If you are living in India, then you probably know what a tandoor oven is. This traditional North Indian cooking equipment lets you prepare quite a few appetizing Punjabi and North Indian cuisines. Some of these lip-smacking delights take account of Naans, Seekh kebabs, Kulchas, Chicken Tikka, Tandoori chicken, Reshmi kebabs, Lachcha Paratha, Tandoori lamb chops, Tandoori prawns, and what not! Tandoori food has something special in it. A distinguishing smoky flavor that is created due to the design of clay oven! Heat in the tandoor is produced from the ignited coals at the bottom of the oven, and as the foodstuff cooks inside, its essences drip down onto these burning coals. Henceforth, what you get is lusciously flavored smoke that is the moniker of the ‘tandoor.’

However, at present just a few of us, are fortunate enough to have our individual clay ovens or Tandoors at home. Right? So now, to attain the crisp flavorsome grilled food faster and better, we have the option of some best MICROWAVE OVENS. Yes, the same oven that helps you bake cakes or cookies, grill Paneer, and veggies, defrost and reheat foodstuffs, lets you prepare lip-smacking Tandoori recipes. As you would expect, it is hard to discover a meticulous equivalent of a tandoor, but don’t worry! Here, we are going through a number of options.

Which is the best microwave oven under 15000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about the best-selling microwave ovens from 12000 to 15000 Rupees price range. The recommended microwave oven models are from the top microwave oven brands in India market.

The best microwave ovens under 15000 Rupees in India market appraised below can be pretty good options for Tandoori recipes, particularly if you love to experiment with a number of cuisines from Indian culture and ethnicity. The effect you’ll attain with these products might not bear a resemblance to a tandoor completely. However, the ensuing flavor is definitely going to be a reasonable estimate.

☼ 30L IFB 30FRC2 Convection Oven

The IFB microwave oven will surprise you with its features and functions. It is among the few selected microwave oven models with rotisserie functions. Moreover, its gross cooking capacity of 30 liters is not very common in microwave ovens below 15000 Rupees. Thus, a convection oven with a rotisserie function and 30-liter cooking capacity becomes an ideal choice for those who want to cook delicious dishes daily in their home kitchen.

Other catchy features of the IFB 30FRC2 convection microwave oven are baking, grilling, fermentation, 101 auto cook menus, weight defrosting, combination cooking, and express cooking. Besides, “Auto Reheat” and “Keep Warm” are two powerful features of this IFB convection oven to keep ready dishes warm or make them eatable hot.

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The build quality of this IFB convection microwave oven is impressive. It is easier to use and operate thanks to its touch control panel with LED notification display. There is no ceramic in this microwave oven, instead, it has a stainless-steel interior. The outer body is a metal made but is shock-proof.

As it is easier to cook delicious food with a microwave oven, cleaning it from inside the post-cook is similarly very tough. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the cleaning options provided. With the IFB 30FRC2 convection microwave oven, three cleaning options allow you to keep it germ-free, odor-free, and 100% clean.

30BRC2 and 30FRC2 are two identical convection microwave oven models of the IFB brand. Compared to the second model, the first one has all the features and has a yogurt-making function, but is about Rs. 1000 cheaper. In terms of design, however, the 30FRC2 model looks more attractive than the 30BRC2 model. Thus, more features are with the 30BRC2 model, and better design is with the 30FRC2 model.

Price 14000 → Amazon
Features Capacity: 30L | Power Levels: 10 | Temp Levels: 10 | 101 Auto Menus | Rotisserie | Keep Warm | Auto Reheat | Express Cooking | Combination Cooking | Warranty: Up to 6 years


► 32L Samsung MC32J7035CT Convection Oven

The current market price of the cheapest 32-Liter LG convection microwave oven is 17000 Rupees. For this 32-liter Samsung microwave oven, however, you have to pay only 12990 Rupees.  Whatever can be cooked in today’s microwave ovens, those all can be prepared in the Samsung MC32J7035CT convection microwave. Also, this microwave oven model has Samsung’s signature technology SLIM FRY to cook with 80% less oil. Therefore, buying it will save you the money that requires purchasing an air fryer, which is an essential appliance nowadays considering it can cook delicious fried food items by using almost no oil.

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Build and design of this Samsung Microwave Oven are outstanding and so is its cooking performance. Its cavity is made of ceramic enamel instead of stainless-steel. Ceramic enamel cavity is an advantage as well as disadvantage. Cleaning is easier than the alternative due to its non-stick property. Therefore, if this Samsung convection oven does have the steam clean feature is not a big concern. But the real concern is the heating process which is comparatively longer than the stainless steel cavity.

Price ₹12990 | Amazon
Ideal For Normal Cooking | Baking | Grilling | Roasting | Defrosting
Features Clock | Eco-Mode | Power-Defrost | Turntable On/Off | Child Safety Lock | Sound On/Off
Cooking Preheat | Keep-Warm | 30-Sec Plus | Auto-Cook Programs | SLIM Fry {22 Auto Recipe} | Dough-Proof/Yogurt
Power Power-Levels: 6 | Microwave-Power: 900W | Power-Consumption: {Grill → 1500W | Convection: 2100W | Max: 2900W} | Convection-Temp-Range: 40°C to 200°C |
Build Control-Panel: Dial + Touch-Pad | Drop-Down Door | Cavity: Ceramic Enamel | Turn-Table-Size: 345-mm | Notification-Display: LED | Convection-Heater: Quartz | Grill-Heater: Sheath
Sales Box Microwave-Oven | Wire-Rack | Crusty-Plate | Documents


► 34L Godrej GME-734 Convection Grill Oven

The convection & grill microwave oven from the house of Godrej brand is the latest microwave oven in India market. Believe it or not, this Godrej microwave oven comes with 375 Auto Cook menus. Even if you make one auto cook menu dish every day, you will repeat it only after a year. In 14990 Rupees you are getting such an incredible food maker for your family. Besides, Godrej brand offers not one or two years, in fact, three years warranty. So, stop wasting your hard-earned money on unhealthy restaurant food, make delicious hotel-and-restaurant-style food items at home with this Godrej Convection & Grill Microwave oven.

Build, and design of this Godrej microwave oven are outstanding, too. This black beauty has a metallic build, and its cavity is made of stainless steel. Touch control panel and LED notification display make it an easy to use kitchen appliance. Therefore, not just Madam, even Sir can make something exciting, crispy but healthy in no time.

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This Godrej oven has tons of features. However, the features that make it the best microwave oven under 15000 Rupees are Combination cooking (Convection + Grill), Preheat, Reheat, Timer, Deforest, Steam Clean, Multistage Cooking, and Healthy Fry. Grab it before it becomes OUT OF STOCK.

Price ₹14990 → Amazon
Features 375 Auto Cook Menus | Primary-Functions: {Microwave | Grill | Convection | Combination} | 5 Power levels | Over-Heat Protection | 3-Years Warranty
Cook Healthy Fry | Bread Basket | Tadka Curry | International | India’s Best | Barbecue | Desert-Soup | Paneer-Ghee-Curd | Fermentation | Deforest: {By Time, By Weight, Ground Meat, See Food} | Reheat: {Auto, Dinner Plate, Coffee, Roll} | Preheat
Clean Deodorizer | Steam-Wash
Convenience Timer | Alarm | Memory Function | Child-Lock
Build LED Notification Display | Touch Screen Type Touch Control Panel | Metallic Body | Stainless Cavity | Starter-Kit: {Crusty Plate, Rotisserie Rack, Grill rack single sided} | Interior Light | Cooking Complete Indicator


► 28L Godrej GME-528 Inverter Convection Oven

The Godrej convection microwave oven is revolutionary as it is the first microwave oven with inverter technology. Inverter technology ensures a dynamic operation. That means auto increase-decrease in the appliance performance according to the requirement. So far inverter technology was restricted to refrigerators and air conditioners only. Godrej brand has introduced it to Microwave oven.

With the inverter Megatron, this Godrej 28L microwave oven cooks and deforests faster, its operation is less noisy, and above all it saves power. Thus, you can use this Godrej microwave oven as many times in a day you wish to, without worrying about shocking power bill end of the month.

The Godrej oven cooks food from 8-directions thereby ensures uniform cooking. Besides, it comes with 355 auto cook menus which includes almost all favorite Indian traditional dishes from north to south and famous International dishes.

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Buying this Godrej oven with advanced cooking technology means you will not have to waste your hard-earned money on unhealthy restaurant foods. It has the wherewithal to make all those food items, for which you go to a restaurant or place an order online. With this Godrej oven, you can make delicious restaurant-style food at home. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best microwave ovens under 15000 Rupees.

Price ₹15000 | Amazon
Features Inverter Technology | 355 Auto Cook Menus | Power Saving | 40% Faster Deforesting | 15% Faster Cooking | Less Noisy | Uniform 360° Cooking (from 8 Directions) | Steam Clean
Do Cook | Deforest | Bake | Roast | Grill
Make Indian and International Food Items | Less Oily Food | Tandoori Chicken | Cake | Bread
Build Stainless-Steel Cavity | Inverter Megatron
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Starter Kit (Crusty plate + Double-sided grill stand + Treo bowl set) | Documents


► 30L IFB 30BRC2 Convection Oven

IFB is one of the best microwave oven brands in India market. Microwave oven models of this Indian brand are a best-selling option in their price segment in the market. For instance, this 30L convection microwave oven. Now, it is a top favorite of buyers looking for a convection microwave oven from 14000 to 15000 Rupees range.

The IFB microwave oven is an ideal choice for medium to large families. Its built-in functions and cooking features make it perfect for preparing something special every day with little effort, 365 days in a year.

How useful this convection microwave oven with 101 auto cook menu and multi-stage cooking functions could be, depends on the user. If the user knows well how to use a microwave oven and has a free hand in cooking delicious food, this IFB oven will be a boon, then. It can prepare bakery items and restaurant quality grill. Its auto cook menu includes favorite North Indian and South Indian fried, grill, and gravy dishes.

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So, stop wasting your hard earn money on unhealthy restaurant food. Get this IFB convection microwave oven to cook restaurant-style food items in your home kitchen.

Price ₹14500 → Amazon
Features Preheat | Timer | 10 Power Levels | Temp-Setting | Weight-Deforest | Auto-Reheat | 101 Auto Cook Menu | Memory | Deodorizer | Child Lock | Over-Heat Protection | Power Save Mode | Sensor Malfunction Protection
Do Grill | Bake | Reheat | Deforest | Multi-Stage Cooking | Express Cooking | Keep Warm | Fermentation | Disinfect
Make Grill Chicken | Cake | Bread | Various Indian cuisines
Body Touch Control | LED Notification | Stainless Steel Cavity | Turntable
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Starter Kit | Documents
Warranty 1-Year on Product | 3-Year on Magnetron


► 27L Panasonic NN-CT644M Convection Oven

The Panasonic microwave oven model has completed almost 5-Year on the market. So now there is enough testimony about this high capacity grill and convection microwave oven to determine whether it could be an excellent investment or not. Those who bought this Panasonic oven have rated it with 5-star for its excellent build, design, and cooking performance.

The NN-CT644M microwave oven model has Panasonic brand’s Magic Grill technology to make restaurant-quality grill items at home. Grill items cooked in this Panasonic convection oven are crispy from outside and juicy from inside. Besides, cooking with the Panasonic microwave oven is easier because of 101 auto cook menus wherein 64 menus are authentic Indian dishes.

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My favorite feature of this Panasonic convection oven, however, is the Vapor Clean feature. This feature makes thoroughly cleaning the microwave oven from inside super easy. Place a bowl of water in the oven. Add a slice of lime or a few drops of vinegar. Now press the Vapor Clean button. After the Vapor cycle is completed, wipe the cavity by a clean dry cloth.

Price ₹13000 | Amazon
Features Magic Grill | Child-Lock | Defrost | Warranty: {1-Year for Whole Unit | 5-Year for Megatron}
Cooking 101 Auto Cook Menus (64 Indian Menus) | 5 Power Levels {100°C to 200°C} | Preheat | Timer
Power Microwave-Power: 900W | Grill-Mode-Power: 1400W | Convection-Mode Power: 2400W
Build Stainless-Steel Cavity with Dual Heaters | Black-Glass Door | Turntable Diameter: 12.4-Inch | Sensitive Touch-Keypad | Digital Display | High / Low Round Wire Rack | Glass Tray
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Starter Kit | Documents


► 25L IFB 25BCSDD1 Convection Oven

How to make pizza in microwave oven? Your microwave oven must have the ability to BAKE to make a pizza in it. Buy a convection oven as this type of microwave oven can bake and grill beside the regular cooking.

Which is the best convection oven in India market with 25-liter Capacity? The answer is IFB 25BCSDD1. It is one of the best-selling microwave ovens under 14000 Rupees currently. This IFB convection microwave oven makes Pizza PHATAPHAT because of its high-capacity power and microwave systems.

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Besides BAKING, the IFB 25BCSDD1 Convection Microwave Oven can grill, reheat, defrost, and do automatic regular cooking without much manual intervention. Yes, it is a fully-automatic kitchen appliance.

IFB made this 25-Liter convection oven fully versatile cooking machine. Features such as heater selection, combination cooking, multistage cooking, and auto-cook menus make it perfect for cooking any dish of your choice. Get a microwave oven recipe book and start. Be assured that whatever a microwave oven has to do as per the food recipe, this IFB convection microwave oven will be able to do. This is what you expect from an ideal microwave oven. Isn’t it?

Price ₹13990 | Amazon
Features Bake | Grill | Weight-Defrost | Fermentation | 71 Auto-Cook Menus | Built-in Deodorizer | Steam-Clean | Heater Selection Option
Cooking Multi-Stage Cooking | Preheat | Auto-Reheat | Keep-Warm | Timer | 5 Power-Levels | 10 Temperature-Levels {110°C to 200°C} | More/Less Option | Combination+Microwave: 4 | Grill+Microwave: 2 | Make Yogurt
Build Power: 900W | Microwave: 2450-MHz | Stainless-Steel Capacity | Drop-Down Door | with Turntable | Touch Control-Panel | Digital LED-Notification
Safety Child-Lock | Over-Heat Protection | Sensor-Malfunction Protection
Warranty 1-Year for Whole Unit | 3-Year for Megatron


► 30L Godrej GME 730 CP1 QM Convection Oven

The Godrej microwave oven comes with 450 auto cook menus. Yes, that is true. If you try one auto cook menu every day, you will make something new and special up to 450 days. Because of such versatility, calling this Godrej convection microwave oven a masker food maker wouldn’t be an overstatement. Since it is a convection oven, it can do everything possible by a microwave oven. With 30-liter gross cooking capacity, it is an ideal microwave oven for medium to large families, withal.

Godrej is the best brand in India market for well-made, multifunction, multipurpose affordable microwave ovens. High capacity convection ovens of other brands will cost you more than 15000 Rupees with cooking features and functions similar to this Godrej 30-Liter oven. Therefore, it is a value for money option. No doubt about it that Godrej GME 730 CP1 QM is one of the best microwave ovens under 15000 Rupees in India market.

Price ₹12990 | Amazon
Features Ideal For: {Cook, Bake, Grill, Roast} | Defrost | Fermentation | Deodorizer | Steam-Clean | Child-Safety Lock |
Power Microwave: 900W | Grill-Power: 1100W | Convection-Power: 2500W | Power-Levels: 5
Cooking Auto Cook Menu: 450 | Multistage-Cooking | Express-Cooking | Combination-Cooking | | 360° Rotisserie | Cooking with Timer
Make Health-Fry | Healthy Desi Tadka | Bread-Basket | India's best recipes | International-Recipes | Healthy Breakfast-Snacks | Desserts-Soups | Paneer | Ghee | Curd | Healthy-Barbecue | Oil-Free Items
Build Control Panel with Touch Buttons | Stainless-Steel Cavity | Crusty-Plate | Glass Turn-Table | Double Sided Grill Rack | LED-Notification Display | Interior-Light
Warranty 1-Year for Whole Unit | 5-Years for Megatron


► 21L LG MC2146 Convection Oven

The LG Convection Microwave is a modern microwave that will fit all your kitchen requirements. That too by accommodating in a tiny space of your kitchenette! Besides being tremendously convenient, the microwave is simple to use as well. It can make spicy Indian cuisine, steamed non-oily food, daily special, hotel-style grill, and close to authentic tandoori dishes.

LG Convection Microwave Oven MC2146

To cook the delicious Indian food, you have to apply the traditional Indian cooking ways and means that comprises of deep-frying. Unfortunately, this “deep-frying” technique turns your favorite appetizers into really unwholesome and unhealthy food. However, with this LG Convection Microwave, you can delight in those yummy delights without disquieting yourself about that unhealthy fat messing up your health. Isn’t that amazing that now you can enjoy your Pakoras, samosas, Gujiyas, Kachoris, and French-fried potatoes without being guilt-ridden?

By producing a temperature of about 200 degree Celsius, the Tandoor Technology of this convection oven generates tandoor-like-conditions. Thus, and so, it will help you roast appetizing Tandoori recipes at home.

  ब्रेड मेकर: ₹1000 - ₹10000

The microwave works in a way that the ultimate outcomes preserve the authentic taste, flavor, texture, aroma, and savor of the Indian food from the whole nation. Its 21L cooking capacity makes it a perfect microwave oven for students, bachelors, and small families.

Price ₹10000 | Amazon
Features 151 Auto Menu (101 Indian Menu) | Intellowave Technology | 5 Power Levels | Auto Deforest | Increase/Decrease Function | Light Disinfect | Fermentation | Steam Clean | Quick Menu | Custom Cook | Next Step Guide | 2-Stage Cooking | Combination Cooking | Fast Cook | Quick Defrost | Quick Start | Deforest Veg & Non-Veg | Keep Warm | Child Lock
Make Paneer | Curd | Grill Chicken | Bake | North Indian Food | South Indian Food | Healthy Food | Steamed Food | Tandoori Dish
Auto Cook Health Plus (16) | Indian Cuisine (34) | Paneer-Curd (4) | Tandoor Se (4) | Kid’s Delight (19) | Child’s Favorite (14) | Tea/Dairy Delight (4) | Sweet (14) | Continental (13) | Soup (15) | Utility Corner (7) | Chatpat Corner (10) | Bakery Menu (5) | Steam Cook (10) | Beverages
Build Stainless-Steel Cavity
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Glass Turntable | Roller Ring | Grill Rack | Starter Kit | Recipe Book | Documents