Which is the best water jug for hot water? There are a number of reputed brands offering warm water jugs that are currently the buyers' top choices. This review article covers the best-selling hot water jug from 1000 to 1500 Rupees range. The suggested water jugs are from the brands such as Milton, Cello, and others.

☼ 2.8-Liter Milton Water Jug for Hot Water

Milton is one of the best brands for hot water jugs. This Indian brand has many water jugs for warm water storage in the Indian market. Milton hot water jugs are available in different sizes and shapes. If your budget is below 1500 Rupees, then you can buy the Milton jug with a 2.8-liter capacity. Its current market price is below 1500 Rupees. Check our unboxing video to know more about the Milton hot water jug.

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The build quality of the Milton Staller 3 hot water jug is excellent. And its look is pleasing as well. The inner part and outer parts of the Milton hot water jug are made of stainless steel. Water in its tank stays warm and fresh for up to 8 hours. That happens because there is a thick PU coating between the inner and outer parts of the Milton hot water jug.

Price ₹1300 → Amazon
Features Capacity: 2.8-Liter | Non-Electric | Stainless-Steel Inside and Outside | PUF Insulation | Water Stays Warm up to 8 Hours

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