In home Kitchens, although most of the cutting & chopping works are doable by any regular kitchen knife but a special tool not only provides convenience but precision and speed as well. Here presenting three unique kitchen tools, this would make cooking a good fun. In previous review articles, this website has suggested some reliable Kitchen tools: Veggetti Pro Table-Top Spiralizer, KitchenAid Meat cutter chopper, Havells and Philips Chopper. You should try them as well.

Kitchen add-ons discussed here is for adding precision in your cooking. Selling below 1000 Rupees, they come with a great build quality, so would certainly last longer. Besides, you would appreciate simplicity in their operational use.

☼ 250W Orpat Express Chopper

Orpat does not require any introduction. Millions of customers for affordable products with quality have trusted this Indian brand. Orpat enjoys a great presence in the market with a wide range of Kitchen appliances and electronics products.

The 250-Watt Orpat Chopper is a popular chopper below 1000 Rupees in online markets. So we decided to have a look and guide you through its features. Should you buy it or not – would be easier to decide at the end of this review article.

The first look of this budget chopper gives essential key information. It comes with “Powerful motor,” “2-Year warranty”, and “Durable Stylish build”. In the price of 900 Rupees approx, this is a value for money product.

This Orpat chopper has three major parts: 500 ml bowl, secure lid (splashguard), and top cap. The base of this is non-slippery. For safety purpose, I would still insist keeping a hand on top of it while using.

About the blades, Orpat says it is a signature design by the company for finely chopping of ingredients in the easiest way in the shortest time. That is why it is, in fact, being named as an express chopper. In real use, indeed, it is an express chopper.

What are main usages of this Orpat chopper? Chopping, Mince, and Puree are three regular needs of any kitchen it could perform with utmost precession. Orpat provides a set of two blades as well.

Orpat Express Chopper Review and Specifications

As said earlier, the tools listed here have the simplest operation yet work wonder. Very true with this kitchen tool as well – in fact, you would love to use it.

I had used an electric chopper before but found them not so practical especially in rush hours, in early morning panic hours in Kitchen. Besides, they would not run if ingredient quantity were less. I mean it was not possible to chop just small quality of ingredients like one or two onion.

Orpat has made this Express Chopper very practical, however. To use it well, all you have to do is that add one or two or the quantity you want to chop, set its splash guard, and then lock with the top lid. Once the power supply is ON, press the top button to get the right chopping done. Further, single speed mode of this Orpat Chopper makes easier to chop onion, tomato, Potato or any veggie have similar softness.

In fact, by the use of this efficient low-cost chopper, I can save my time in the everyday kitchen – required for chopping of onions, green Chilli, garlic cloves, and other ingredients. Do you eat mutton quite often? Then you must have this fine gadget for chopping Kilos of onion in a matter of few minutes. Buy: 995 Rupees

☼ Generic Stainless Steel Manual Squeezer

You might have a squeeze in your kitchen. I, too, have one. But I rarely use it. Actually, the design of the Lemon squeezer is so bad that it can squeeze a lemon by half only. Lemon is not a cheap commodity. Therefore, using fingers to squeeze a lemon seems much more effective and fast, too. Still, you should have a perfect lemon squeezer in your kitchen.

Recently I found a unique Lemon squeezer online, which is a multipurpose tool as well. Yes, it is a perfect stainless lemon squeezer and can be helpful in many ways in your kitchen.

The Generic branded manual squeezer, besides being a lemon squeezer, can crush potato and squeeze orange juice as well. In fact, use it to squeeze juice or crush any soft fruit, vegetable or food items. I use it in my kitchen for squeezing lemons for my morning hot water drink with Lemon Juice and sometimes for orange juice as well.

Generic Stainless Steel Squeezer Review and Specifications

Being stainless steel tool means it is durable enough, therefore, it would last many years. Nuts and screws fitted on this lemon squeeze appear tough, not clumsy whatsoever. Further, the design of this favorite tool is very effective. It would squeeze a lemon to 100% that too without spilling out the left over portion. This is what often a major problem with a wooden lemon squeezer, no matter from where you buy one – Chennai, Mumbai, or Bikaner. With this stainless steel squeezer, you would not face such problems, whatsoever.

1000 Rupees for a manual squeezer is too much but not true for this Generic Squeezer. Its brilliant design and tough stainless steel build- is enough for making it a value for money lemon squeezer. Buy: 900 Rupees

☼ Home Puff Vegetable Cutter & Chopper

I often prefer kitchen tools require no electricity for operation. In fact, such kitchen tools turn out to be a worthy solution when there is no power. Therefore, I decided to review here one low-cost chopper that is hand operated.

In online markets, having thousands of choices is not a help rather a big confusion for buyers. So, here I suggest you a vegetable cutter and chopper, which is made of tough plastic and has stainless steel sharp blades. In our lab test, it has been turned out to be a manual chopper – quite worthy below 500 Rupees.

Build and Design: The maker of this vegetable cutter is a reputed name in the Indian market. Thus, buyers could trust the build quality and design of this manual cutter & chopper. Moreover, the use of ABS food grade material is assuring. In fact, the use of such great quality material in a 400 Rupees chopper is quite astonishing.

The blades of the Chopper are made of tough stainless steel and its base is non-skid. Overall build and design are eco-friendly: safe for users as well as month earth. Further, the Lid of this Home Puff cutter & chopper has a soft grip and the pull cord, which moves stainless steel blades, is quite easier in use as well. Moreover, being dishwasher safe is another advantage. After use, it is easily washable under running water.

Talking about capacity, the bowl size of this chopper cutter is only 375 ml. Thus, in one shot, it could chop fruit salad for two to three persons only.

Home Puff Vegetable Cutter and Chopper Review and Specifications

The ergonomics of the sharp stainless steel blades contains three uniquely shaped blades. Therefore, to cut full bowl of soft veggies and fruits require forcefully pulling out of the cord only two or three times.

This hand held chopper could cut all soft vegetable & fruits and it can cut fast, too. Especially for making fruit salad, I would highly recommend it. In fact, making mixed fruit salad is a fun with this Home Puff Chopper cutter. It can chop tough vegetables like Carrot and ginger as well. But I wouldn’t suggest using it in such a way – for using it safely for years.

This manual chopper is a low-cost product and a must have addition to any Kitchen for cutting onions, garlic, green chili etc. What I really like about it is that – to chop ingredients finely it does not have to be filled fully. It chops ingredients no matter what is quantity. It can cut even one or two small onions in one shot.

Conclusion: I have been reluctant in investing for such fancy add-ons, which often turns out to be good for no use. But this vegetable and fruit chopper and cutter is something else. It is made of environment-safe materials and its blades are tough stainless steel.

I am also surprised how this chopper is priced so cheaply. Actually, 400 Rupees is, too, less for a chopper cutter so great in build and design. Buy: 400 Rupees

☼ 250W Havells X-Pro Chopper

Not the first time GS is presenting reviews of efficient chopper & cutters. Recently, under 1000 Rupees price bracket, a review of X-Pro Chopper was published, which is a product of popular electronics brand, Havells.

The Havells chopper requires electricity to operate. With a powerful 250-Watts motor, it is usable for chopping fruits and soft vegetable for four to six members in one go. It has its bowl size in 750 ml.

It is an efficient chopper, which is durable and easy in use. Yet, it has been getting poor buyer’s ratings. At the current market price, this product is a worthy kitchen add-on, considering two years of free service commitment by the brand. Read more about this Havells Chopper at here.

☼ Philips HR2505 Onion Chopper & Spice Paste Maker

Philips is one big name in the kitchen appliances market. Philips’s solution in the category of Kitchen appliances and add-ons are most sold across the world. This review article is about fruit and vegetable chopper: Philips has one remarkable product here, too.

The Philips Onion chopper isn’t priced under 1000 Rupees, though. But this Philips electric chopper is a multipurpose appliance. Essentially, not only limited to chopping Onion and green chili rather it can cut vegetables and fruits finely as well. Talking about key features, 500-Watts motor has to be its one major pro feature. As a result, to chop a large chunk of onions, it requires just a few seconds of run.

Equipped with Philips’s “Chop Drop Technology” this chopper can also do the coarse chopping. Being dishwasher safe and cleanable under running water are other key features. It is one reliable solution for every Kitchen. Learn more about this Philips chopper at here.

☼ KitchenAid 5KFC3511DER Cutter & Chopper

Competing with the Philips chopper is this highly efficient KitchenAid chopper. This is a costly machine at the current price of 3900 Rupees, though. Those customers who care more about the quality of a product have often preferred it.

KitchenAid is a 100-Year old European Kitchen appliances brand. It has been selling products in major markets across the world.

Unlike other choppers in this article, this KitchenAid Food chopper offers more control to user’s hand. In fact, it comes with the two-speed option. The motor of this food chopper is only 240-Watt but very fast and less noisy.

KitchenAid says its chopper can chop meats (boneless), vegetables, fruits, and even nuts. Here the thing to note is that the only KitchenAid has an efficient chopper, which can chop meats. In fact, no branded chopper, priced less than 4000 Rupees, can chop tough substance like meat and nuts.

For its specialty, this KitchenAid food chopper is one of the must-have appliances in any Indian kitchen. Those who love to cook non-veg quite often – would love this efficient multipurpose chopper. Read more about this KitchenAid meat cutter chopper at Why I trust KitchenAid Electric Chopper and Bajaj Hand Mixer.