Cooking oil maker machines have gained popularity in recent years due to the growing interest in producing healthier and all-natural oils. These machines provide home users with a streamlined and efficient process to extract oil from various sources, including nuts, seeds, and fruits. Common extraction methods include cold pressing, expeller pressing, and centrifugal pressing, resulting in pure oil that retains its natural flavor and antioxidants.

Investing in a cooking oil-making machine can be beneficial for those who want to produce their own oils for cooking or other purposes like cosmetic or medicinal use. Moreover, it can be an excellent option for small businesses aiming to produce their own oils in-house. These machines offer individuals an easy way to control the oils they incorporate into their daily lives.

☼ 230W CIBOFRESCO Home Oil Maker

The CIBOFRESCO oil maker is a remarkable addition to any kitchen, perfect for those who appreciate natural, healthy oils. Equipped with a digital display and touch control button, this user-friendly machine produces top-quality, fresh oil from 18 distinct seed types. As a result, you can craft an array of oils tailored to your culinary preferences, such as sunflower, sesame, or pumpkin seed oil.

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The extraction process employed by the CIBOFRESCO Oil Maker ensures optimal nutrient retention and flavor preservation, making it a superior and delectable alternative to store-bought oils. Furthermore, its compact design facilitates effortless storage and regular use.

In conclusion, this oil extraction machine is an outstanding investment for those who value natural, healthy oils in their cooking. The CIBOFRESCO Oil Maker guarantees consistent oil quality that surpasses store-bought alternatives and proves to be more cost-effective over time by enabling homemade oil production. Its ease of operation and maintenance, as well as its high-quality construction materials, ensure durability and minimal effort on your part.

Price ₹18999 → Amazon
Features 230W | Digital Display | Touch Control Panel | Oil from 18 types of Seeds | Made in India | Warranty: 10 Days Replacement


► 600W EcoSmart Edible Oil Extraction Machine

The oil expeller machine from a new brand called EcoSmart is another best-selling option on the market. This EcoSmart cooking oil machine has a superior build as its body is made of high-quality grade-304 and grade-416 stainless steel. Its industrial-grade 600W motor is highly efficient, consumes less power, but generates high force. As recommended by the brand, you can continuously run this oil extruder machine for 5 to 6 hours. Then it requires 1 hour of a break.


The EcoSmart Oil press machine follows the same process of oil extraction from various types of seeds as most of the domestic oil expeller machines on sale online do. The machine has to warm up to a specific temperature according to the seed's nature and then stop the heating process and start extracting oil.

How much oil is from 1 kg of seeds? That depends on the seeds and their quality. The standard ratio is 30% to 50% oil (300 grams to 500 grams of oil from 1 kg of seeds).

  सैंडविच मेकर: ₹2000 – ₹5000

Is there any difference between this machine and the best-selling Oil Press Machine under 25000 Rupees from other brands? Apparently, no! Thanks to given digital temperature control, the EcoSmart Oil Maker Machine is more comfortable to use. That’s it.

Price 23000 Rupees
Features Silent Operation | Process: 4-Kg to 8-Kg seeds in 1-Hour | Advanced Oil Extraction Technology | Warranty: 18-Months (Only Parts of the machine will be Provided)
Motor 600W | Copper-Coil | Industrial-Grade | Continuous-Running:  Up to 6-Hours (then 1-hour Break)
Oil 30% – 50% {Depends on Seeds & its Quality} | 1-Kg Seeds → 300-grams to 500-grams oil
Seeds Almost All oilseeds: {Peanuts, Sesame, Soybean, Walnuts, Mustard, Almond, Sunflowers seeds, Coconut, Vegetable seeds, Flax, Castor, and others} | Make small pieces of Coconut to extra oil
Build Digital Temperature-Control | Grade-304 Stainless-Steel Boyd | Oil-Touching Parts → Grade-416 Food-Grade Stainless-Steel


► 600W EPS Automatic Oil Extraction Machine

In this era and day, people are striving to eat healthily and keep fit so as to prolong their lives. Unlike in early times, when natural foods were readily available, we can hardly find anything natural in our shops today. However, for any person who fancies unrefined foods, EPS Group India has something for you.  Their new 600-Watt Automatic oil extraction machine for home use allows you to make cooking oils from natural seeds.

  कंप्यूटर सीपीयू: ₹20000 - ₹25000

We had a chance to try out the 600-Watt EPS oil extraction machine and here is what we liked about it:

Sturdy Compact Build: To begin with, this EPS oil extractor is built from stainless steel. Stainless steel is not only easy to clean, but it’s also durable enough for crushing hard endosperms. This machine is arguably the best coconut oil extraction machine for home use. The powerful 220V motor combined with the stainless steel crushing mechanism allows it to crush coconut endosperms with ease.

Can work for a long without breaking down: Regardless of being a small oil extraction machine, the manufacturer guarantees that it could run continuously for at least 5 hours without overheating. From our research, we discovered that some of the buyers of this home oil extractor have been using it for a longer duration.

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However, 5-hour intervals should be observed when using this device, so as to avoid damaging it. After that, you should allow the machine to rest for at least an hour before using it again for 4 to 5 hours. Nonetheless, since this machine uses an industry-standard motor, it could run for 24 hours continuously. That is if the situation demands it.

Chemical-free extraction: In order to extract oil successfully with this machine, you don’t need to add any chemical whatsoever. The manufacturer guarantees that this machine produces pure oil, free from any catalyst or extraction chemicals.

Cheap and Easy to Use: The average mini oil expeller machine price in India is 25000 Rupees. However, this EPS mini oil extractor goes for way less than the average price. Additionally, the device is easy to use and easy to clean. The newer 600-watt version of this oil extractor (EPS 602) comes with an LED display, just to make things a little bit more intuitive.

Seeds Efficiency Oil Yield
Peanut 4-kg/hr 1.8-kg
Sesame 6-kg/hr 3-kg
Sunflower 4-kg/hr 1.8-kg
Walnut 4.5-kg/hr 2.1-kg

High-Efficiency with optimum oil yield: This small oil extraction machine maximizes oil yields. Of course, the oil yield depends on the material you are crushing. Sesame, for instance, has high oil content. EPS claims that for every 6 kg of Sesame, you add to this machine, you get 3 kg of oil. This is an excellent conversion ratio keeping in mind that it’s pure sesame oil.

Price 21500 Rupees
Capacity 4-Kg to 8 kg per hour
Motor 600-Watt
Body Build Material: Stainless Steel | Net Weight: 11.5-Kg | Dimensions: 415×170×300 mm
Warranty 18-Months | Contact the service center for part replacement after the Warranty
Customer Care


► 450W Seeds2Oil Oil Press Machine

With the rising concerns over chemical-laced foodstuffs, everybody is pushing towards eating only natural foods. Besides, let’s face it, natural foods are not only healthy but also very economical. Actually, did you know that the government taxes literally every item you buy from your shop?

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What if, you didn’t buy most of your foodstuffs? What if you had your own way of producing and processing your own foods? I bet you would save thousands of Rupees every year that would otherwise drain into people’s pockets. In this piece, I’ll show you how you can save money through a reliable cooking oil-making machine.


Recent years have seen India develop into a heavily industrial country. In point of fact, most of the machines we are using in India today are manufactured locally. One particular machine that is selling like hotcakes in this market is the Seeds2oil Cold Press Oil Machine. Despite being a relatively new company in this market, Seeds2Oil is making huge strides toward making India a healthy economic nation. We reviewed their small oil expeller machine for home use and here is what we liked about it.

Superb Design and Silent Operation: The Seeds2Oil Cold oil press machine is perhaps the most attractive Oil making machine that we have reviewed at The Gadgets Shiksha. Compared to the 600-Watt EPS oil machine which I reviewed earlier, this Seeds2Oil machine has a more refined look. The slammed edges and glossy veneer make it look modern and stylish. Furthermore, its rugged steel build makes the appliance strong and durable, not to mention that it reduces the amount of vibration emanating from the motor.

Silent Operation: Unlike the EPS oil maker, this mini oil machine for home use blends in perfectly with your kitchen. As a matter of fact, most people might actually confuse it for a high-end mixer grinder or blender. In addition, this device is made of sturdy ABS Plastic material which effectively dampens vibrations. The average noise level on this oil-making gadget is just 70 dB. Even when crushing tough foodstuffs like nuts and cereals, it is well-nigh silent.

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Powerful Motor and Food grade crusher system: The motor on this oil extraction unit is also quite powerful. Actually, Seeds2Oil designed a multipurpose motor for this gadget, meaning it can extract oil from virtually any type of oil-rich seed. This includes coconut, castor seeds, and mustard seeds. We were only able to test castor seeds and Coconut. From our experience, the machine did not jam for the entire operation. Moreover, its crusher system is made of food-grade stainless steel material. This means that cleaning is effortless and the system cannot contaminate your oils with rust.

Price 22500 Rupees
Get Oil from Peanuts | Coconut | Sesame | Soybean | Walnuts | Sunflowers Seeds | Vegetable Seeds | Flax Seeds | Almond | Castor Seeds | Mustard Seeds
Seeds Moisture in seeds should be less than 5%
Build 5.5-Kg Weight | Stainless Steel Crusher System | ABS Plastic Body
Capacity Hopper can hold Half Kilo Seeds | 1-Liter Oil in 30-Minutes | From 1-Kg seeds = 300-ml to 400-ml oil | Can run for 4-hours continuously
Power Consumption: 1-Unit for 3-liter Oil
Noise Less than 70-dB
Warranty 12 Months |

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