Drill machines, Wood Planers, and Circular Saws are three essential requirements for woodworking in today’s time. In this review article, we cover wood planers. For review articles on top drill machines and circular saws, search on our website.

  • Drill Machine Makes a Hole
  • Wood Planer removes a layer of wood from the flat surface of wood blocks
  • Circular saw cuts straight or at an angle

Which is the best wood planer under 10000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling wood planers in India's market from 5000 to 10000 Rupees from the top wood planer brands, such as Bosch, Stanley, Black-Decker, and others.

☼ 650W Bosch GHO-6500 Wood Planer

The German brand Bosch is the dominant brand in the Indian market for electric hand tools that last for more than five years. Bosch's tools and machines are costly, but they last longer than alternatives from competing brands. That justifies the high price of Bosch's products.

A 650W copper motor, which can reach 16500 revolutions per minute, powers the Bosch wood planer. With one pass, it can peel off a layer of wood as thick as 2.6 mm. Whereas, this Bosch tool can cut a rebate of 9 mm. 3.0 kg is the weight of this wood planer.

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Should you buy the Bosch GHO-6500 Wood Planer? Will it be the right choice? Is it a value-for-money preference? What are the features and functions that separate it from suitable alternatives from other brands? We have covered everything you need to know in our video presentation, not just these four questions. Do watch it!

Price ₹5990 → Amazon
Features Motor: 650W | Planing-Width: 82-mm | Planing-Depth: 0 to 2.6-mm | Weight: 2.8-Kg


☼ 550W Dewalt Wood Planer

Dewalt is an American company. It is almost as big a name in the power tool world as Bosch and Black-Decker. Dewalt products, however, sell less since they are expensive. Products with a high build quality will cost more. Isn't it? The current market price of the Dewalt wood planer is around ₹8000.

Dewalt's wood planer in India's market comes with a 550W copper motor. The wood planer is 82 mm in width. A maximum thickness of 1.5-mm it can peel in one go. And, it can cut a rebate of 9 mm.

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Why is this Dewalt Wood Planer so expensive? Because of the guarantee terms of the brand. From Dewalt, for this 550W wood planer, the customer gets a return warranty of 90 days and up to 2 years of service warranty. No other brand provides a product replacement warranty of 90 days. That is indeed a big thing.

Price ₹7800 → Amazon
Features 550W Motor | Width: 82-mm | Max Depth-Cutting: 1.5-mm | Depth-Cutting Control Knob | Rebate-Cutting: 9-mm | Weight: 2.72-Kg


☼ 750W Stanley Wood Planer

This Stanley wood planer comes with a 750W copper motor. For your information, 750W is high power for wood planers. The motor remains cool even in the event of continuous usage. That means the planer will stay in working condition for many years.

A powerful motor and a better design of the product means what? Ease of usage and better performance! Isn’t it? The Stanley wood planer will impress you with its working ability and superior build quality. It can remove a 2-mm layer of a wood block in one go.

Further, the quality of the blade of this Stanley 750W motor is excellent. That won’t lose its sharpness very soon despite regular usage of the machine. A carpenter would expect this from a branded wood planer, which is not cheap.

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An excellent alternative to the Stanley wood planer is the Janvitha wood planer. This wood planer also has a 750W copper motor, and other features are identical. Thus we recommend it as an affordable alternative.

Price ₹5790 → Amazon
Features Motor: 750W (16500 RPM) | Planing-Width: 82-mm | Planing-Depth: 0 to 2.0-mm | Weight: 2.8-Kg


☼ 580W Hitachi Wood Planer

Although it is less powerful and has fewer features, this Hitachi wood planer is expensive. A 580W motor powers it. Its width is 82 mm. Furthermore, it can peel away a layer up to 1.5 mm thick at a time. However, being a Hitachi product still makes it a must-buy because it will last many years without service. As a result, our video presentation about the best wood planer on the Indian market includes it.

The Hitachi wood planter is popular among people who have used it. They cite these three reasons for this being their favorite: high build quality, powerful motor, and trust in the Hitachi brand. Thus, go for it without a second thought.

Price ₹6600 → Amazon
Features Motor: 580W (17000 RPM) | Planing-Width: 82-mm | Planing-Depth: 0 to 1.5-mm | Weight: 2.5-Kg

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