Nothing can derail you while working on a computer like a power cut. Unexpected blackouts can not only lose your unsaved work but also predispose your computer to multiple problems. At their utmost severity, blackouts cause acute disruptions in medical facilities and other businesses. Even so, big companies such as banks and hospitals have backup generators that are up in a few seconds. But you cannot spend several lakhs buying a diesel backup generator for your PC. To cater to these small-scale power needs, and especially to prevent sudden PC shutdown, you need a UPS (Uninterrupted power supply).

A UPS gives you several minutes while working on your PC, even after a blackout. During this time frame, you can save all the work you were working on and safely shut the computer down. UPS also prevents hardware damage in the case of a powerful power surge.

A reliable UPS should never be bulky. Of course, you don’t want to drag a UPS the size of a small generator onto your carpet at home. Even in offices, fairly sized UPS systems come in handy for saving space in cubicles.

Are you looking for a reliable UPS for your 550W PSU? Any desktop UPS with a load capacity of 400W and more will work fine for computers with a 550W PSU. Thus, you need a minimum of 1000VA UPS to power a computer with a 600W or 650W PSU, though.

Where can I find the best 1000VA UPS under 5000 rupees? In this article, we cover the top-selling heavy-duty computer UPS in the Indian market priced between 1000 and 5000 rupees. The best computer UPS will last many years since their brands are the most trusted in the product segment.


Which is the best brand for computer UPS? APC! Isn't it? The APC 600VA UPS will cost you around 3500 Rupees. Recently I bought one. It cost me around 3200 Rupees after adjusting several discounts.

Previously I used an 800VA Champion UPS. That lasted for around eight years. Since the same Champion UPS model is not on sale, I had to buy the APC 600VA UPS. The pick load capacity of my previous UPS was 480W, whereas the same is for this APC UPS 360W. I use UPS to power a general-purpose computer. Those using a gaming system should get at least an 800VA UPS.

APC brand provides a two-year warranty for its UPS battery as well. UPS batteries from other brands, however, come with a one-year warranty. That is a big Plus for APC UPS customers.

The APC BX600C-IN UPS can beat severe voltage fluctuations with its powerful features, such as “Automatic Voltage Regulation,” “Low Voltage Protection,” “High Voltage Protection,” and “Surge Protection.” Moreover, no other UPS has as many features as this APC computer UPS has for battery care and protection. There are several features to make the battery safe and healthy, too.

APC and Champion are the only UPS brands I trust. For eight years, I used a Champion UPS. Now I have an APC UPS. The same I recommend this to you as well.

Price ₹3500 → Amazon
Features Stepped Sine-wave | Automatic Voltage Regulator | Battery Saver | Cold Start | Generator Compatible | Compatible with Low Power Loads {Wi-Fi Router, DSL Modem, …} | 2-Year Repair/Replacement Warranty
Load 600VA {360W} | Input Voltage Range: 145V to 290V | Backup {Single Standard Computer}: 15 to 20 minutes
Battery SMF 12V-7.2Ah Battery (800 to 1000 Rupees) | Charging-Time: 6-Hours | Periodic Auto Battery Testing for Timely Replacement of Battery | Preserves Battery Life & Maximizes Run-time by Correcting Low Voltages | Fast Battery Charging
Build 3 × Power Sockets | Power-Cord: 1.22-meter | LED Indicator & Alarm | BIS Approved | Weight: 4.7-Kg
Protection Low-Voltage Protection | High-Voltage Protection | Battery Protection


☼ 600VA Artis UPS

This UPS comes with 12 volts lead-acid battery. The battery charges at a reasonably fast rate. It will get to 90% in about four hours. The battery requires very little maintenance practice and is tightly sealed.

Artis 600VA Computer UPS with 360W Load Capacity

The load capacity of this Artis computer UPS is 360 Watts. So, it will handle all components of a computer quite well. This includes the system unit (CPU), a monitor, and probably a small printer if you have one. All these components can be attached to the system’s outlet power plugs. It has just 3 in total. The power efficiency of this gadget has been rated at 94.1% and the output voltage is 230 V.

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Since it’s just a small-scale UPS, I have no issue with its pricing or specifications. It’s reasonably priced and will satisfy all the usual power needs you have on a domestic computer. I, therefore, would advise you to buy it, especially if you’ve not made up your mind about exactly what you want to buy.

Price ₹2390 → Amazon
Features Load-Capacity: 600VA (360W) | Sine Wave Output | 7-Ah Battery: { Charging: 90% in 4 hours | Backup: Up to 10 Minutes first year} | Ideal for Desktop, Ink-Tank Printer, Monitor, Network Device, TV, Monitor, Gaming Console, and any device whose rated power consumption is less than 300W | Connect Up to 3 Systems | Warranty: 2-Year | BIS India Certified


► 1000VA Microtek Twin Guard Pro+ UPS

The Microtek 1000VA UPS is one of the best-selling computer UPS under 5000 Rupees currently. Its max power output is 360W and it supports voltage range 140W to 300W. Practically this Microtek UPS can power two standard computer systems simultaneously. Only one advanced computer system should be connected to it, however. it is a perfect computer UPS for 550W PSU-powered computers.

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What makes Microtek Twin Guard Pro+ UPS a favorite over its alternatives? To a single standard computer system with 450W PSU, this Microtek computer UPS can provide up to 30 minutes of power backup. It comes with a built-in voltage stabilizer to ensure a consistent power supply to the connected system. Besides, this 1000VA computer UPS can safeguard itself from any misuse, such as overcharging, discharging, and overload by built-in safety and security features.

Price ₹4690 → Amazon
Ideal for LED TV | Standard & Advanced Computer System | PlayStation | Any and Many Systems → Not exceeding 350W
Features 1000VA UPS | Built-in Voltage Stabilizer {130V – 300V} | Generator Compatible | OFF-Mode Charging | Cold Start | Auto Restart | Battery Mode → Modified Sine Wave
Load Power Output: 360W | 2×Standard Computer Systems | 1×Advanced Computer System with 550W PSU
Battery Type: Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) | Battery: 7AH-12V | Backup: Up to 30-minutes (Single Standard Computer System} | Charging-Time: 7 to 10 Hours
Security Overload Protection | Over-Voltage Protection | Over-Charging Protection | Battery-Discharging Protection
Build 3×Power-Output Socket | LED-Indicator {Overload, Discharge, Charging} | Dimensions (LWH): 43x19x30.5 CM| | Weight: 10.7-kg
Warranty 2-Years for UPS | 1-Year for Battery | Customer has to visit the authorized service center


► 1100VA APC BX1100C UPS

APC is the most trusted brand globally for power backup systems. This American brand has multiple computer UPS models on sale in the Indian market. The most popular from them is the model APC BX600C. This APC UPS can take a load of up to 360W. To a standard computer system, it will provide 10 to 15 minutes of backup.

The APC BX1100C is an 1100VA UPS and an advanced version of the APC BX600C UPS with up to 660W load capacity. To a standard computer system, it will provide more than 30 minutes of battery backup. The brand claims up to 50 minutes of backup, though.

APC BX1100C computer UPS with 600W load capacity can take a load of two standard computer systems or one advanced gaming system. Because of its high load capacity and the feature of COLD START {start the UPS without input power supply}, It is also a perfect computer UPS for laser printers.

  राउटर: ₹100 - ₹1000

APC BX1100C and BX600C computer UPS models have the same safety, security, protection, and performance features. Therefore, which one should you buy has to be decided according to your requirements? If you have a gaming system then APC BX1100C is the most perfect computer UPS below 5000 Rupees. For a daily use desktop, APC BX600C computer UPS will suffice the need.

Price ₹4990 → Amazon
Features Stepped Sine-Wave | Automatic Voltage-Regulator | Battery-Saver | Cold-Start | Generator-Compatible | Compatible with Low Power Loads {Wi-Fi Router, DSL Modem, …} | 2-Year Repair/Replacement Warranty
Load 1100VA {660W} | Input Voltage Range: 145V to 290V | Backup {Single Standard Computer}: 30 to 50 minutes
Battery 2 × 12V-7.2AH SMF-Battery (800 to 1000 Rupees) | Charging-Time: 6-Hours | Periodic Auto Battery-Testing for Timely Replacement | Preserves Battery-Life & Maximizes Run-time by Correcting Low-Voltages | Fast Battery-Charging
Build 5 × Power Sockets | Power-Cord: 1.52-meter | Indicators & Alarm | BIS-Approved
Protection Low Voltage-Protection | High Voltage-Protection | Battery-Protection


☼ 600VA V-Guard SESTO 600 UPS

V-Guard is one of the best brands of power protection equipment in the Indian market. It is not a big brand for computer UPS, though. But the reputation of the V-Guard brand is such that many prefer to buy its UPS for desktop computers. They are not wrong in choosing a V-Guard UPS because the product quality is of high class. V-Guard brand provides a 2-year service warranty for the whole unit and only a one-year for the battery.

The V-Guard SESTO 600 UPS model with a 600VA rating can take a maximum load of 360W. Further, the 12V 7Ah battery of this UPS, after 100% charge, can keep the system running for about 5 to 7 minutes. After six months of continuous, the battery backup will fall to 3 to 5 minutes. And, after one year of use, the battery backup will be less than 3 minutes. That happens with most computer UPS units.

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The APC 600VA UPS, which you could get by paying 500 Rupees more than the price of this V-Guard UPS, is a better choice. APC is a genuine brand for computer UPS, and it provides a 2-year warranty for the UPS battery as well. Furthermore, the APC UPS has several power protection and voltage regulation features.

Price ₹2300 → Amazon
Features Max Load: 360W | Min Input Voltage: 140V | Consistent-Output: 230V | Modified Sine-Wave | High-Voltage Protection | ZPD technology | Warranty: {1-Year for battery | 2-Year for UPS}
Battery Capacity: 12V-7Ah | Practical Load: {1 CPU + 1 Computer Monitor + One Ink-Tank/InkJet Printer} | 10 to 15 Minutes Backup post 100% Charging
Build ABS Plastic Body | Weight: 4.2-Kg | 4 Output Plug | Made-in-China


☼ 600VA Zebronics U725 UPS

The computer system on which I drafted this review piece for the Zebronics U725 desktop UPS runs on a Zebronics motherboard, which is now close to two years old. Every day this desktop remains open for at least 15 hours. It confirms that the products of Zebronics are durable but less expensive than those of big companies. I take my experience with the Zebronics motherboard as a reference to assure you about the quality of the Zebronics U725 UPS model.

The Zebronics UPS is ideal for providing uninterrupted power supply to electrical equipment whose gross power consumption is below 300 watts. In this sense, this 600VA UPS can be used for not only desktop computers but also large-screen smart TVs.

The features of the Zebronics U725 UPS are impressive. This computer UPS has features for protection, fast charging, spike, and irregular power supply. The built-in feature automatic voltage regulator is protection against rough power supply and voltage fluctuations.

Further, this Zebronics UPS has the same 12V 7Ah battery that all other UPS models have. Its peak load capacity is 360W, and the supported voltage range is from 140V to 300V. Although these features are standard with all other UPS models. The current market price of this Zebronics UPS, however, makes it interesting. It is cheap.

Price ₹1560 → Amazon
Ideal for Computer System | LED TV | One or Many Systems: Total Power Consumption Must be Below 300W
Features 600VA (Output: 360W} | Input Voltage Range: 140V – 300V | Sleep Mode Charging | Automatic Voltage Regulation with Double Booster | Generator Compatible
Battery Type: 12V-7AH | Charging-Time: 90% Full in 6-Hours | Backup: 2-minute to 5-minute
Build Dimensions (WHD): 10×28×14.2 CM | Weight: 4.3-Kg | 3 × Power Sockets | LED Indicator on Front
Protection Overload | High-Voltage | Low-Voltage | Short-Circuit | Over-Discharging | Deep-Discharging | Over-Charging

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