One of the most-watched videos on the Gadgets Shiksha YouTube Channel is “Best Soundbar for LED TV.” At the time of releasing the video, I had no idea it would become viral. There is a high demand for the finest quality soundbar for LED TVs.

In the past few years, LED TVs have become broader and slimmer. A slim LED TV leaves less scope for the manufacturer to fit a powerful audio system. Therefore, ordering a soundbar system along with your newly purchased big-screen LED TV for superior sound quality makes sense.

Which is the most suitable soundbar under 10000 rupees? In this article, you will read about the best-selling soundbars between 5000 and 10000 rupees. The suggested soundbars with subwoofers are from the top speaker brands in the Indian market. They are fully functional speaker systems, designed to work with LED TVs as well.

☼ 150W Samsung T42E Dolby Digital Soundbar

Among the woofer systems below 7000 rupees, the Samsung soundbar is without a doubt the best. Its audio output is 150W. It connects wirelessly. Samsung brand provides up to 12 months of warranty.

The Samsung T42E soundbar woofer system comes with a 2.1-channel setup. A total of two full-range drivers are installed on the soundbar. They accurately produce three frequencies, low, mid, and high. With a subwoofer, the setup becomes 2.1 channels. The subwoofer driver size is 6.5 inches.

  पोर्टेबल स्पीकर: ₹7000 - ₹10000

All the usual connectivity options are provided by this Samsung soundbar and woofer system. Built-in Bluetooth connection allows wireless connection to a smartphone or TV. Other connectivity options are optical-in and USB.

Due to the fact that this is Samsung's product, it itself guarantees the quality of the speaker system. On the sound side, both the clarity and bass are incredible. As well as its Dolby Digital sound technology, the soundbar also provides a cinematic sound experience at home, thanks to its surround sound technology.

In conclusion, the Samsung T42E soundbar woofer system is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality music system at a reasonable price. With its powerful audio output and wide range of features, it will provide an immersive audio experience. With the added benefit of a 12-month warranty, it is a sound investment for anyone looking to upgrade their sound system.

Price ₹6998 → Amazon
Features Audio Output: 150W | Woofer Driver: 6.5-Inch | 2.1-Channel | Dolby Digital Sound Technology | Surround Sound | Samsung’s Smart Sound | Bluetooth | Power Consumption: 40W | Warranty: 1-Year


☼ 40W Samsung T400 Soundbar

The Samsung soundbar is among the few available soundbars below 10000 Rupees with Dolby Sound technology. Own it to hear crystal clear Dolby Sound with DTS Surround Sound. Because of these sound technologies, the Samsung T400 soundbar provides an immersive cinematic surround sound experience to the listeners.

  वाशिंग मशीन: ₹7000 - ₹10000

The gross audio output of the Dolby Soundbar is 40W. This 2-channel speaker has four drivers wherein two are woofer drivers and the rest two are full-range drivers. Together they generate loud and clear sounds with punchy bass.

Having wireless and wired connectivity options makes the Samsung T400 soundbar a perfect speaker for all types of audio-producing systems. And, Samsung brand provides a fully-functional remote, which has multiple keys and a special key to control bass in the audio. That will attract those who wish to hear more bass in the audio.

Price ₹7490 | Amazon
Features Dolby Sound + DTS Surround Sound | 40W [ 2 Woofer Drivers + 2 Full Range Drivers] | Bluetooth | NFC | Length: 64.1-CM | Warranty: 1-Year


► 70W F&D T200X Bass Soundbar + Woofer

“BASS MASTER” is the right term to define the F&D soundbar woofer system. Its audio has a more profound and richer bass than most of the premium Sony and Philips speaker systems have. That is why I coined the BASS MASTER to define it.

F&D T200X speaker system is a soundbar woofer system as well as a 2.1-Channel multimedia speaker system. It is a convertible speaker system. Its slim satellite speakers can be combined to form a complete soundbar. What is interesting though while both the satellite speakers are separate, they produce a different sound than when they are combined. In both the formation, however, the speakers produce loud & clear rich sound. Why? Because each of them has a full-range speaker driver. The full-range driver is the one that generates all the frequencies from the human hearable frequency range.

However, the real surprise is the subwoofer. it is locked inside a real wood cabinet and features an 8-Inch bass driver. So, it generates an incredibly deeper natural bass sound.

  होम थिएटर: ₹1000 - ₹5000

The F&D T200X is one of the best soundbar woofer systems in India market. Since it is priced currently below 6000 Rupees, without a doubt it is the best bass speaker under 6000 Rupees. You cannot afford to miss it if you love to listen to heavy-bass audio.

Price ₹5990 | Amazon
Features 2.1-Channel | Wireless Music-Streaming | Subwoofer with Dancing DJ-Light {On, Dim, Off} | FM | Bass-Control Knob | Treble Control Knob
Sound 70W = 17.5×2 + 35W×1 | Satellite-Speaker: {17.5×2 | Driver→ Full-Range 2-Inch | FR-Range: 135Hz – 20KHz} | Subwoofer: {35W | Driver→ Bass 8-Inch | FR-Range: 30Hz-104Hz} | Signal-To-Noise Ratio: {≥ 70dB | Separation: ≥ 40dB}
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 | USB 2.0 | USB-Reader | LR Audio-In | LR Audio-Out
Build Pure-Wood Subwoofer Cabinet | Fully-Functional Remote


► 120W Blaupunkt SBW100 Soundbar + Woofer

Blaupunkt is an iconic German speaker brand. Globally It is one of the most preferred brands for those who are ready to spend for high-quality digital sound. The SBW-100 soundbar of this German brand is one of the best-selling soundbar speaker systems under 7000 Rupees in the Indian market. This 120W soundbar with a woofer generates loud and clear sound with deep bass. With four sound modes, it is capable of producing all types of crystal-clear audio without any distortion. The four modes are Movie, News, Music, and 3D.

In the 3D audio mode, it generates audio with surround sound effects. The same feature we also found in the boat AAVANTE Bar, which is also a 120W soundbar woofer system. You need to carefully decide between these two soundbar woofer systems.

  Neckbands under ₹1000

I vote for this Blaupunkt soundbar system as its sound is very smooth and deep, and seems very natural. Even high bass in the audio does not hurt listeners’ eardrums. That gives freedom to listen to songs with extra bass. There are other factors, too. Read more about the boat soundbar woofer system here.

Price ₹6490  | Amazon
Features Wireless Music Streaming | 12-Months Warranty | Installation: Wall-mount/Table-Top
Sound 120W | 2.1-Channel Configuration | Sound Modes: {Music, News, Movie, 3D} | Blaupunkt EQ Mode
Connectivity Bluetooth | USB | Aux-In | Optical-In | Wired Subwoofer Connectivity
Build Side Firing Wooden Subwoofer | Remote with Bass & Treble Control

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