How does the ice maker work? Ice makers are ingenious appliances that create ice simply yet effectively.

The process begins when a valve opens, allowing water to enter the ice maker's water supply line. This water then fills into a small inlet valve, where it is carefully measured before moving into a freezer tray. The freezer tray is usually made of durable material and cooled by refrigerant-filled coils underneath.

As water slowly pours into the tray, an electrically powered refrigeration unit activates, rapidly freezing the water. During this freezing process, a series of sensors constantly monitor the temperature to ensure the ice forms uniformly and without impurities.

Once the water is completely frozen, a heating element warms up the tray's bottom, slightly melting the ice so that it can be easily released. Finally, the ice maker's motor powers a set of small rotating blades that push the ice out of the tray and into the storage bin below. This ice is ready to refresh beverages or keep food chilled.

☼ Kilig H01W Ice Maker Machine

The brand Kilig makes high-quality instant high-quality ice maker machines. You can purchase its ice maker model H01W for less than 15000 rupees. During a 24-hour period, this model produces 12 kg of ice. This machine produces bullet-shaped ice. In just 6 to 9 minutes, it can generate 9 ice bullets. And, it is protected by a warranty of 1 year from Kilig.

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Despite its affordable price, the Kilig H01W ice maker has impressive build quality. The device's body is made of plastic. User-friendly control panel is also included. There are easily understandable buttons on the control panel.

Discover what the Kilig Ice Maker Machine has to offer by watching our video presentation. Details, features, and functions of the device are discussed in the video.

Price ₹ 11990 ► Amazon
Features Bullet Shaped Ice | Small and Large Ice Bullets | 9 Pices in 6 minutes | 12 Kg Rice in 24 Hours | Low Noise Operation | Instant Ice | Automatic Operation | Self Cleaning | Warranty: 1 Year


☼ Allied Appliances Ice Cube Maker

Suitable for bars, restaurants, events, and marriage receptions, this compact ice cube maker can be used anywhere. This Allied machine can run for 24 hours. It is a heavy-duty ice cube maker. Since it weighs only 8.7 kg, it is easily carried to any event location.

It is also a fast ice cube maker. This portable ice cube maker can make 9 ice cubes in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, it can make ice cubes in two sizes.

I expected this ice cube maker to be power-hungry. However, it consumes only 95 watts of electricity. It is a perfect choice to work in bars and restaurants. It wouldn’t add much to your monthly electricity bill.

The manufacturer recommends that the voltage supply to this portable ice cube maker should be between 220 and 240 Volts. If the voltage at your place is less than 220V or there is voltage fluctuation, you must use a voltage stabilizer.

This Allied Appliances ice cube maker looks sturdy. Control options are at the top of the appliance's front side. Its water tank capacity is 3.5 liters. As per the manufacturer, close to 12 kg of ice cubes this compact ice cube maker can produce in a day. Therefore, it is not an ideal choice for busy hotel bars and big events.

Price ₹13500 ► Amazon
Capacity 9 Pieces in 10 Minutes | 12 Kg Ice Cube a Day | Water Tank: 3.5-Kg | Can run continuously for 24 hours | Power Consumption: 95W | Warranty: 2 Years

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