Which is the best wall clock under 2000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover about the best-selling wall clocks of top brands, which are currently a top favorite of buyers below 2000 Rupees. Here you will read about top-rated premium and designer wall clocks of Seiko, Titan, Ajanta, Casio, and other top brands.

► Harris Metal & Wood Wall Clocks

We are not familiar with Harris & Co. Clockmasters company, but the wall clocks of this brand are our favorite because of their elegant design and low price. That is why we decided to cover them on this website. Check the contact page of this wall clock company for more information. Currently, it has a presence in these four countries: Singapore, UAE, UK, and Bharat.

Harris Metal Wood Wall Clock Silent Sweep

Wall clocks of this Harris clock company have either a metal frame or a real wood frame. A thick curved HD clear glass covers them from the front. Matching the design of the frame, some wall clocks have two hands while others have three hands: Hour-Hand, Minute-Hand, Second-Hand.

Besides eye-catching design, what makes wall Clocks of the Harris & Co. Clockmasters company my favorite is their super-silent running. They make no sound, 100% silent running. This is what I prefer.

Price ₹1500 – ₹3000 | Amazon
Features Super Silent Running | Warranty: 1-Year
Build Size: 12-Inch/13-Inch/14-Inch | Hand: {Hour, Minute, Second} | Frame: Metal/Wood | Cover: Curved HD Clear Glass | Power: 1 × AA Battery


► Titan W0007MA01 Metal Wall Clock

The wall clock is one of the best models of the Titan brand, and one of the best-selling wall watches under 2000 Rupees currently. Although it is not a designer wall clock, still it could be a perfect choice if you are looking for a wall clock to add beauty to a well-decorated room. Apparently, it is an excellent alternative of similarly priced Seiko wall clocks.

Titan W0007MA01 is a silent wall clock. It does not make any noise while running. So, this wall clock only shows current, does not interfere in the silence.

Titan Analog Wall Clock W0007MA01

The looks and design of this Titan wall clock are very appealing thanks to its metallic frame and other perfection. I am very impressed with its simple but exquisite design. One can see Its time even from a far distance because of the full-size dial and the use of standard English numbers on the hour markers. Therefore, it is also a perfect wall clock to place in the living room and on the gate.

  Voltage Stabilizer: ₹1000 - ₹5000

Thus, Titan trust, elegant design, metallic build, and silent sweep are the 4 best reasons why you must consider it. Go for it!

Price ₹1990 | Amazon
Feature Silent Sweep | Warranty: 1-Year
Build Metallic Case | Silver Hands | Hand: {Hour, Minute, Second} | Dimensions (WH): 30×30 CM | Weight: 850-Grams

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