It’s been a while since we covered Kitchen Chimneys. Thanks to one of our loyal readers from Kolkata, we now have to cover some of the best kitchen chimney brands in India. This website follower Kritika Roy sent us a message requesting that we recommend to her the best Kitchen chimney system for her medium-sized family. After a long hard exploration into the issue, we found a number of suitable chimney systems to fit the needs of an average Indian home or small hotel. Our main considerations when selecting these products were value for money as well as efficiency.

Now, in India Kitchen chimneys are quite a common feature especially within the middle and upper classes. This is partly because Indian cooking is very much about spices, oils, and broths.  Therefore, to keep the kitchen clean from any greasy soot or grime, most Indian homes result in buying powerful suction chimneys. When selecting a kitchen chimney, you need to consider a number of factors among them, your Kitchen size, the filter type as well as the cost. In this piece, we have outlined the best chimney systems in India based on these factors.

☼ Elica Hac Touch BF 90 Chimney

Elica is one of the most reputable kitchen brands in India. Being a longstanding player in this market, the company incorporates revolutionary technology in all their products. We happened to get hands-on experience with one of their best budget kitchen chimneys on sale currently. This device was none other than the Elica WD Hac Touch BF 90 chimney.

Elica Kitchen Chimney with Auto Clean Touch Control

If you are looking for a stylish, low-cost chimney, then it has to be the Hac Touch BF 90. The reason we chose to recommend it to our readers is basically for its value for money attribute. Here is what we liked most in this Chimney.

Apart from flaunting a gleaming veneer, this chimney has an attractive modern guise. Its design is in itself an outstanding piece of décor. Generally, décor specialists prefer hooded chimneys over straight-line chimneys due to their overhead functionality. Elica engineers gave the WD-Hac-Touch-BF-90 a hooded shape. This shape helps it collect more smog than any straight-line chimney in this price range.

Additionally, overhead hoods look classy and beautiful.  Also, wide hoods prevent smog from escaping upwards. If not trapped, smog could taint your paint. A hooded chimney averts this menace.

Typically, the size of a kitchen chimney should be determined by the amount of space you have in your kitchen. From our guess, this product should fit even in the most tightly packed 12 ft2 home kitchen. Its dimensions measure 90cm by 45cm. Moreover, Elica integrated a touch-enabled control panel on this device. Touch controls are fashionable and more comfortable to use than manual dials.

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Efficient in its work: The fundamental duty of a chimney in any Indian home is to get rid of smog.  Chimneys dispel all odors emanating from the cooking process. When building this device, Elica optimized the kitchen chimney hood design as well as its suction system to draw as much smog as possible. To start with, the fins are well spaced for optimum flow of air. Furthermore, this chimney uses a powerful 1200 m^3/hr. suction motor, which cleans the air in your kitchen within minutes.

Kitchen chimney cleaning is usually a tedious and time-consuming affair. But this is not the case with the Elica BF-90 chimney. The engineers integrated this chimney with heat auto-clean technology. This technology uses a simple heating principal to melt out the collected oil particles. By automatically heating the suction chambers, oil particles melt and flow into a collection jar built within the chimney.

Uses a Baffle filter: It’s also important to note that this device uses a baffle filter instead of other traditional filters. Baffle filters perform better than any other types of filters.  Even when clogged, they don’t interfere with the suction functionality.

Price ₹14990 → Amazon
Features Heat Auto-Clean Technology | Easy to Clean Baffle Filter | Power Efficient
Specs Size: 90 CM | Suction: 1200 m3/hr.
Build Touch Control | 180-Watt Motor Input Power |Energy efficient LED Lamps 2 x 1.5W | Baffle Filter
Sales Box Chimney | Duct | warranty card
Warranty One-Year Warranty on Product | 5 Years on Motor | Elica Chimney Customer Care 1800 233 0007

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