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XOLO Smartphones with Dual 4G and Full HD Recording in 5000 Rupees

XOLO Era 1X Review and Specifications

XOLO Era 1X: 5 inch Display, 1GB RAM, 8MP 5MP camera, 4G, 2500 mAh Battery  

XOLO’s Era series has been a successful venture so far. Three smartphones have been launched around 5000 rupees under this series. The fourth one that is on sale now is Era 1X. The 1X appears to be a successor of XOLO Era 4G. I am saying so because in terms of build quality, design, and hardware specifications both are quite identical. And their pricing, too, is similar, 5000 rupees.

The new XOLO device has many specialties: dual 4G SIM support, good camera, appreciable hardware, and an attractive look. In addition, it runs on the latest Android operating system.

Build and Design

The body is plastic, not sturdy, but not so cheap as well. It is measured as 145.5mm in height, 72mm in width, and only 8.6mm in depth. By looking today’s trend, it can be said a moderately slim mobile phone. That is because a slim phone keeps their depth below 8mm as we generally see in metal body phones nowadays. Still, XOLO design team has to be complimented for a pretty good job for the phone in 8.5mm of thickness. This is then when plastic body phones are generally not less than 8.5mm thick. Much like the predecessor, the weight of this device, too, which is 142 grams, remains unchanged.

As far as design is concerned, XOLO has never disappointed to its fans. The new device bears an attractive look. There is a rubberized finish on its rear, a good choice for better grip. I think this is a smart decision because an alternative could be a glossy slippery finish. White dust will be visible on this but that can be easily wiped out. It will be pretty much free from fingerprints, though.

There is a metallic rim runs on the sides and hides all the physical control buttons for volume and power. The XOLO device, however, has a visible bezel. For an impressive appearance on the front though this should have been bettered.

IPS LCD 5 inch Display

The multi-touch screen sports HD resolution measured as 720×1280 Pixels and in that is a fairly appropriate value of pixel density, 294 PPI. Screen-to-body ratio on this is close to 66%. No doubt the figure is impressive as most low budget phones not even cross 60-62% of screen-to-body ratio.

XOLO made the screen really impressive. Colors in them appear quite natural. Font and graphics look crisp and clear as well. All in all, in 5000 rupees, whatever one could aspect, the 5-inch screen is better than that. Although by take screen-to-body ratio to 70% and opting for a much slimmer bezel – would have made it one of the best-designed phones in the low budget segment.

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CPU: Processor, RAM, GPU and Storage

The phone is powered by a reliable CPU that features some noted hardware for multitasking and gaming. My advice to users is – make some changes in the default setting for getting free RAM for self use. Like the default location finder from Google, attached in images, GPS, and map service – should be disabled. It unnecessarily keeps poking your phone to connect with satellites for finding your location. And, thereby provide you more personalized local content and search results. Disabling such not so worthy features might help users to have more resources available for multitasking and gaming.

In the budget device segment, especially in the Era series, XOLO has another device with 2GB RAM. But that is priced 1000 rupees more than what ERA 1X is. The 1X with 1GB RAM though is very much supportive to lag-free multitasking and moderate gaming. Will it play some top android games? The answer is no but that does not it is not gaming friendly. But my advice would be to consider it as one brilliantly made budget smartphone – better use for calling, multimedia consumption, and internet access.

XOLO Era 1X 4G Brilliant Camera Elegant Design

Excellent Camera  

Have no doubt 8MP primary shooter and 5MP front shooter both perform very well. This is possible because XOLO opted for some premium hardware like 4P Largan lens and CMOS sensor. The rear shooter can record full HD video in very good quality.

This is an impressive setup for taking better quality images. And, the features in the camera application, too, help in improvising images to some extent. In the video mode, namely features like live shots, beauty mode, smart screenshot, audio note, and Time-lapse are some first time being associated with the camera application of a low budget mobile phone.

Both cameras on XOLO 1X come with dual LED flash. Thus, for taking good quality images in low light, it appears to be a better choice. Even for taking selfie, the 1X is the right device at present in 5000 rupees budget.

Extra Features

Not only the cameras and the battery, even on the front of multimedia and connectivity, 1X is very well. If you are looking to experience high-speed 4G Jio network, at present, XOLO Era 1X is the best choice to go for. It supports 3G and 2G network as well.

Other connectivity features are mobile hotspot, FM radio, Wi-Fi, and GPS. The audio & video play can play all popular files like MP3, MP4, 3GP, AVI, and FLV.

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Latest Android Operating system

This is powered by the latest version of Android operating system. Although the user interface is pretty much stock with some changes. Further, some enhancement has been included in the software for making users experience, exclusive. Those features are cast screen, LED flash for call, and flip to mute. I miss the feature double tap to wake up, though.

Pro Features

  • 4G LTE support
  • Full HD video playable
  • LED Notification
  • Impressive camera management
  • Reliable Hardware
  • Decent display
  • Elegant design
  • Economically priced

All in all XOLO Era X1 with dual 4G support is a very good device in 5000 Rupees price. It is well-designed and comes with brilliant camera management. Go with it.

Price 4999 Rupees
Features Dual SIM, 4G, Android Marshmallow
Body 8.6mm [Th], 142 grams [W]
Display 5 inch, HD, 294PPI, IPS LCD, 66% Screen-to-body ratio
CPU Spreadtrum SC9832A, Quad Core, 1.3GHz, Mali-400 MP2 GPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, 32GB SD Card support
Camera 8MP, CMOS image sensor, autofocus, ISO control, HDR, full HD recording, 5MP front camera; Dual-LED flash in both camera
Battery 2500 mAh
Connectivity GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, Mobile hotspot, FM radio, Loudspeaker

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