A ceiling fan has many benefits such as enhanced air circulation and cooling effect. Keeping cool in the coming summer months can be a matter of concern for many individuals. Whether you plan to buy an outdoor or an indoor ceiling fan for the first time, or you might be looking for a replacement for an existing one, there are enormous choices available on the market, and that can be overwhelming. The current generation of ceiling fans has many distinct types, styles, brands, and prices. They also have different motors, finishes, materials, and intuitive controls.

To help you out with this dilemma, here are some of the factors you should consider before you buy a ceiling fan:

1.) Size Of The Room

The first and foremost thing that should be kept in mind while buying a ceiling fan is the size of the room. Everyone wants a ceiling fan that provides the right air circulation and reaches every corner of that particular room. Thus, the size of the room is in direct correlation with the size of the ceiling fan.

2.) Ceiling Fan Blades & Arms

Material of The Blades: Selecting the material of the fan blade is pivotal. The traditional materials used for creating ceiling fans are metal, wood, or plastic. You can choose the one, which goes with the decorum of the room to give it a sleek and polished look. However, if you are buying ceiling fans for moisture-prone rooms such as kitchen and bathrooms, select blades with powder coating.

The Number of Blades on The Ceiling Fan: A lot of people presume that if a ceiling fan has more blades, it is going to generate more airflow. However, this is not true, instead, it only hangs heavy and does not work well. The most effective ceiling fan is the one with three blades. The design of the fan — be it traditional or contemporary has nothing to do with its functions. The number and the angle of the blades are what make the difference.

3.) Get Energy Efficient Fan

If you are searching for an outdoor ceiling fan for your balcony, you will need a good-quality ceiling fan, which does not get damaged due to outside forces such as rain or wind. If you are selecting the fan for your bedroom or any other indoor room, make sure it is energy-efficient and high quality to provide the extra silence often needed for restful sleep.

Good Quality Motor: The motor is a significant factor to look into when buying a ceiling fan. This equipment controls the noise level, and a good, technologically modern motor will make sure you have a smooth performance and optimal air movement. For instance, the Atomberg Gorilla range of ceiling fans is built on a super-efficient Brushless Direct Current Motor platform (BLDC). These ceiling fans can run three times longer on an inverter which results in longer battery life.

4.) Controls of a Ceiling Fan

There are three types of ceiling fan control: remote control, wall control, and pull chain.

Remote Control: The remote control is the most advantageous control option available. The portable and lightweight control can be used within a certain range, which makes it ideal for hard-to-reach places and high-ceiling fans. A remote-controlled ceiling fan is also perfect for indoors.

Wall Control: The wall control option is the most traditional method, which can operate the fan speed with a button. This type of control is ideal for dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

Pull Chain: The pull chain provides basic usage, and it is ideal for an easy-to-reach area and a low-maintenance ceiling fan.

5.) Budget of the Ceiling Fan

Lastly, your budget decides the type of fan that you can buy for your house. In the search to buy the best budget ceiling fan, always keep in mind that a good quality fan might be expensive, but the efficiency of the fan can later pay off for itself with energy savings. Therefore, restricting yourself to a certain budget might not be the most cost-effective method.

Now that you have the relevant information, keep them in mind before buying your next ceiling fan. You can check the market or browse an e-commerce website to get the best deal on your product. Happy Shopping!

Arindam Paul is Head of Marketing and Strategy at Atomberg Technologies, an award-winning startup recognized by the United Nations and honored by the prime minister of India.

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