Having a convection microwave in your kitchen can be a big privilege for you if you are a homeowner. Are you a busy individual and sometimes you have no time to cook for your breakfast? With a smart microwave oven, you can cook your breakfast before going to work with its fast cooking techniques and mechanisms. A convection microwave is a big help in making your food tasty in a matter of minutes.

☼ 32-Liter LG MJEN326UL Microwave Oven

The LG Microwave Oven is an ideal choice for Indian cooking. It has a 32-liter capacity, making it appropriate for large families. Being a convection oven, it can bake, roast, and grill with ease. Additionally, it has a charcoal-lighting heater that ensures food is cooked evenly and quickly. It also has 401 auto-cook menus, so you can cook a variety of dishes with minimal effort. Moreover, the ghee in 12-minute settings allows you to make ghee in a jiffy.

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This 32-liter convection oven has a defrost setting that lets you defrost frozen food quickly, as well as a fermentation setting that helps you make idli and dosa batter with ease. It also has an energy-saving mode that reduces energy consumption.

The appliance also has an express cooking setting that allows you to cook food quickly. It is also equipped with a timer, so you can set the cooking time and have your food ready when you need it. Lastly, it has a keep-warm setting that ensures your food stays warm until you're ready to serve it.

LG manufactures this microwave oven in India, so you can be sure of its quality and reliability. It has been tested for safety and durability and is designed for long-term use, making it a great investment for your home. All in all, the LG MJEN326UL Microwave Oven is an excellent choice for your kitchen.

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Price ₹19990 → Amazon
Features 32-Liter | 401 Auto Cook Menus | Made in India | Ghee in 12 Minutes | Make: {Roti, Rice, Salad} | Defrost & Fermentation | Preheat | Reheat | Keep Warm | Diet Fry | Steam Cook | 360° Rotisserie | Warranty: Up to 10 Years


► 28L Samsung MC28M6036 Convection Oven

Samsung is one of the best microwave oven brands in India market. In recent months, this Korean brand has launched several smart microwave oven models at affordable prices. The newest models come with the ability to automatize cooking of even complex Indian food items. For instance, you can make Tadka Daal in this Samsung 28L oven. Isn’t it awesome?

This convection microwave oven also has Samsung’s trademark cooking technology HOT BLAST. The cooking technology makes food item crispy from outside while leaving juice inside. In HOT BLAST technology, hot air blows on the food from all directions.

Smart Features: Equipped with Samsung’s another trademark technology EASYVIEW, you can clearly see inside and monitor the progress while cooking in this 28L Microwave oven. Especially while you are cooking a full chicken, it is advisable to keep oven’s door close until the chicken has been thoroughly cooked. The glass door with EASYVIEW comes handy in such cooking requirements.

Samsung 28L Convection Microwave Oven MC28M6036CB

Other unique features of this Samsung oven are SLIM FRY to cook food with 80% less oil, yogurt anytime, eco mode, spice mix, sun dry, and 340 auto cook menus. I am sure you would agree with that this much feature is enough to make dinner table exciting every day with a minimum effort.

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Should you buy this Samsung microwave oven? Order this 28L Samsung convection microwave oven if you do not want to miss your favorite TV serial episodes yet cook several dishes for dinner. This smart microwave oven below 20000 Rupees can cook even typical Indian dishes with lots of ease.

Price ₹18000 → Amazon
Features Masala Mode | 340 Auto Cook Menus (200 Indian menus) | Smart Sensor | Samsung HOTBLAST | Various Cooking Mode | Preheat | Clock | 30 Sec. Plus | Eco Mode | Power Deforest | Auto Programs | Auto Cook | SAMSUNG SLIM FRY | Dough Proof/Yogurt | Turntable On/Off | Child Safety Lock | Sound on/off
Build Tact & Dial Control | LED Display | Quartz Convection Heater | Sheath Grill Heater | Dimensions: 517 x 310 x 463 mm | 318-mm Turn Table | Ceramic Enamel Cavity
Make Daal Tadka | Spice Mix | Chips Fry | Make Curd | Pizza | Dough Fragmentation | Bread | Back  Cake
Accessories Wire Rack | Crusty Plate | Quick Guide Label
Warranty 1-Year on Microwave | Additional 4-Years on Magnetron
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Glass Turn-Table | Roller Ring | Wire Rack | Crusty Plate | User Manual