Projectors are essential to any worthwhile presentation. All the same, they can be frustrating especially when they are on the verge of breaking down in the middle of a presentation. In as much as people opt to buy wide digital LCD screens to avoid projector menaces, we really can’t ditch projectors. This, of course, has to do with pricing, mobility, and ease of use. When compared to LCD screens, projectors are relatively cheaper, and a projector is less bulky than a 55-inch LCD screen. Since we cannot eliminate the need for a projector in our daily operations, we have to be careful while shopping for one.

Which is the highest-quality projector under 20000 rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling projectors in the 10000 to 20000 rupees price range. The suggested projectors are currently the top-selling models on the market.

☼ WANBO T2R Max Android Projector

Have you been thinking about investing in a home cinema projector? How much do you want to spend on a new projector? Is it between 15000 and 20000 rupees? Take a look at Wanbo's T2R Max projector!

The projector runs on Android TV. It includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Channel, YouTube, and other OTT apps. The Google Play Store is where you can find other apps you like.

Is there anything that makes the Wanbo T2R Max projector stand out from the rest? The features and functions it offers!

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The Android projector features native Full HD resolution. You can watch content even in 4K on it.

The Wanbo projector's Screen Casting feature allows you to mirror your smartphone, laptop, or any other device. Audio quality is decent with good bass provided by the built-in speakers. With this Wanbo Full HD projector, you can connect external speakers using either the audio-in 3.5-mm port or Bluetooth 5.0.

We have created a video presentation that explains the Wanbo T2R Max Projector in more detail. Our review covers all the features and functions of this device.

Price ₹17999 → Amazon
Features Native Resolution: Full HD | Max Content Quality: 4K | Max Screen Size: 120 Inches | Speakers: 2 × 3W | ANSI Lumens: 350 | Android TV 9.0 | Warranty: 1 Year


☼ Borsso Mars 9.1 Full-HD Projector

Borsso is a new projector brand in the Indian market. Public response to its projector models confirms that it is one of the best projector brands in the Indian market currently. This brand has so far launched five projector models. All those models are currently top-selling projectors on the market. Below 20000 Rupees, the best-selling Borsso projector is the model Mars 9.1. Its current market price is 18490 Rupees.

Borsso Mars Full HD LED Projector with 5500 Lumens

The Borsso Mars 9.1 model is a 5500 Lumens projector. It supports a max screen size of 200 inches and a max screen resolution of 1920×1080 Pixels. The native resolution of this Borsso projector is 1280×800 Pixels, though. Those who bought this LED projector have expressed their satisfaction with its overall performance, picture quality, and build quality.

  Projectors under ₹50000

Epson and BenQ are two top brands for projectors in the global market. However, their projectors are very costly in the Indian market. Your budget must be above 30000 Rupees to even think about them.

Thus, if your budget for a new projector is below 20000 Rupees then the best projector for you is Borsso Mars 9.1. Considering the feedback of those who have been using it for many months, I am fully sure that this Borsso full HD projector will not disappoint you.

Price ₹18490 | Amazon
Ideal for Home | Office | Class-Room
Features Type: Digital Projector | Lumens: 5500 | 3D (requires special goggle) | Warranty: 1-Year
Projection Mode: {Back Projection, Throwing, Ceiling} | Keystone-Correction: {Electric Correction +/- 40°}
Video Screen Size: {40 to 200-Inch} | Zoom: X1.4 | Resolution: {Native: 1280×800 | Max: 1920×1080} | Aspect-Ratio: {4:3, 16:9} | Contrast-Ratio: 10000:1 | Supported-Format: {AVI/ MP4/ MKV/ FLV/ MOV/ RMVB/ 3GP/ MPEG1/ MPEG2/ H.264/ XVID}
Connectivity 2×HDMI | 2×USB | 1×AV | 1×VGA | 3.5-mm Audio-Out
Build Lamp-Life: Up to 50000-Hours | Power-Consumption: 125W | Weight: 3.5-Kg


☼ Egate P531 Portable Projector

Nowadays, projectors have become a common thing in most Indian homes. Earlier on, projectors were solely reserved for meetings and conferences. However, as the need for luxury heightened in most modern households, manufacturers found an opening to test their premium projectors. The Egate P531 is arguably the best projector for a home in India under the 20000 rs mark. As it happens, this impressive projector is designed in Europe, and it supports computer-free operation.

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Since the Egate P531 is among the latest projectors in India, this gadget will attract most tech enthusiasts in the country to try it out. For our part, we made an effort to review this product to help our readers make the right decision. Here is what we unearthed in the P531 Portable Projector.

Egate P531 Portable Projector in 19000 Rupees

High-Definition Imaging: Though this projector is not exactly a low-price projector, the manufacturer made sure that it’s worth every penny. To begin with, Egate built their P531 with a standard 16K color, 1280×800 Pixels native resolution. This configuration is good enough for standard operations such as watching movies. However, for specialized functions such as playing games, the engineers allowed for special resolution tuning, up to a maximum of 1920×1080 Pixels.

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Android Powered Projector with 3D support: About half a decade ago, 3D projectors in India used to be the hype of the era. However, they soon became a common thing. Today, the Egate EG P531 sells at the same price range as most 3D projectors but has more to offer. First, this device has Blue Ray 3D support with plug-and-play capability from USB devices.

So what makes this Egate projector a superior choice to most similarly-priced 3D projectors? Well, that’s a matter of personal preference, but for our team, we liked the fact that the P531 has state of a art 3D Optimized Light Engine. However, it does not come with 3D glass, and hence you will have to buy that separately.

Android-powered core: This device runs on Android 4.4.4 OS which allows users to do pretty much what they would do with a smart Television, but this time with a reasonably cheap smart gadget. This includes operations such as wireless mirroring with other smart devices and surfing the internet.

Computer-free operation: With this versatile OS, you don’t need a computer to utilize this projector. Most decent smart televisions surpass the 25,000 Rupees price point. Therefore, a smart budget projector in India like the P531 would be a good consideration especially if your budget is tight.

Note: Nonetheless, we found some downsides with this OS. First, the manufacturer does not allow for a system upgrade to higher Android versions. Secondly, we had issues when installing the Voot app. Otherwise, all other apps worked just fine.

  स्मार्ट टीवी: ₹55000 - ₹60000

Good design that suits Indian users: Actually, we found this projector ideal for Indian homes, because it has a dustproof design. In India, meteorological conditions could hamper the efficient operation of most household equipment. For this reason, the manufacturer built this projector to withstand high temperatures of up to 49 degrees Celsius. Hermetic sealing of the engine further prevents dust from damaging the device. Eventually, these tweaks prolong the life of this budget projector.

Price ₹19000 → Amazon
Features Made in India Projector | Android-Powered | Remote-Control | Mountable | Sync-Capability | TV-Tuner | 3D-Optimized Light Engine | Sealed Optical-Engine | Dust-Proof Design
Projection Size: 40-inch to 200-inch | Distance: 1-meter to 5-meter
Lamp Life: up to 50000 Hours | Type: 150W
Video Zoom: YES | Focus: Manual | Color: 3M | Aspect Ratio: {16:9, 4:3} | Contrast-Ratio: 2000: 1 | Focal-Length 15-mm | Resolution: {Native: 1280×800 | Max: 1920×1080}
Power 150-Watt Power Consumption
Audio 2 × 1W
Connectivity 2×HDMI | 1×USB | 1× UBS 3.0 | 1×VGA | 3.5 Audio-Jack | Wireless | LAN
Performance Android 4.4 OS | Processor: Quad-Core | GPU: Dual-Core | 1GB RAM | Internal-Memory: 4GB
Warranty 12-Months | Egate Customer Care +91-80-7180-3131

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