Are you looking for a good quality dual SIM feature phone? Here are the latest and best keypad phones under 1000 Rupees. The recommended phones here have an enduring build, best battery life, and excellent features for multimedia and entertainment. Whether you need the best sound quality mobile phone or best voice quality cell phone, you here introduce to the best options on the market currently. We have also suggested mobile phones suitable for senior citizens in this piece, withal.

☼ 1.8-Inch Lava Hero 600i Mobile Phone

The Lava Hero 600i is the latest and greatest mobile phone under 1000 Rupees. It's fast, reliable, and stylish. On top of this, it offers great value for money, making it a great choice for budget-conscious shoppers looking for a reliable mobile phone from a well-known brand. I recently bought the Hero 600i Mobile Phone and I am really impressed with it.

Lava Hero 600i Dual SIM Mobile Phone

The Lava mobile phone has a 1.8-inch display. The battery life is decent too. The phone is powered by a 620-mAh battery that provides enough juice to last up to three days with moderate usage.

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Further, its sleek design makes it stylish and comfortable to hold in your hand while its unique features make it stand out from other phones in this price range.

Price ₹800 → Amazon
Features Dual SIM | 1.8-Inch Display | 620-mAh Battery | No Internet | USB Connectivity | Bluetooth | Audio Player | Video Player | FM with Recording | 1000 Contact in Phonebook | Torch | Auto Call Recording | Super Battery Mode, Alarm, Calculator, Contact Photo Icons | 22 Languages Read Support | 3 Languages Type & Menu Tree support – English, Hindi, Tamil


☼ 1.8-Inch itel Ace 2 Mobile Phone

The dual SIM phone has a decent screen, big battery, large contact memory, and many other convenience features. And yet its current market price is below 1000 Rupees. Besides the traits because of the build quality, this phone is currently one of the best mobile phones under 1000 Rupees. Therefore, go for it without a second thought. Those who bought it have recommended it to others.

itel Ace 2 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

The itel Ace 2 mobile phone supports nine major Indian languages. Its memory storage can save up to 2000 contacts. The auto-call recording feature of this phone can record calls of the user’s choice. To support a big LED torch and provide many days of backup, it comes with a 1000-mAh battery. As the brand claims, in the super battery mode, the battery would last more than four days.

The Kingtalker feature makes this phone usable even for those who can’t see. The user has a choice to On or Off it, though.

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The itel mobile phone won’t disappoint those who use their phone for entertainment as well. Wireless FM means this phone can tune FM stations without earphones.

The Smart Transfer is another unique feature of this itel dual SIM mobile phone. This feature transfers messages, call logs, and contact-book to other phones via Bluetooth.

Price ₹950 | Amazon
Features 1.8-Inch Screen | 1000-mAh Battery | Super Battery Mode | 9 Indian Languages Support | Up to 13 Months Warranty | Auto Call Recording | Wireless FM with Recording | Vibration Mode | 2000 Contacts Memory | Big LED Torch | Smart Bluetooth Transfer | Made in India


► 2.4-Inch Lava A5 Dual SIM Feature Phone

Recently Lava launched a limited edition of its very popular A5 dual SIM feature phone, which is one of the best-selling Lava mobile phones under 1500 Rupees currently on the market. The limited-edition A5 mobile phone looks very impressive in the tri-color design. Although its current market price is 1390 Rupees, after shopping website discount the price falls below 1000 Rupees. In that price, it is an outstanding dual SIM feature phone.

Lava A5 dual SIM mobile phone has tons of features. Auto call recording, wireless FM with recording, super battery mode, call blink notification, torch, alarm, all Indian languages support, contact icon, and vibration call alert are some of its hot features and functions.

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Lava A5 Dual SIM Mobile Phone is definitely one of the top 5 feature phones under 1000 Rupees in India market. Especially you can’t afford to miss the A5 Proudly Indian collection if you want to express your love for Bharat and also searching a feature phone in 1000 Rupees range in an eye-catching design.

Price ₹1000 | Amazon
Features 2.4-Inch Screen {240×320 Pixels} | 32GB MicroSD Card Support
Entertainment Audio & Video Player | Wireless FM with Recording
Call & Contact Vibration Call Alert | Loudspeaker Calling | Call-Blink Notification | Call Duration | Auto-Call Recording | Contact Icon | Phonebook: 500 Contacts | SMS Memory: 100
Battery 1000-mAh Li-ion | Up to 3-Days Battery-Life
Camera 0.3-MP | Zoom | Video-Recording
Connectivity USB | Bluetooth | Audio Jack
Add-ons Torch | Alarm | Calculator | Calendar | 22-Language Support | 7 Language Read & Write {English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarat}
Sales Box Mobile Phone | Charger | Documents


► 1.8-Inch Lava Hero 600 Feature Phone

Hero 600 is the cheapest Lava mobile phone. Its current market price is only 649 Rupees. In this price with so many useful features, it is definitely a value for money option. A total Paisa Vasool mobile phone!

This Lava dual SIM phone features a 1.8-inch screen with 222-PPI pixel density. Apparently, it is the first feature phone with such a high screen clarity. Usually, the display of budget feature phones has pixel density below 165-PPI. Higher is the pixel density, better will be the screen clarity.

According to the price of Lava Hero 600, its battery capacity, which is 600-mAh only, seems perfect. Once fully charged, the battery will last close to 2-Days.

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Entertainment features are the main USP of this Lava mobile phone. I don’t think there is any other mobile phone under 1000 Rupees with entertainment features as many as this Lava mobile phone has. Lava Hero 600 mobile phone comes with FM with recording, Audio & Video Player, and preloaded 5 action games.

Thus, Lava Hero 600 mobile phone is totally worth it. I wouldn’t be wrong in rating it as the best mobile phone under 700 Rupees on the market currently.

Price ₹649 | Amazon
Features 1.8-Inch Screen | Dual SIM | Torch | Alarm | Calculator | Calendar | 22 Language Support | 32GB MicroSD Card Support | Add 1000 Contacts in Phonebook | 100 SMS Memory
Entertainment Audio & Video Player | FM with Recording | Games: {Block Breaker, Danger Dash, Air Strike, Skygift, Nitro Racing}
Call Loudspeaker Calling | Call Duration | Auto Call Recording
Battery 600-mAh Li-ion
Connectivity USB | Bluetooth | 3.5-mm Audio Jack
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► 1.77-Inch Micromax X516 Mobile Phone

X516 is the latest Micromax feature mobile phone on the market. Micromax launched it with a massive 57% discount. So, the current market price of this Micromax mobile phone is only 850 Rupees. At this price, with such a build and design and a powerful battery, it is an excellent choice. Grab it before it becomes out of stock.


Micromax X516 is a dual SIM mobile phone with a dedicated slot for memory addition. Its screen is tiny, though, only 1.77-Inch. But its battery is massive, 1750-mAh. So, once fully charged, this 2G mobile phone would require recharging only after a week or 10 days. Therefore, those who make many calls a day should consider it. In fact, I would not be wrong in rating it as the best battery backup mobile phone under 1000 Rupees, which has a funky design.

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Look at the build and design of this Micromax feature phone? It has a masculine design. The device looks futuristic, very different from other basic mobile phones. I have never seen a feature phone as exceptional as Micromax X516 is.

Micromax, you are fantastic! What do you think about this phone? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Price 850 Rupees
Features 1.77-Inch Screen | Dual SIM | Internet | Torch | Alarm | Calculator | Calendar | 8GB MicroSD Card Support (Separate Slot) | Made in India Mobile Phone
Entertainment Audio & Video Player | FM-Radio | Preloaded Games
Call Loudspeaker Calling | Speed Dialing | Call Duration
Battery 1750-mAh Li-ion/Po
Camera 0.3-MP Primary Camera
Connectivity USB | Bluetooth | Audio Jack
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► 1.8-Inch Philips E108 Mobile Phone

Which is the latest Philip feature phone? Philips brand has returned to the mobile phone market in India with two brand new devices. Philips E108, a dual SIM mobile phone with a 1.8-inch screen and lots of exciting features, is one of them. Currently, it is available in two color options: Red and Grey. The red color variant has a greater appeal than the grey color variant.

Philips E108 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

The phone has a small but very clear screen. Its 1000-mAh replaceable battery is juicy therefore lasts long. To store media files, the user has inserted a microSD card since the internal storage of this Philips mobile phone is reserved for system use only.

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Philips E108 dual mobile phone is an outstanding choice for calling. It has lots of calling features. It also has a vibration call alert feature. Besides, it can store up to 1000 contacts in its memory. Therefore, it is the best mobile phone under 1000 Rupees for business people among the newest launched features phones in India market.

Price 990 Rupees
Features 1.8-Inch Screen | FM | GPRS | Voice Recording | Dual SIM | Torch | Alarm | Calculator | Calendar | Language Support: {Hindi, English, Bengali} | 16GB MicroSD Card Support | Add 1000 Contacts in Phonebook | 1000 SMS Memory | Weight: 76-Grams
Call Loudspeaker Calling | Speed-Dialing | Call-Log | Call Wait/Hold | Conference Call | Call Divert | Call Duration
Battery 1000-mAh Li-ion
Connectivity USB | Bluetooth | Audio Jack
Sales Box Mobile Phone | Charger | Documents


► 1.8-Inch Nokia 105 Mobile Phone

Nokia, Samsung, and Lava are the three best brands for quality feature phones in India market. If you need a basic mobile phone with outstanding battery life, Nokia is the right brand. Only Nokia feature phones can store 2000 contacts in its phonebook.

Currently, one of the best feature phones in 1000 Rupees is the Nokia 105. This Nokia phone is available with single SIM and dual SIM port. It has a solid body made in polycarbonate. The new island keymat with separated keys make the use of this phone really comfortable. Therefore, it could be a perfect phone for senior citizens. Are you looking for a 1000 Rs phone for your grandfather? Consider this Nokia mobile phone as one of the options.

Nokia 105 Feature Mobile Phone

The phone is fortified with a detachable battery, rated at 800-mAh. Those who have used this Nokia phone for more than 6-months say that battery life is decent. According to them, 100% charged battery last two to three days on standard usages.

For entertainment, the Nokia 105 comes with a mobile game and FM radio. It has a 3.5-mm Jack to attach with it a headset and also connect to devices including speakers and headphones.

  सैंडविच मेकर: ₹100 - ₹1000

Overall this is a superb little stylish Nokia phone. It performs the whole thing you desire out of a back-up phone. It is a basic feature phone with outstanding call quality and a lasting battery. In 1000 Rupees, it totally worth it.

Price 1000 Rupees
Features 1.8-Inch Screen | Single/Dual SIM | Torch | Alarm | Calculator | Calendar | Spaced Keypad | Solid Build | 73-Grams Weight | Add 2000 Contacts in Phonebook
Entertainment FM | Snake Xenzia Game
Battery 800-mAh Li-ion
Connectivity USB | Bluetooth | Audio Jack
Sales Box Mobile Phone | Charger | Documents


► 1.8-Inch Nuvo One Mobile Phone

The Nuvo mobile phone although is now a year old model but it is still one popular phone below 700 Rupees. Those have used this feature phone avowing that even after used for over a year, it is still in good working condition.

In spite of cost constraint, the manufacturer made Nuvo One a beautiful device. It looks cute. This phone features a powerful battery with long lasting backup. If managed carefully, you will not need to run to your charger at least before two days. To order this simple dual SIM phone online, you need to spend no more than 600 Rupees.

Features: The dual SIM phone sports a 1.8-inch color display. It also boasts a 1.3-MP camera on the back, which is exceptional for the price you pay. This phone is capable of playing various types of media. It also features a 16-GB of expandable storage. You will certainly enjoy its FM Radio with recording feature.

Connectivity: The phone boasts two SIM card slots supporting GSM networks only. Connectivity options like GPRS, Bluetooth, and USB port will certainly expand the usability of this phone.

It is true that you cannot believe a brand, which is not famous at all. The 1-year warranty on the handset is a significant relief for those who are curious about the durability of this phone.

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Conclusion: For an enduring mobile phone, your budget has to be a minimum of 500 Rupees. You cannot buy a useful feature phone below 500 rs. Nuvo One mobile phone in 600 Rupees is ideal for those people who are not ready to trust a device of a never heard mobile phone brand. Do not trust the brand; trust the people who have used this phone for more than a year.

Price 600 Rupees
Screen 1.8-Inch | 128 × 160 Pixels | 114 PPI | TFT
Memory None | MicroSD Card Support: up to 16GB
Camera 1.3-MP
Battery 800-mAh
Feature Dual SIM | FM with Recording | LED Torch | Multi-Language Support | Vibration | Games
Sales Box Mobile |  Charger |  Micro-USB Cable | Earphone-with-MIC | Documents


► 1.8-Inch Hicell C5 Mobile Phone

The brand Hicell has a good line up of feature phones. One of the best-selling phones of the brand is the C5 model, which is on sale for just 511 Rupees. Being priced at a throwaway price does not mean this 500 rs phone has a poor build and no features. The build and design of this basic mobile are impressive. It has more traits than usually seen on mobile phones under 1000 rs.

Hicell C5 Dual SIM Mobile Phone in 500 rs

Hicell C5 mobile phone has a 1.8-Inch screen, whose clarity is impressive. 1050-mAh battery of this phone would last up to two days in general use. Some of its main features are call recording, speed dial, LED Torch, FM Radio, and Audio & Video Player.

First time I see a 500 rs mobile phone with PANIC SOS feature. Thus, it is a recommended feature phone for girls. Are you looking for a mobile phone with required safety features to gift your sister? Here it is.

Further, this phone supports almost all major Indian languages. Thus, you can set it in your mother tongue for convenient use.

  हेयर ड्रायर: ₹500 - ₹1000

How do we trust build quality of a mobile phone in 500 Rupees range? As per the brand, the C5 feature phone has BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification. Moreover, the brand offers 10-Days replacement and 12-months warranty.

Price 500 Rupees
Screen 1.8-Inch
Battery 1050-mAh
Features Panic SOS | VGA Camera | Call Recording | Speed Dial | LED Torch | FM Radio | Audio Player | Video Player | Loudspeaker | Multi-Language Support | MicroSD Card Support 16GB | Bluetooth
Warranty 10-Days replacement | 12-Months
Sales Box Hicell C5 Mobile | Battery | Charger


► 2.4-Inch Karbonn K49 and K49 ROCK

The K49 is one of few selected, branded phones under 1000 Rupees with a 2.4-Inch screen. It features a BOOMBOX speaker that produces loud & clear sound. Ringtone of this phone is so loud that even your neighbor will hear incoming call ring. Are you looking for a mobile phone with the best music quality? Here it is. Karbonn brand has also launched a variant of K49 with 1750-mAh battery, named K49 ROCK. Both the mobile phones have more or less same features besides the battery.

Karbonn K49 Mobile Phone in 900 Rupees

Karbonn K49 mobile phone does not require an external antenna to catch FM radio signal. You can also record your favorite FM program from your favorite RJ. To store recorded media, however, you need to insert a MicroSD card on this multimedia phone. Officially, it supports up to 16GB SD card but usually functions when microSD card size is 8GB or less.

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Network reception of this phone is excellent. Even if network signal is weak at your location (not too weak), you hear clear call audio. Thus, I would recommend this phone as an ideal choice for rural India and Mountain region where there is a thin network signal most of the time. Considering 2.4-Inch screen (167 PPI pixel density), nice tactile keypad, and powerful loudspeaker, I would also suggest Karbonn K49 mobile phone as one of the best easy to use mobile phones for seniors below 1000 rs.

Price 800 Rupees
Screen 2.4-Inch | TFT | 240 × 320 Pixels | 167 PPI
Battery 1450 mAh | (1750 mAh in K49 ROCK )
Camera 0.3MP
Network 1G | 2G | GPRS
Connectivity Bluetooth | Audio Jack 3.5-mm
Entertainment Wireless FM with Recording | BOOMBOX speaker
Ringtone Music | Vibration
Features Torch | Games | Timer | Alarm | Multi-language Support | Sound Recording
Sales Box Mobile Phone | Earphone with MIC | Charger | Documents

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