Which is the best earphone under 5000 Rupees? In this article, you read about top-selling headsets that can produce loud and clear sound with deep bass from 3000 to 5000 Rupees price range.

Hitting the gym with some cool earphones is something that is at the very least inspirational. If you are one those people that love listening to music or motivational audios while working out, then a decent pair of earphones is a requisite. In this piece, we evaluate some of the best earphones in India. This is mainly a very competitive market though we limited ourselves only to high-performing, sturdy and affordable earphones.

In the past, we have exhaustively covered some of the best Bluetooth earphones under 3000 rupees. However, in this editorial, we took into account the aspect of style and creativity in the design. Of course, when we are talking about earphones that cost more than a modest home speaker system, they’ve got to be the best looking.

Unlike wired earphones, Bluetooth earphones provide the user with added mobility and flexibility. This is precisely the kind of tractability you need when exercising. Furthermore, wireless earphones guarantee a choppy-free playback experience. This means that the music plays consistently even when performing rigorous activities.  With wireless earphones, there are hardly any audio breakages, unlike in the case of wired earphones.

► 1More Dual-Driver Earphone with Mic

1More brand is famous for producing earphone with dual, triple, and quad drivers. Fitting more than one speaker drive in a micro space is not less than an engineering marvel. 1More earphone with dual driver is not a marketing gimmick. It is a reality. The dual-driver speaker driver arrangement does affect the quality of sound output. The exact difference you would notice when using a single driver earphone and a multi-driver 1More earphone one after another.

1More Dual Driver Earphone with MIC

The market price of 1More Triple Driver Earphone is 7100 Rupees. So, you could consider 1More dual driver earphone, which is on sale for 3450 Rupees. This well-made but uniquely design earphone is a top favorite of those music listeners who care more about sound quality than anything else.

  Soundbars under ₹50000

This 1More earphone because of its dual-driver arrangement produces punchy bass and clear highs. However, I was thoroughly impressed with not just its sound quality, its bud quality also. Its design is super elegant. The finishing of the earphone is of top class.

If not this, then what? As an alternative to this dual-driver earphone, I would suggest Sony XB75 earphone with MIC. The price difference between both the headset is 400 Rupees approx. However, if you can buy this 1More earphone, then buy it. Do not waste your time in search for a better earphone because 1More dual driver earphone is the best earphone under 5000 Rupees.

Price ₹3450 | Amazon
Features 1-Year Warranty | Sales Box: {Earphone, 3 Ear-tips, Pouch, Document}
Speaker High-Resolution Sound | Dual-Driver | Deep Bass | Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 98-dB
Build Noise Cancellation Microphone | Inline Remote | Foldable/Collapsible

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