Mobile phones seem aplenty in the market these days, don’t they? There’s one for every need and desire. Pair that with the price spectrum at which it’s offered, a mobile phone user certainly gets a plethora of choices to look from. That aids in achieving bang for their buck for any user.

Which is the best mobile phone for 1500 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best mobile phones in the 1000 to 1500 Rupees price range. The suggested phones are currently a top favorite of buyers. They are from some of the most reliable mobile phone brands in the Indian market.

☼ 1.8-Inch Motorola A10e keypad Mobile

A10e from Motorola is an excellent keypad mobile phone for 1300 rupees. It is highly recommended by those who have already purchased and are using it. Even though this phone only has common features, you will be astonished by it. A replacement warranty of two years is provided by the Motorola brand.

With a 1.8-inch display, the A10e mobile phone has a very impressive screen quality. The 800-mAh battery of this phone validates the brand’s claim in real-life use. 3 days of backup will always be available despite continuous use. For entertainment, this Motorola feature phone has wireless FM, an audio player, a video player, a back-firing loudspeaker, built-in games, and microSD card support for hosting music on the device.

This Motorola keypad phone can store up to 2000 contacts in its memory. For alerts, you could set a ringtone, vibration, or both. Its weight is only 82 grams. Therefore, the Motorola A10e keypad mobile phone could be an excellent choice for working professionals and homemakers.

In the 1300-rupee price range, Nokia has well-in-demand mobile phone models. Motorola A10e mobile phone has equal features and functions as those Nokia phones. Therefore, make your decision wisely.

Price 1299 → Amazon
Features 1.8-Inch Screen | 800-mAh Battery | MicroSD Card Support up to 32GB |  Weight: 82 grams | Warranty: 2 Years


☼ 1.8-Inch Lava A3 Power Mobile Phone

The latest Lava mobile phone model A3 Power is an upgraded version of A3, a very popular model of this Indian mobile phone brand. This newest version has a more powerful battery and a certified military-grade build quality. That is why it could be an awesome choice for rough usage. Those who have a habit to keep their phone in their shirt pocket should consider it. This phone is good for calling and screen-less entertainment because its screen is just 1.8 inches diagonally long.

Lava A3 Power Mobile Phone

The features that make the Lava A3 Power a superior choice among thousands of top-selling mobile phones below 1500 Rupees in the Indian market — are almost 10 days of battery life, Artificial intelligence for battery saving, a music player, Bluetooth connectivity, and a one-year replacement warranty.

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Price ₹1200 | Amazon
Features 1.8-Inch Screen | 0.3MP Camera | 2575-mAh Battery with AI | Call Recording | Number Block | Conference Call | FM Player with Recording | Torch | Lock Screen | 22-Language Support | Games | Alarm | Photo Phonebook | 1-Year Replacement Warranty


☼ 2.4-Inch Micromax X739 Mobile Phone

The Micromax mobile phone looks very impressive and is very handy in use as well. It sports a 2.4-inch big-bright screen and comes with a 1700-mAh long-lasting battery. It can play video and audio files. Although it is not the right choice if you are looking for a camera mobile phone for under 1500 Rupees. Micromax X739 mobile phone disappoints with its basic camera.

Micromax X739 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Usually, playing FM radio on a mobile phone requires an earphone as an antenna. However, the Micromax X739 can tune local FM without earphones. This dual SIM phone has a built-in radio antenna, internally.

Live worry-free life with this Micromax mobile phone since its Anti-Theft feature secures it. Suppose, your Micromax X739 mobile phone is stolen in pick-pocketing. No problem! On your complaint, the local police station will be able to track and locate your mobile easily.

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Further, the Micromax X739 mobile phone has the Auto Call Recording feature to record all incoming and outgoing calls. This is a great feature in collecting judicially approved evidence against fringe elements in society. All the recorded calls will be stored on the external memory. To use the “Auto Call Recording” feature of this phone you need to insert a microSD card in its SD card port.

Price ₹1300 | Amazon
Features Dual SIM | 2.4-Inch Screen | 0.8MP Camera | 32MB Memory | SD Card Slot | 1700-mAh Battery | 21 Languages Support | Auto Call Recording | Anti-Theft | Wireless FM | Bluetooth Support {Calling | Speaker} | Torch


► 2.4-Inch Micromax X752 Mobile Phone

The Micromax dual SIM mobile phone is an excellent choice for those who prefer to listen to songs on speaker, not on earphones. I am saying this because this latest Micromax phone has a powerful speaker on its back. The speaker generates a loud and clear sound. And, to power the speaker for an extended period, the phone has a long-lasting 1800-mAh battery.

BT Connectivity is an intelligent feature of the Micromax mobile phone. This feature allows the phone to connect to a new device and share its built-in functions for being used from the connected device. That works well and shaves the battery of the Micromax phone.

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Other engaging features of the Micromax X752 mobile phone are its built-in LED Torch, 21 Indian Languages Support, Anti-Theft Feature, and Power-Saving Mode. These features make this latest dual SIM feature phone an attractive choice at its current market price.

Price ₹1350 | Amazon
Features 2.4-Inch (240×320) | 1800-mAh Battery with Power Saving Mode | Weight: 65-Grams | Rear Camera | SMS Memory: 100 | Phone Contact: 300 | 3.5-mm Audio Jack | Wireless FM | BT Connectivity | 21 Language Support | Anti-Theft


► Nokia 110 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Nokia is still the most trusted brand for a feature phone in the Indian market. The latest Nokia mobile phone under 1500 Rupees is Nokia 110 2019. It is a dual SIM mobile phone with a screen size of 1.77 inches. This Nokia feature phone comes with a powerful 800-mAh battery. Its VGA camera captures better snaps than the camera of the feature phones of other brands from the same price range.

The USP of this Nokia dual SIM mobile phone is entertainment features. For all-day entertainment, it comes with an FM radio player, preloaded games, and an audio & video player. Also, you can store your favorite songs on the inserted microSD card. Nokia 110 mobile phone supports up to 32GB SD Card.


Nokia knows well that the incredible build quality of its devices makes them the favorite of Indian buyers. So, special attention is given to the build quality of the phone model. Nokia 110 mobile phone is exceptionally durable, and its design is very impressive, too.

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The only thing that disappoints me is the size of the screen. Bigger is better. Nowadays the demand for mobile phones with bigger screens is more. 2.4-inch screen size instead of a 1.77-Inch screen size could have favored Nokia 110 2019 more.

Price 1500 Rupees
Features 1.77-Inch Screen | Dual SIM | Torch | Alarm | Calculator | Calendar | 32GB MicroSD Card Support | Hard Polycarbonate Body | Weight: 77.1-Grams
Entertainment Audio & Video Player | FM | Snake Game
Battery Removable | 800-mAh Li-ion | 14-Hours Talk time | 18 Days Standby
Camera 0.3-MP with Flash | Video Recording
Connectivity USB | Audio Jack
Sales Box Mobile Phone | Charger | Documents


► Micromax X930 Dual SIM Feature Phone

The latest Micromax mobile phone for 1500 Rupees comes with a powerful 3000-mAh battery. Yet, it weighs only 120 grams. As the brand claims, the 3000-mAh battery after being 100% charged would last up to either 4 hours of calling or 7 days of standby. That proves that the battery is incredibly juicy. Those who bought this big battery phone and use it regularly confirm a lasting battery backup.

Thanks to the 2.8-inch screen, this Micromax feature phone is also a perfect device for entertainment besides being a fit choice for calling and messaging. It can play videos and show pictures and messages in better clarity.

Micromax X930 Mobile Phone with 3000-mAh Battery

Some nifty features of this Micromax dual SIM phone are an LED Torch, front camera, rear camera, auto call recording, and Wireless FM. To store onboard the generated media files like call recordings, videos, and pictures, you need to insert an SD card into it as it does not come with free internal memory for the end-user.

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3000-mAh battery, 2.8-Inch screen, Wireless FM, and Micromax trust are the four significant factors why Micromax X930 must be your next mobile phone. Undoubtedly It is one of the mobile phones under 1500 Rupees on the market currently.

Price 1500 Rupees
Features 2.8-Inch Screen | Dual SIM | Internet | Torch | Alarm | Calculator | Calendar | 16GB MicroSD Card Support
Entertainment Audio & Video Player | Wireless FM
Call Loudspeaker Calling | Call Duration | Auto Call Recording
Battery 3000-mAh Li-ion | 4-Hours Talk-Time | 7-Days Standby
Camera 0.3-MP Front Camera | 0.3-MP Rear Camera with LED Flash | Video Recording
Connectivity USB | Bluetooth | Audio Jack
Sales Box Mobile Phone | Charger | Earphone with MIC | Documents


► Lava A7 Dual SIM Phone with Super Battery Mode

The A7 dual SIM mobile phone is the newest and one of the best lava feature phones under 1500 Rupees. It has a solid build, a beautiful design, a powerful battery, and lots of features & functions. You can read on this phone in 22 official Indian languages and type in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

Lava A7 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Lava brand claims to have this 1400 Rupees feature phone 6-day battery life. The 1750-mAh Li-ion battery of the Lava A7 mobile phone gets charged quickly and in super mode, if used commonly, would last for four to seven days.

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For a feature phone, Lava is my favorite brand. This Indian brand adds lots of safety and security features to its feature phones. They are very essential in today’s time when threats do not come from the main door. Lava A7 mobile phone has a number block, privacy protection, and an auto-call recording feature. Therefore, this 2G phone is an ideal mobile phone for females.

Price 1400 Rupees
Features 2.4-Inch Screen | Dual SIM | Torch | Alarm | Calculator | Calendar | 22 Language Support (Type in 5 Languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada | 32GB MicroSD Card Support | Add 1000 Contacts in Phonebook | 100 SMS Memory | Contact Iron | 1-Year Replacement Warranty
Security Privacy Protection | Number Block
Entertainment Audio & Video Player | FM with Recording | Games: {Snake | Air Strike | Danger Dash}
Call Loudspeaker Calling | Speed Dialing | Call Duration | Call Reject by SMS | Auto Call Recording | Call Blink Notification
Battery 1750-mAh Li-ion | Super Battery Mode
Camera 0.3-MP with Flash | Video Recording
Connectivity USB | Bluetooth | Audio Jack
Sales Box Mobile Phone | Charger | Earphone with MIC | Documents


► Lava GEM Feature Phone with Big Screen

Currently, one of the most stylish feature phones in the Indian market is Lava Gem. This dual SIM mobile phone has India’s favorite classic gold design. Its keypad consists of rounded soft keys. The big 2.8-Inch screen makes this phone very handy for everyday use. If you need a big-screen feature phone for under 1500 Rupees, Lava GEM is the right choice at present.

The build and design of this Lava feature phone are outstanding. It has a decent 1.3MP camera with LED Flash. Although it has no user memory, you can add memory to it — up to 32GB by inserting a microSD card in its SD card port.

This Lava mobile phone has all my favorite features. They are number block, auto call recording, wireless FM, torch, privacy protection, and call blink notification. Besides, the Lava brand offers a 2-year warranty and a money-back challenge for this phone.

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Thus, you should buy Lava GEM if your budget for a new feature phone is in the price range of 1200 to 1500 Rupees. It has an eye-catching design, a big screen, and lots of convenience and safety features. Its speaker is reasonably loud, withal.

Price 1400 Rupees
Features 2.8-Inch Screen | Torch | Alarm | Calculator | Calendar | 22 Language Support | 1000 Contacts Phone-Book with Icon | 32GB MicroSD Card support
Security Number Block | Auto Call Recording | Privacy Protection
Entertainment Audio & Video Player | Wireless FM with Recording | Games: {Ninja Up | Danger Dash | Air Strike}
Call Loudspeaker Calling | Speed Dialing | Call Log & History | Call Reject by SMS | Call Blink Notification
Battery 1750-mAh Li-ion
Camera 1.3-MP with Flash | Video-Recording
Connectivity USB | Bluetooth | Audio-Jack
Sales Box Mobile Phone | Charger | Earphone-with-MIC | Documents


► Lava KKT 28i Dual SIM Feature Phone

Eye-catching looks and premium design should be the main reason for buying this phone besides lots of entertainment features onboard. Despite a low MRP, LAVA has been gracious with the build, color combination, and finish at the front & back of this device. The 2.8-inch display of Lava KKT 28i makes appear everything perfect. This dual SIM mobile phone has a powerful battery, too.

Lava KKT 28i Dual SIM Mobile Phone

The Lava phone comes with a music & audio player along with wireless FM. One good news is you can record live FM programs easily. Wireless FM means the phone does not require an earphone plugged in as an antenna to receive radio signals.

Users could make the most of microSD card support, up to 16GB. Use the FM recording feature to store live FM programs to listen to later on.

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The dual SIM phone comes with all the regular features. However, the design is something that makes it quite interesting in the crowd. Also, it has a big screen and a powerful battery. Therefore, In my opinion, you should try this cute gadget.

Price 1500 Rupees
Features MicroSD Card Support up to 16GB | Auto Call Recording | Mobile Tracker | Internet | Bluetooth | 365 Days Replacement Warranty | Number Black List | 200 SMS Memory | 500 Phone Book Memory | 22 Indian languages Support | Candy Crush Game | LED Torch
Screen 2.8-Inch Screen | 240×320 Pixels | 143-PPI | TFT Display
Camera 1.3-MP with Digital Zoom
Battery 1800-mAh
Entertainment Wireless FM with Recording
Sales Box Mobile Phone | Charger | Earphone with MIC | Documents

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