Which is better electric tandoor or OTG? No doubt about it that OTG is a better choice. In an OTG you can make a hundred types of food items whereas the use of an electric tandoor is limited. An Oven Toast Grill machine can bake a cake, grill chicken, and its keep-warm function can keep food fresh for longer. Therefore, it is truly a multipurpose kitchen appliance. An electric tandoor, on the other hand, is only for grilling purpose. To grill sandwich, however, you need a griller or an electric tandoor. Since the prices of these two cooking platforms are almost similar, investing in an OTG makes better sense.

Which electric tandoor is best? In this piece, we cover best electric tandoor under 5000 Rupees in India market. Here you read about best-selling electric tandoor of top kitchen appliance brands.

► Wonderchef Electric Tandoor & Griller

There are three best reasons why this super tandoori maker from the Wonderchef brand is the best option in the market. The first is the name, Sanjiv Kapoor. Wonderchef appliances have Sanjiv Kapoor’s signature. That means they have an excellent build quality and a user-friendly design. The second is, at present, there is no reliable alternative of this Wonderchef tandoori maker from a well-known brand. And the third is, it is a 2-in-1 kitchen appliance: a sandwich griller as well as an electric tandoor.

Wonderchef Family Size Super Tandoori Maker

The Wonderchef tandoori maker is an ideal cooking platform for toasting and grilling. In one go, it can grill two set of the fully-stuffed sandwich. It can open up to 180 degrees, and thereby allowing to grill on its both plates.

1500-Watt power capacity means It is an instant appliance. It warms up fast and grills sandwich, chicken or anything that you wish to grill instantly. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for grilling sandwich for a large family in a few minutes.

If you are sure you need an electric tandoor, then there is no better option than this Wonderchef tandoori maker. It has excellent build, it heats up fast, and then it grills quickly. Therefore, it worth it at its current price.

Price 2700 Rupees
Features 1460-Watt Power Capacity | Temperature Control | Opens 180-Degree | Flexi-Hinge adjusts according to the height of food | Grill food up to 2-Inch Thick
Ideal for Toasting | Grilling | Make: {Patties | Cutlets | Kebabs} | Grill: {Sandwich | Chicken | Fish}
Body Steel & Metal | Weight: 2.1-Kg | High-quality Grill plates with non-stick coating and grill grooves
Warranty 12-Months