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Your Connection is Not Secure Firefox Error Fix – 2 Quick Solutions

Your Connection is Not Secure Firefox Error Fix Best Solution

What is the reason for the Mozilla Firefox error I have no idea? Yesterday first time I encountered this problem on my system. “Your Connection is Not Secure”– is not Firefox browser alone issue. This error also occurs on Chrome browser. It is a rare connection error occurs randomly to few users only.

Mozilla should have provided an expert solution to fix “Your Connection is Not Secure” error. In the absence of any official assistance, we have to rely on the solutions available online.

To fix “Connection Not Secure” error on my Firefox browser, I followed several tips available online. Only two of them indeed worked. I share both the quick solutions here. I am sure the tips would work on your system as well.

→ Best Solution for Your Connection is Not Secure Error in Firefox

  1. In the navigation bar of your Firefox browser, type about:config and proceed further by pressing I understand risk. Now you are going to do the ethical hacking of your Firefox browser to fix the “Your Connection is Not Secure Error.”
  2. In the search bar now type root
  3. You would see eight to twelve results
  4. In them, towards the end, look for


What is value for this entry? The value would be false.

Your Connection is Not Secure Firefox Error Fix Root Modification

  1. Change the value to You can do this by doing a right click on the entry and then select the change value option to modify from false to true
  2. Done!

I am thousand percent sure that the explained tips would work to solve your connection is not secure error in Firefox on your system. In case if that does not work, here is another solution to fix the error.

  1. Go to the option of your Firefox browser and at the end, look for network setting (or connection setting).
  2. Here change the configure proxies to access the Internet

Mozilla Firefox Use System Proxy Settings

From Use system proxy settings

To Auto-detect proxy settings for this network

  1. Next clear the history and cookies
  2. Done!

I am ten thousand percent sure that one of these two best solutions would fix “Your Connect is Not Secure Firefox Error” on your computer system. If you have a better solution than the suggested fix above, share that in the comment box below.

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