The advantage of a home surveillance camera is that you can know what is happening around your property as soon as possible. You can get some time to call in either the police or meeting authority to arrest criminals inside the house without their permission. If you have kids and pets around the house, it becomes easier for you to watch them. Everyone will love having control over the security of their family members even when not at home using a smartphone app that comes with most cameras these days.

Which is the best security camera for home security in the Indian market below 5000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling security camera from 1000 to 5000 Rupees. The suggested cameras for security purposes are top favorites of buyers because of their high-quality recording and other built-in security features.

☼ 2MP Kent CamEye HomeCam 360 Security Camera

Kent CamEye is an Indian security camera brand that manufactures security cameras locally. Also, its security cameras have more features and functions, but they are affordable. For instance, the HomeCam 360 security camera model is available for 2500 Rupees only. But it is better than the costly security cameras of other noted brands.

False alarms are a common problem with security systems across the world. Many people hesitate to install security cameras because of false alarms and privacy concerns. The Kent CamEye security camera addresses this problem effectively. The built-in detection and tracking features of the model work effectively and flawlessly. In fact, those who have installed it in their homes have reported that their unit works perfectly, with no issues so far.

  1. AI Noise Detection
  2. AI Motion Detection
  3. Motion Tracking
  4. Human Detection
  5. Intruder Alarm
  6. Automatic Privacy Mode
  7. Works with Alexa

Those are the unique features of the Kent CamEye security camera model HomeCam 360. Because of these features, it is a top favorite of most people looking for home security cameras below 5000 Rupees. My favorite feature, however, is the support of up to 128GB microSD card, on which the camera can stores its 60 days of continuous recordings.

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More about the Kent CamEye HomeCam 360 security camera is in our video review, which is linked below. Be sure to watch it all the way to the end to get a full understanding of this awesome security camera.

Price ₹2590 → Amazon
Features 2MP Camera | FHD Recording (15 fps) | 350° Coverage | Night Vision | Continuous Recording up to 60 days on 128GB SD Card | 2-Way Calling | Mobile App Control | Made in India