Visi cooler and refrigerator are two different types of refrigeration units designed for separate purposes. The visible differences between them are dimensions, purpose, and functions.

Visi coolers are small refrigeration units that display stored items to increase sales and enhance shop decoration. It comes with transparent glass doors, shelves, and lighting to showcase the products inside it. Retail shops, restaurants, supermarkets, and the beverage industry commonly use them to display chilled beverages, dairy products, and confectioneries.

On the other hand, a refrigerator is a large-sized cooling unit, used for residential and commercial purposes. You could store larger quantities of food and other perishables in it at a safe temperature for a longer period. They come with multiple compartments, adjustable shelves, a freezer section, and a thermostat to regulate the temperature.

In summary, Visi coolers are designed for display and promotional purposes while refrigerators are designed for the storage and preservation of perishables. Furthermore, Visi coolers have transparent glass doors to display items while refrigerators have metal doors to maintain an optimal temperature.

When choosing a visi cooler, look for one that is energy efficient and has the right capacity to meet your needs. Additionally, consider factors such as the size of your shop, the type of products you need to store, and the amount of foot traffic it will receive.

☼ 448L Rockwell RVC550B Glass Door Visi Cooler

The Rockwell Visi Cooler is a highly efficient and dependable cooling solution for shops, restaurants, and superstores. In terms of cooling temperature, it ranges from 2°C to 10°C. Rockwell produces it in its India factory. It has a 448-liter capacity and a glass door, allowing customers to easily view the contents inside. Your shop's sales will increase if you invest in it.

The 4-star rating ensures that the cooler has a high level of energy efficiency, minimizing operational costs. In situations without electricity, the PUF insulation of this Visi cooler maintains the required cooling inside for more than 3 hours. That makes this glass door cooler suitable for storing a wide range of products. Therefore, it also becomes an excellent choice for shops located in rural areas with frequent power cuts. Further, the cooler's steel sheet body provides durability, while 5 adjustable shelves offer ample storage.

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The Rockwell RVC550B Visi Cooler is a fantastic choice for businesses looking to display and preserve their products while minimizing energy costs. It is also easy to install and maintain and comes with a 5-year warranty. It uses minimal energy while providing excellent cooling performance. Plus, it is built to last – its long-lasting design ensures reliability and durability.

Price ₹44,490 → Amazon
Features Capacity: 448-liter | Power Rating: 4 Star | Temp-Range: 2°C to 10°C | PUF Insulation | No of Shelves: 5 | LED Light from Top to Bottom | Steel-Sheet Body | Made in India