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Zebronics Speaker with Memory Card and USB Support

Zebronics UFO Speaker with FM Radio Memory Card and USB Port

Zebronics UFO Bluetooth speaker

Recently, the demand for Bluetooth speakers has risen, with every electronics producer wanting to showcase their own model of the hands-free BT speaker. Zebronics has not been left behind in this Bluetooth boom and one of their best products in this line of electronics is the UFO.

This speaker adopts a design that is comparable to the alleged UFO flying machines, hence its name Zebronics UFO. Apart from it’s out of the box design; this speaker has a number of functional features which include a memory card slot, Bluetooth connectivity, and a long lasting battery. If you want just a small, unsophisticated Bluetooth speaker, which comes at a cheap price, then the UFO is probably the best way to go. What’s even better is that it is very light in weight and hence a good option for outdoor use, like maybe for picnics.

Features of this Zebronics Speaker

As mentioned earlier, the UFO resembles the so-called UFO machines that are believed to have hovered from space. Whether this story is true or not, I don’t know, but I like their distinctive design in this product. This appliance measures 190 mm in diameter and has a height of 60 mm.

At the top side of this speaker is a removable telephone receiver-like device that sort of fits in on the ridge at the center of the speaker. When attached to this ridge, the receiver-like device looks like a handle and can actually be used to lift the speaker. This is made possible by two magnetic contacts on both the receiver device and the ridge, which lock each other securely. Thanks to its light weight of 605 grams, the magnets will hold.

In addition, this speaker has some LED indicators to display different operations on the speakers. It is made of light plastic material and unfortunately it comes only in black color. On the receiver device, you get some volume toggles, a pause and play button. Since the receiver gadget is also the carrying handle to the speaker, it is ergonomically designed.


Zebronics brought its UFO to life with a Bluetooth 4.0 radio that has a working range of about 10 meters. So you can comfortably change the music playing on this product when you are in the kitchen if it’s somewhere in the sitting room, or upstairs. In addition, the speaker has a memory card slot from which you can attach memory cards with up to 16GB worth of memory. The USB port on this gadget also allows you to play music from pen drives and flash disks. I, however, dislike the designers’ decision of omitting an RCA jack port, in the UFO but at least it has a 3.5mm AUX jack input.

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The UFO also lacks an FM radio which is a major let down, as many speakers at this price range have a radio. I don’t think an RCA jack is really necessary on a portable Bluetooth speaker so I won’t condemn the UFO for lacking one of these.

Power and Battery

As highlighted earlier on, this product is battery enhanced and I don’t have any complaint about its 1400mAh Li-ion battery. The battery holds on up to a minimum of five hours in Playback time and its output is a maximum of 4.2 volts in DC. So it’s quite a powerful battery. Nevertheless, the speaker can only be charged by a 5V DC charger, but luckily, it comes with its own AC compatible charger. Charging to full capacity only takes about four hours maximum.

Sound output

The speakers on this product are an understandable now that it’s just a simple outdoor speaker. They consist of two 3W speakers on either side of the ridge at the center. This gives it a total RMS output of 6 Watts.

Pricing and Verdict

This product is priced at 3000 Rupees on average and comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. My final thoughts about this speaker is that, if you don’t have the money to afford the spoils of an advanced portable Bluetooth speaker, but still want something workable, then UFO is the right product for you. However, I can’t buy a portable speaker without an FM radio, that’s like buying a sports car without air conditioning.

Price 3000 Rupees
Brand  Zebronics
Product Type Bluetooth Speakers
Total RMS Output 6 Watts
Colors Black
Battery life 5 hrs Playback Time
Bluetooth Yes – Version 4.0
FM Tuner No
AUX input Yes
Warranty 1 Year from manufacturer
RCA jack No
Memory card slot and USB slots Yes

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