A jigsaw is an adaptable piece of equipment that operates by driving a cutting blade in a vertical, oscillating movement to slice through diverse materials like wood, plastic, and metal. The motor powers the blade's reciprocating motion, which is typically a slim, straight blade capable of navigating through tight curves or complex designs. The base plate of the jigsaw acts as a guide for the blade, enabling the user to effortlessly track the pattern or cutting path. The user regulates the speed and pressure of the blade, facilitating precise cuts even with delicate materials. Jigsaws are popular choices for both DIY projects and professional applications by woodworkers and metalworkers. A wide range of cutting blades equips jigsaws with the ability to cut various materials in multiple forms, making them an incredibly versatile and invaluable tool for any workshop.

☼ 1400W Black Decker KS900E Jigsaw

Indians are enthusiastic about Black & Decker power tools. Are you looking for a powerful Jigsaw machine? Consider the Pendulum Jigsaw Model KS900E from Black Decker.

The Black Decker Jigsaw is powerful, versatile, automatic, and easy to use. An electric motor with a power rating of 1400W drives it. When the tool is in use, the motor remains cool thanks to cooling vents on the motor side. In addition to being efficient, the motor is long-lasting because of its design twist.

This Black Decker Jigsaw cuts straight and bevels. And it can cut wood up to 85 mm, steel up to 5 mm, and aluminum up to 15 mm. Those cutting abilities are more than sufficient for even professionals.

Is 4700 rupees a fair price for a 600W Jigsaw? Yes! In addition to 13 free blades, Black Decker provides a high-quality briefcase that can be used to carry the KS900E and its accessories.

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In conclusion, the Black & Decker Pendulum Jigsaw Model KS900E is an excellent power tool for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful jigsaw. With a 1400W motor, it can cut wood, steel, and aluminum up to the given thicknesses. With the included briefcase and 13 free blades, it is worth the 4700 rupee price tag.

Price ₹4700 → Amazon
Features 1400W | Max Cutting Depth: {Wood: 85 mm, Aluminium: 15 mm, Steel: 5 mm} | Cut Angles: 90°, 45°, 30°, 15° | Power Cord: 3-Meter | Weight: 2.36-Kg | Warranty: 1 year

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