Are you the one who loves to spend time in the kitchen? Then, for sure, you must have a deep fondness for owning some decent kitchen accessories. In that case, you can select any likable and embellished kitchen additions from the appealing point. This would boost the splendor of your cook’s room. After all, the worthier is your cookware, the more zestful and healthier the foodstuffs broiled in it. In essence, it is evident that you want decent cookware.

When talking about cookware, casseroles are acquiring admiration across the world. This kitchen tool is one of the most adaptable and flexible constituent cookware that you can use in your kitchenette. Home culinary can by no means be comprehensive without a casserole. While selecting, it would be better to pick the one, which is robust enough to endure the high temperature and make your mealtimes additional appetizing and flavorsome.

In this article, you read about the best casseroles under 1000 Rupees in the Indian market. Here, the selected casserole models come from reputed cookware brands. You can use them to serve, store food, and also cook food in a microwave oven.

☼ Jaypee Glasserol Set

Style and durability come together in the Jaypee Glasserol Set. The set includes 3 casseroles, and their sizes are 850 ml, 1200 ml, and 1750 ml, which is ideal for various recipes. Each casserole is designed with thick PUR insulation that ensures optimal heat retention for hours. The inside of these casseroles is made of food-grade stainless steel and the outer surface is made of high-quality plastic. Such a build quality makes them solid and lightweight. Thus, they are ideally suited to everyday use and serving guests.

Jaypee Glasserol Set Black Set of 3 Casserole

The casseroles also come with a glass lid that seals in the aroma and nutrients of the food while providing a clear view of the contents. The lid ensures spill-proof and safe food transport, making it appropriate for picnics and parties.

The Jaypee Glasserol Set is easy to clean and maintain, making it a must-have in every kitchen. With its sleek design, durability, and high-quality performance, the Jaypee Glasserol Set is an excellent addition to any kitchen.

  कंप्यूटर माउस: ₹500 - ₹1000

So, if you're looking for a high-quality, dependable, and stylish kitchenware set, the Jaypee Glasserol Set is the most appropriate choice. Buy it today and you won't regret it! Plus, it comes at a very reasonable price – less than 1000 rupees – so it's a great option for anyone looking for good-quality kitchenware set without breaking the bank.

Price ₹1000 → Amazon
Features Food-Grade Plastic outside and Stainless-steel inside | Thick PUR insulation | Keeps the food warm for longer hours | Unbreakable Glass Lid | Sizes: 850-ml, 1250-ml, 1750ML


☼ Milton Casserole

Milton is one of the best brands in the Indian market for plastic and portable cookware. This Indian brand sells one unit of casserole and also a set of casseroles in the 200 to 1000 Rupees price range. They are a top favorite of buyers. Whether you can use them to cook food in a microwave oven or not — that you need to check before ordering the casserole.

Milton casserole

Not all casseroles are microwave oven safe. Plastic casseroles are certainly not microwave oven-safe. In the case of steel, aluminum, and glass, you need to check the microwave oven-safe mentioned in their specifications.

Currently, some of the best-selling Milton Casserole models are Orchid, Buffet, Marvel, and Milano. They are plastic casseroles and do an excellent job of keeping stored foods warm and fresh for five to six hours.

2.5-Liter Milton Galaxia is a recommended option if you need a steel casserole. It looks decent, and because of high-standard build quality, it can maintain food’s freshness for almost a day. It is also not microwave oven safe, however.

Milton sells its microwave oven-safe casseroles for above 1000 Rupees. They are not the highly recommended options in the market, though.

Price ₹200 to ₹1000 → Amazon
Popular Plastic Casseroles: {Orchid | Buffet | Marvel | Milano} | Steel Casseroles: Galaxia
Features Excellent Build Quality | Heat Retention | Keeps food fresh for a more extended period
Best Value Milton Plastic Casseroles
Warranty 12-months Limited Warranty


☼ Femora Borosilicate Glass Casserole

Indian brand Femora manufactures high-quality glass cookware at affordable prices. If you need French-quality glass cookware in an eye-catching design from a desi brand, Femora is the name. What I like about this desi brand is that it makes only glass cookware. That means it has developed expertise in making high-quality, durable glass cookware.

Femora oven-safe casseroles are available in a single unit as well as in a set of two, three, four, and seven casseroles. Their build quality is outstanding, and so is their design. They are made of Borosilicate Glass. They keep stored food warm, fresh, and safe for a longer time. Since they are oven-safe, you can use them to bake, grill, or cook your favorite dish in a microwave oven.

During the demo test of Femora microwave oven-safe casseroles, we made grilled chicken and Kheer (Payasam). The entire process was the same as we had expected; from kitchen desk to oven and oven to eating table.

A set of high-quality glass casseroles will reduce the cooking pot requirement, so will reduce a washing headache. Femora Casseroles are dishwasher safe, withal.

Ask the delivery person to wait until you thoroughly check the product at the time of delivery. You need to follow this strictly in the case of glass items. There is a very good chance of a broken item inside the delivery box due to poor handling.

Price ₹600 to ₹2500 → Amazon
Features High-Quality Borosilicate Glass | BPA-Free | Stain & Odor Resistant | Thermal Shock | Microwave Oven Safe | OTG Safe | Freezer Safe | Dishwasher Safe | Never use on Gas & Induction Stove
Available Single Unit | Set: {2 | 3 | 4 | 7}
Warranty 12-Months Limited Warranty for Thermal Shock


☼ Wonderchef Piccolo Aluminum Casserole

Every so often, the kitchen casseroles you use are so bulky. They just do not fit comfortably on the dinner table. As such, they are somewhat hefty when loaded with foodstuff. A few of them are just very spectacular in design but peculiar in shape and not cool to use while serving a meal. On the contrary, the Wonderchef Piccolo Aluminum Casserole pursues the thumb rule – first think of expediency and then aesthetics. Likewise, this aluminum casserole has a lid cover that will help you retain the food sizzling hot when placed on the tabletop.

Wonderchef Piccolo Aluminum Casserole

What’s more? You can present sizzling hot dishes to your family or guests. Retain the warmth of food, even if you have grilled it a long time back! Over and above, an insulated lid top and cast-off aluminum structure preserve the warmness and freshness of meals for countless hours. Introduce yourself to a hygienic and healthy way to preserve your foodstuffs!

Get a feeling of a consistent brand: The Wonderchef is one brand that fabricates cookware, and exclusively the casserole dishes. CHEF SANJEEV KAPOOR has crafted the appliances from the brand. These would be really tempting if you are obsessive about your kitchen and about cooking. The Wonderchef Corporation has been aiding the commonalities for somewhat a while at the moment.  The Wonderchef Piccolo Aluminum Casserole, in like manner, will grant you the best that they could provide.

Price ₹750 → Amazon
Ideal for Bachelors | Students | Family
Build Size: 0.9-Liter | Aluminum | Handle with Silicon Cover
Features Perfect for Egg Boiling, Milk Boiling, Water Boiling | Make Tea | Assured Build Quality | Safe for Health

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