from a shallow well, a shallow well jet pump may be the most efficient choice.

For basic requirements, Kirloskar has an excellent water pump model called Rian. The 1.0HP variant of this model costs around 3990 rupees.

Kirloskar Rian water pump has a head range of 98 feet. Therefore, it is ideal for filling overhead tanks in four-story buildings. With this pump, you can deliver 2700 liters of water per hour at its peak.

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It is a self-priming surface water pump. It can suction water up to 75 feet deep when equipped with a foot valve.

There is no doubt about the Kirloskar self-priming pump's build quality. It comes with the necessary nuts and bolts for better protection and safe operation.

The pump also features a heavy-duty motor with a copper coil. It is also designed for low noise and vibration. These qualities make it an ideal choice for domestic and commercial applications.

Price ₹3990 → Amazon
Features 1HP (750W) | Copper Coil | Voltage Support: 180V – 260V | Self-Priming: Up to 25 ft | Water Delivery: Up to 98 ft | Warranty: 1 Year


☼ 1.0HP Harvest Water Pump

Among India's water pump manufacturers, Harvest is not well known. It is worth mentioning, however, that this Indian brand makes durable and well-made water pumps. Harvest brand sells its 1HP water pump very cheaply. The build quality of the Harvest 1HP water pump is excellent. Harvest brand provides 15 15-month of service warranty and is designed and made in India.

Need a long-lasting water pump for an irrigation system on your farm or multi-story building? Here's what you need.

Harvest's water pump can lift water to 90 feet with its powerful 1HP copper motor. This makes it ideal for a 5-story building or a large farm.

This pump is appropriate for large-scale applications and it will last many years. Its high power and impressive head range make it an excellent addition to your building. Purchase your 1HP Harvest water pump now and get a reliable water pumping solution.

Price ₹3990 → Amazon
Features 1HP | Copper Motor | Max Water Delivery: 1600 LPH | Ideal for 4/5 Story Building | Head Range: up to 90 ft | Made in India | Warranty: 15 Months


☼ 1.0HP Kirloskar KOEL XL GENi Water Pump

An Indian-made water pump with high efficiency and reliability, the Kirloskar XL GENi is manufactured by Kirloskar. It features a 1-HP motor. Those who bought it rated it highly for its build quality and performance. That is why it is currently one of the best 1HP water pumps under 5000 rupees. This pump also comes with an Overload Protection Feature to protect it from damage due to overload.

The motor has a copper coil with B-Class insulation. That means the coil will not burn until 130°C. With such a high-capacity motor, the pump delivers up to 2800 liters per hour of water flow that extends up to 128 feet. Therefore, this Kirloskar pump is ideal for tall buildings up to 7 stories.

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The pump is self-priming, meaning it can lift water from a depth of 27 feet. With a valve, this Kirloskar pump lifts water from 81 feet deep. This means it can be used in a wide range of applications.

The Kirloskar KOEL XL GENi Water Pump is a reliable and efficient solution for all your water pumping needs. It is easy to install and maintain. With its powerful motor, it is ideal for water supply in residential and commercial buildings. It is also suitable for agricultural and irrigation purposes.

Price ₹4500 → Amazon
Features 1HP | Copper Coil | B-Class Insulation | Max Water Delivery: 2800 LPH | Self-Priming: Up to 27 feet | With Valve: Up to 81 feet | Head Range Up to 128 ft | Made in India | Warranty: up to 1 year


☼ 0.5HP Laxmi Water Pump

The water pump from Lakshmi is presently the cheapest 0.5HP water pump on the Indian market. Its build quality, Laxmi brand reputation, and customer feedback confirm its reliability. This affordable pump can be used for various water pumping applications.

With a 0.5 HP motor, this Laxmi pump can pump water up to 60 feet in height. And, it can deliver up to 1200 liters per hour of water. Thus, it is like an ever-dependable workhorse – cost-effective, rugged in nature, and able to consistently deliver when needed.

The Lakshmi water pump is a self-priming pump. It can pick up water from 10 feet below the surface and with a foot valve, it can lift water from 30 feet deep.

  जेट पंप: ₹1000 - ₹10000

This inexpensive pump is more suitable for agricultural uses. I wouldn’t recommend it for filling an overhead tank in a multistory building. It handles most water-pumping tasks easily. Its sturdy construction ensures that it is durable and long-lasting. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a pump that offers both performance and affordability.

With its accurate flow rate, high efficiency, and low maintenance costs, the Lakshmi water pump is undoubtedly one of the cheapest and most reliable pumps available on the market. Be taken for it without a second thought!

Price ₹2200 → Amazon
Features 0.5-HP | Voltage Range: 180V – 240V | B-Class Insulation | Thermal Overload Protection | Made in India | Warranty: 1-Year | Head Range: 60-ft | Water Left from 30-ft Depth | Max Water Delivery: 1200 LPH


☼ 1.0HP Crompton Mini Champ Plus Water Pump

The Crompton water pump is a highly versatile and reliable option for your water pumping needs. It has features that make it stand out as the best water pump under 5000 Rupees.

This durable pump boasts a powerful 750W copper motor and a sturdy brass impeller. Its B-Class insulation ensures safety and functionality for extended periods of use. Users can expect an impressive pumping capacity of up to 3000 L/hr, which makes it appropriate for use in households, gardens, and small businesses. It also has a built-in thermal overload protector that prevents the motor from overheating and burning out.

  Epilators: ₹5000 - ₹10000

The Crompton water pump is easy to install and maintain, making it a great choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient water pump. With its low power consumption, it saves on electricity bills.

With its compact and easy-to-use design, the Crompton MINI Champ Plus Water Pump is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable water pump that delivers optimal performance for years. It is also designed to last, boasting corrosion and rust-resistant material construction for long-term durability.

Price ₹3900 → Amazon
Features 750W Copper Motor {180V – 240V} | Water Delivery: {20-ft → 2700 LPH, 50-ft → 2100 LPH, 80-ft → 1450 LPH, 100-ft → 1050 LPH, 112-ft → 750 LPH} | Made in India | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ 1.0HP Havells SHOWER 1 Water Pump

The HP water pump can deliver water up to 110-ft height. Hence, it is the water pump if you want to fill the overhead water tank of your 5-story building in less time. At the 20-ft height, this Havells water pump will deliver approx. 2700 liters of water in one hour. At the 30-ft height, it will deliver 2300 liters of water in one hour. 1800 liters at a 40-ft height, and 1100 liters at a 60-ft height in one hour. Havells SHOWER 1 is a self-priming water pump and it can suck water from 25 feet deep without any external help. With NRV or check valve, it will suck water from 50 feet deep, however.

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The build and design of the Havells water pump are excellent. So is the build quality of the motor. The 750W motor has a 100% copper coil with an F-Class insulation rating. That means the motor coil will withstand up to 155°C heat.

Price ₹4200 | Amazon
Features Capacity: 1HP | 100% Copper Coil with F-Class Insulation | Voltage-Support: 180V – 240V | Max Water-Delivery: 110-ft | Sucking with NRV: Up to 50-ft | Warranty: 1-Year | Made in India


☼ 0.5HP Kirloskar Jalraaj Pressure Pump

The Kirloskar booster pump consists of a regular monobloc surface water pump and an automatic pressure kit. Together they work as a fully functional booster pump. The pressure kit controls the water pump operation and switches it ON and OFF based on turning ON and OFF of the tap. Kirloskar brand provides a complete warranty for the water pump, but no warranty for the pressure kit since it is not a Kirloskar product.

  पानी का पंप: ₹1000 - ₹5000

The water pump in this booster pump is a very famous, best-selling Kirloskar Jalraaj monobloc pump. Its head range is up to 30 meters (137 ft). Without a foot valve, it can carry water from a 7.5-meter (24 ft) depth. this booster pump setup is used for boosting water pressure, so its head range and 0.5-HP capacity will count more. Kirloskar Jalraaj 0.5-HP Water Booster Pump is perfect for ensuring high water pressure in up to 4 houses with one bathroom and one kitchen.

Price ₹4500 | Amazon
Features Max Pressure: 10 Bar | High Water Pressure for up to 4 Houses {Each house with one bathroom and one Kitchen} | Suitable Booster-Pump for Luxury Bathrooms {Jaquar}
Capacity Head-Range: 6-meter to 30-meter | Water-Delivery: {2120 LPH (at 6-meter height) | 1260 LPH (at 18-meter height) | 360 LPH (at 30-meter height)}
Motor 0.5-HP (370W) | Single-Phase | B-Class Insulation | Built-in Cooling System for Motor | Supported Voltage-Range: 180V – 240V | Thermal Overload Protection
Build Impeller: Brass | Pump-Shaft: Carbon steel | Delivery-Casing: Cast Iron | Mounting-Casing: Cast Iron | Motor-Body: Extruded-Aluminum | Cover-NDE: Aluminum | Mechanical-Seal: Carbon Ceramic

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