Does induction stove save electricity? The answer is YES. It does save electricity. In Chennai city, the electricity rate is 5-Rupees per unit. At this rate, cooking lunch and dinner with morning and evening tea for one person would cost approx. 15-Rupees. Thus, the induction cooktop is many times cheaper than the traditional heater and a bit costlier than cooking Gas.

Which is the best induction stove under 5000 Rupees? In this article, we are covering the best-selling selling induction stove in India market from 3000 to 5000 Rupees price range.

► Induction Stove with Gas Cooktop

I use my induction stove as a supplement to the gas cooktop. My experience says Induction is not the best solution for cooking delicious food. That is why I use it for boiling related activity in my kitchen. On my Preethi induction stove, I usually make rice, boil milk and water, prepare tea, make Puri (fried in oil) and similar activities.

  Induction Stoves under ₹3000

If there is a senior citizen in your home, then an induction stove is a must. For boiling-water, Induction is a far better and faster solution than gas. On an induction stove, you can set a timer for — suppose one-minute run. In the one-minute run, the water will be boiled, and induction machine will be auto-off following the timer. After a few minutes, the hot water will become lukewarm, perfect for use. You do not need to stand in the kitchen for boiling water and then wait until the water reaches proper temperature.

Of late, the demand for safe, efficient, and noiseless cooking appliances has risen. At first, gas cookers were most preferred but then, they required many safety precautions. Electric coil cookers followed suit, but again they consume a lot of power and are also not 100% safe. The discovery of induction heating technology was one of the best things in recent times.

How does Induction Stove work? Induction cooktops use magnetic induction to heat vessels and are a very safe and efficient means of cooking. No wonder, most shops selling induction cooktops are always running out of stock when it comes to these particular items.

► 2000W Kent Induction Stove {KB-83-16034}

The current market price of this Kent induction stove is 3990 Rupees. Isn’t it too costly when induction stoves of other top brands are easily available in 2000 Rupees range?

The Kent induction cooktop has a superior build, and its design is not usual. Unlike what other brands provide, this Kent Induction stove has a metallic base frame. That is undoubtedly much better than a plastic base frame. However, having been using a Preethi Induction stove with a plastic base frame from last seven years, I don’t think just for a metallic base frame, one should pay 1500 Rupees extra for a 2000W Induction stove. The design of this Kent induction cooktop is very impressive, though. Its top finish gives it a futuristic profile.

Kent 2000-Watt Induction Stove

Cooking becomes a lot easier with this Kent Induction stove. You can set its temperature between the range of 87°C to 270°C. Along with the heat, you can also set running time. Built-in 8 pre-set menus are one-touch operation for curry, fry, roti, keep-warm, soup, water, milk, and rice. Suppose curry is ready, but Sir or Madam is still in the bathroom then active the keep warm feature to serve hot and fresh.

  Gas Cooktops under ₹5000

No doubt about it that the Kent 2000W Induction stove is very impressive in terms of build quality, design, performance, and safety features. Still, 4000 Rupees is too much price for a 2000W induction stove. Considering everything any amount in the range of 3000 Rupees would be a fair price according to me.

Price ₹3990 | Amazon
Features Over-Heat Protection | Supported Voltage-Range → {85V – 275V} | Supported Pans: {Iron & Steel Pans with base diameter 12CM to 26CM} | 12-Months Warranty
Cook Temp Range: {87°C – 270°C} | 8 One-Touch Buttons: {Curry, Fry, Roti, Keep-Warm, Soup, Water, Milk, Rice} | Timer
Build Stainless-Steel Base Frame | Feature Touch Control-Panel | Digital LED Notification | Net weight: 2.5-Kg


► 2100W Philips HD4938 Induction Cooktop with Touch

Do induction stoves save electricity? Yes, it does. To save more electricity, you need to invest in a branded induction stove. Induction stove technology is stable and will remain the same even after 10-years. So, purchase your new induction stove from the brand, which has a history of selling high-quality durable kitchen appliances.

Philips is one of the best and most reliable brands for high build quality induction cooktops in the India market. Philips induction stove may last more than 10 years, even if used heavily but with care.

Philips HD4938 Induction Cooktop Full Touch Control

Philips induction stove model HD4938 is currently one of the best induction cooktops under 5000 Rupees. Its current market price is 3590 Rupees. 2100W power capacity, touch control panel like touchscreen smartphone and its superior build quality with Philips's trust make it a favorite choice of buyers.

  Induction Stoves under ₹1500

Timer and temperature control are the two most essential functions of any induction stove. Philips HD4938 Induction stove, however, has much more than just these two functions. So, it is more useful than its alternatives on the market.

Price ₹3890 | Amazon
Vessels Stainless Steel | Cast Iron
Features 2100W Power Capacity for Fast-Cooking | Timer → 0 to 3-Hours | Delay Cooking → 0 to 24-Hours | Child-Lock | Shows Volts and Units Consumed since Power-ON  | Auto-off program cooks food safely | Keep Warm | 10 preset menus for different Indian recipes | 1-Year Warranty
Control Panel Manual | Gravy | Roti/Dosa | Milk/Water | Slow Cook | Stir Fry | Deep Fry | Pressure Cook} | Volts/Units | Timer | Preset  | Decrease | Increase | Pause | ON/Off
Build High-Quality Full Glass Panel | Sensor Touch ( like touchscreen smartphone) | Power-Cord → 1.2-Meter