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Zoku Quick Pop Maker – A Super Cool Way to Satiate Your Sweet tooth

Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review in India

Do you often find your kids craving for a Popsicle? Are you concerned about what ingredients or how much sugar is being used to prepare those delicious popsicles obtainable on the market? Do you find the idea of making homemade pops with fresh and flavorsome ingredients exciting? Well, thanks to the Zoku Quick Pop Maker you can create your own Popsicles with no trouble!! With the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, you can mix your favorite natural fruit juices, blend your much-loved fruit punch, or mingle different tangs and zests painlessly. So now, let us evaluate if this product stands up to all the assertions it undertakes! Read also Best Three Dessert Makers to buy This Year.

Not just your normal popsicle-maker!

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker isn't like your regular popsicle-maker. Instead, it's a compacted three-pop mold that entitles to freeze its ingredients in a matter of 10 minutes. Amazingly, it works just as it claims. All the same, even though it takes 9 to 12 minutes in general, it's exceptionally cool to use. The tool lets you get as appealingly creative with your pops as you want. You can get imaginative with dessert, yogurt, and pieces of fresh fruits or prepare creamsicle-like delicacies. The options are nearly unlimited!

Clear directions provided: The instructions provided by the Zoku Quick Pop Maker are clear and succinct. You will also get the illustrations and depictions to clarify how you need to use the product in the approved manner. So read the instructions well before you begin with the first lot. Read also Should you Buy an Usha Halogen Oven? Find out.

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Delight with instant pops on every occasion: You can relish instant popsicles every time you want. Just store the compact base in the freezer of your refrigerator so that you can whip it out each and every time you have the wish to prepare pops! The kit takes account of six strong, reusable pop sticks made of plastic that have inimitable ridged designs. It lets your pops stick firmly, with distinct drip guards for neat and clean eating. The particularly designed pop maker assists in rapidly freeing the frozen delights from the molds; no untidiness at all. The unit can prepare about nine popsicles before refreezing.

Incredibly simple to use this Zoku Pop Maker

The product is amazingly easy to use!  In fact, if you must have ever used the old-style mold kind of pop makers you are already halfway there. In order to create flavorsome pops in the Zoku pop maker, all you need to do is insert the pop sticks into the cavities. Then, just fill up those cavities with your delicious Popsicle recipe. Do not overfill the cavities or you will be unable to do away with the pop. As simple as that! For Homemade Cakes First Collect These Appliances and Essentials.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker How to Fill Molds

What comes in the box? You will obtain a base, six sticks, a super tool, as well as six drip guards in the box. That means you get the tools to prepare six popsicles with the procurement of simply the pop maker. On top of that, you can buy additional pop sticks as well as drip guards. Furthermore, you can always buy tools to prepare more tricky and creative pops. Read also Best Popcorn Makers Under 2000 Rupees.

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How does this Pop maker Work?

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker is made up of a durable hard-plastic base. You will get three distinct wells to set popsicles into the base. These are prepared with non-stick cast aluminum. As a result, the pops can be removed without problems as soon as they freeze. The pop sticks are made of plastic and particularly indented to hold the popsicles.

Surprise Your Kids with Zoku Quick Pop Maker

So let the base freeze overnight. As soon as it freezes, insert a pop stick into every single well. Drizzle your Popsicle recipe and wait for it to freeze. A distinctive device termed as the Super Tool secures the Popsicle stick and supports you in lifting the frozen pops from the mold. Snap on the drip guard and enjoy the scrumptious popsicles. Read also Top Gadgets for Indian Cooking Hot Coffee and Fruit Juice.


  • This tool is actually as cool and simple to use as assured.
  • You won’t find any cables or fancy parts.
  • Makes juicy popsicles and works pretty well with a lot of base ingredients.
  • As the outcomes are so instant, it can be exciting to play around by adding berries, creating layers, and blending flavors.
  • Kids can use it as well.


  • Your popsicles will not look as flawless as the pictures.
  • The claim that popsicles would freeze in 7-9 minutes is a bit misrepresentative.
  • The Zoku pop maker can be a bit complicated to use in some ways than you would expect.
Buy 6000 Rupees

Verdict: So there you have it!! Zoku is a hit product for your kitchen, and I am sure you will love it! Thanks to this product, you can create your individual personalized frozen popsicles, together with cream-filled variations, in as little as ten minutes. All in all, it is a great product with remarkable design and loads of exciting applications. I feel it would be an ideal product for your small family get-togethers or a little celebration. Cool and easy to use, this tool ensures succulent and toothsome fun for the entire family. Hands down!!