Which is the best hammer drill machine under 10000 Rupees? This drill machine review article covers the best-selling hammer drill machines from 5000 to 10000 Rupees price range. The recommended drill machines are currently a top favorite on the market because of their superior build, design, and drilling performance.

☼ 720W Bosch GBH 220 Professional Hammer Drill

The Bosch drill machine is one of the top-selling hammer drillers in the Bharat market currently. But why? What makes it so attractive?

A 720W copper motor powers its operation and working. The tool-holder of this powerful hammer drill machine is not the traditional one but rather the latest design of the SDS-Plus. Changing bit becomes a lot easier and faster if the tool holder is an SDS chuck.

  ड्राई कैबिनेट: ₹5000 - ₹10000

The Bosch GBH 220 hammer driller can dill into metal of up to 13 mm. In concrete, it can drill up to 20-mm. Whereas in wood this Bosch machine can make a whole of up to 32-mm diameter.

High drilling capacity, excellent design that reduces vibration, build quality, and Bosch trust is the four big reasons why you would consider this hammer driller. It is an excellent machine, but not exceptional, though.

Price ₹5500 | Amazon
Features 720W {1500 RPM] | 100% Copper Coil | Tool-Holder: SDS Plus | Drilling Metal: 13-mm | Up to Drilling in Concrete: 22-mm | Drilling in Wood: Up to 30-mm | Warranty: 6-Months


☼ 620W Bosch GHB 2-22 Professional Hammer Drill

Bosch so far has introduced four variants of this hammer drill machine: 2-22, 2-22-S, 2-22-E, 2-22-RE. These variants have similar build, design, and drilling performance. And, they are a perfect drill machine for drilling into concrete, brickwork, steel, and wood.

All the variants of the Bosch GHB 2-22 Professional Hammer Drill Machine have a 620W motor, whose max power output is 280W. The motor has the power to rotate the bit up to 1000 times in 60 seconds.

By using a suitable bit with one of the variants of the Bosch hammer drill machine you could drill a hole of maximum 22-mm diameter on a concrete wall, a hole of maximum 68-mm diameter on a brickwork, a hole of a maximum 13-mm diameter on a steel sheet, and a hole of 30-mm diameter on a wood block.

  Tower Speakers under ₹10000

There are not many options if you are looking for a master hammer drill machine from 5000 to 10000 Rupees range. And, needless to say that Bosch is the most favorite brand for construction tools, not just in India, but in the global market.

Price Bosch GHB 2-22 | Bosch GHB 2-22-S | Bosch GHB 2-22-E @ 7500 Rupees | Bosch GHB 2-22-RE @ 6900 Rupees | Buy: {Amazon}
Features Flexible SDS-Plus Bit Holder | Can be used Key-Type Drill-Chuck | Hammer-Drilling-Mode {Concrete, Stone, Chiseling} | Drilling-Mode {Wood, Metal, Ceramic, Plastic, Screw-driving, Thread-Cutting} | Chiseling only with the MV-200 Accessory | Universal Bit-Holder with SDS-Plus Shank is Required
Control Speed-Control (2-22 | 2-22-E | 2-22-RE) | Rotational-Direction Switch (2-22 | 2-22-RE) | ON/OFF Switch | Release-button for Drilling-Selector-Switch (2-22-S | 2-22-E | 2-22-RE} | Selector-Switch for Drilling (2-22-S | 2-22-E | 2-22-RE) | Button for Depth-Stop Adjustment
Motor 620W (output: 280W) | Impact-Rate: 0-4400 IPM | No-Load Speed: 0-1000 RPM
Drilling Concrete: 4-mm to 22-mm | Brickwork: Up to 68-mm (with core bit) | Steel: Up to 13-mm | Wood: up to 30-mm
Build Tool-Holder: SDS-Plus | Spindle-Collar Diameter: 43-mm | Handle with Grip | Wing bolt for Auxiliary-Handle Adjustment | Dust-Protection Cap | Locking-Sleeve | Weight: 2.3-kg

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