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Xiaomi Limited Edition Smartphone with Wood Cover in India

Today, we have a new wood cover variant of the popular Xiaomi Mi4. This article is aimed to discover the best in Mi 4 Wood cover edition, which is exclusively available at Amazon India. After Ratan Tata joined the board of Xiaomi, the brand is now looking to expand its reach via Amazon’s all PIN Code delivery.

For Indian smartphone fans, the Mi 4 does not require introduction. The wood cover edition of the MI 4 brings mouth watering specifications and impressive performance and is priced affordable, just 15000 rupees. Xiaomi packs an additional back panel, which is made of real wood. Also, it adds a toy type tool called little bee to extract factory fixed back panel.

Magic Box: China born and now half Indian brand Xiaomi packs the Mi 4 with built-in battery alongside a real wood back panel, a bulky travel adapter and a USB cable. This is not much different from the initial launch of Mi 4. The sales box adds a little bee tool to remove back panel and to fix the new attraction wood cover.

Operating System and UI

The Mi 4 had the first launch dated back to July, 2014. The new avatar of Mi 4, however, does bring some changes in software while its hardware core and performance essence remains the same. While it runs on somewhat outdated operating system Android Kitkat 4, Xiaomi has enrolled new user interface MIUI 6, which is the successor of the MIUI 5. Xiaomi’s new interface comes in action after omitting performance bug and making modifications by taking users complain and suggestion into account. According to official claim, the MIUI 6 has been downloaded by 100 million users in 24 different languages.

We believe Xiaomi should have fire Android Lollipop for Mi 4 since the next version of Android is around the corner with the next series of flagship launches alongside exclusive roll-out for Moto, Android One and nexus platform.

What is Difference between MIUI5 and MIUI6?: Xiaomi’s in-house developed custom user interface version five was more compatible with Android Jellybean whereas the MIUI6 works effectively over Android Kitkat and Lollipop. Although it is not confirmed, but sources have informed us, for the upcoming Android M, Xiaomi will launch new user interface called MIUI7.

After hundreds of modifications and improved customization, the MIUI6 has been shaped from the MIUI5. We are not covering those differences in this article as our focus is on the Wood edition of MI 4.

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Performance: Snapdragon 801 is no longer a market leader in terms of absolute performance. Snapdragon has already offered a new series of flagship processor 806, 808, and 810 to the flagship smartphones of 2015. However, Snapdragon 801 in a 15000 rupees smartphone is like a miracle. You ought to be 100% sure for absolute error and lag free performance.

Adreno 330 backs the processor for HD or 3G gaming whereas 3G RAM brings much needed room to play with multitasking and intense action gaming. I do not think you need more than this. Itana Paisa Mai Itanahich Milenga. Technically, Snapdragon flagship processor support with an Adreno 330 GPU and a 3 GB RAM is a sum total of a deadly combination a user can dream for a smartphone.

The Adreno graphic processor unit plays a great role in making a smartphone true computing genius. Its inbuilt technologies ensures fast allocation of resources to active task whereas making sure that other queue up tasks does get faster allocation signal. It handles complex graphics at lightning speed that translates into flawless gaming for the end user.

Strong Memory and USB OUT Support

Xiaomi has played smartly and with logic, which seems to have some purpose. This limited edition is a 16 GB variant, which means on-board storage is just 16GB. Although it lacks microSD card slot but supports USB OTG. Therefore, no one is stopping you to buy a cheap 500 rupees SanDisk USB OTG and use that to manage additional memory requirement. In my view, storage is not a problem because Xiaomi does manage to bring a solution for additional memory requirement. Although approx 12 GB share from the gross 16 GB seems sufficient in day to day usages.

Display: Xiaomi Mi 4 limited edition sports a 5 inches FHD display with a resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels. Pixel distribution rate is 441 PPI, which is much higher than what a human eye can see. This is an IPS LCD panel, which is not the latest display technology. IPS LCD is a cost effective and better optimized for power consumption.

The display looks crisp and crystal clear. Colors are accurate and brightness level meters stand at the right balance. At a price of 15000 rupees, we did not find a worthy argument to downgrade the display in daily usages. My team member has been using the Mi 4 from its initial release and marketing gimmick of flash sale at the Flipkart. All my team members and friends are satisfied with the performance of Mi 4 even after 12 months of usages.

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Xiaomi Mi4 Limited Edition Wood Cover 16GB Review

Camera: New variant of the Mi 4 packs a 13 MP rear and 8MP Selfie shooter. While the main camera performs excellent, its selfie camera goes beyond a criticism. You can record 4K video at 30 frames per second. FHD video recording comes at 60 frames per second and HD video recording believe it or not 120 frames per second. We cannot confirm on 4K recording quality. Neither have we had tools nor a display gadget to play 4 K videos. Although we tried to play a 4K video on Micromax UHD TV, but frequently buffering was sufficient to spoil our mood. While 4K needs at least 6 month more to become viable and pocket friendly, we should focus at real HD recording.

The primary camera is absolutely brilliant as boosted with CMOS image sensor and ISO control. Both functionalities ensure that user gets better control on focus, balance and noise reduction to achieve better photography. All shots taken by primary camera gets natural colors and optimum background details to bring the snap close to reality.

FHD recording at 120 frames per second fulfills dream. You can use recorded video for a production channel at YouTube.

Mi 4 performance for perfect selfie earns a title of the best selfie shooter under a price of 15000 rupees.

Some of the regular camera features are continuous shooting, exposure compensation, face detection, HD video recording and image shooting together, touch to focus, digital image stabilization, and white balance control.

Massive Battery

Lithium-ion 3080 mAh battery is sealed pack. Xiaomi asks user to evaluate battery backup. For us, battery lasted for more than two days as I used this phone for calling, internet access and basic gaming. However, for my friends, who has used this phone for almost one year, confirms for excellent battery backup. Against high usages, the end user will get around 40 to 48 hours of battery backup.

Connectivity: Xiaomi claims that the Mi 4 is the most advance smartphone in terms of connectivity options under 15000 rupees. It features infrared pairing that makes it feasible for more than 2800 compatible devises. You can use Mi 4 as a remote for 2800 devices via infrared connectivity.

Moreover, user will get easy connectivity for 1G, 2G and 3G networks on this Single SIM architecture. One big drawback is missing support for Indian 4G. And, this is the first big hit against all good features. I do not think this is a wise decision to buy a smartphone without Indian 4G support.

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Gaming and Other Sensors

This is a really smart gadget. It has all sensors, which makes it complete smartphone from all angles. The featured sensors are Hall, Accelerometer, Light, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope and Proximity sensor.


  1. Excellent processing ability
  2. 3 GB RAM
  3. 16 GB Memory
  4. USB OTG Support
  5. Real wood back panel
  6. Mind-blowing primary camera
  7. Perfect Selfie shooter
  8. FHD Display
  9. All 7 Sensors
  10. Huge battery power
  11. Light weight and Slim smartphone
  12. Pocket friendly price
  13. Fast charging


  1. Single SIM
  2. Does not work with Indian 4G network
Share your though and update us your decision

I am in big dilemma. My heart says suggest this phone, but my brain says avoiding this will be a wise than adopting at a price of 15000 rupees. Mi 4 does not have Indian 4G support, which goes against its all good.

Reliance Jio has finalized December date of pan India launch of 4G network. In addition, 4G data cost will be 20 to 25 times cheaper than today’s 3G rate. Just imagine, your all friends will consume lots of entertainment and videos because of cheaper 4G, and you will be left alone to play Temple Run 2 and Asphalt 8 again and again. In my opinion, giving a pass to this limited edition is more logical and wiser decision. .

Xiaomi Mi4 Limited Edition Wood Cover 16GB review and Specifications

Price 15000 Rupees
Magic Box Wood cover, Handset with Battery, Charger, USB Cable
SIM Single, GSM,3G/2G/1G
OS Android Kitkat 4
Screen 5 inches, FHD, 441 PPI, IPS LCD
Processor Quad core, 2.5 GHz, Krait 400, Snapdragon 801
GPU Adreno 330
Memory 3GB RAM, 16GB Memory, USB OTG Support
Camera 13MP[P], 8MP[F], LED, 4KR, FHDR, HDR, CMOS Sensor, ISO
Battery 3080 mAh, Li-ion, Non-removable
Connectivity 3G, BT, Wi-Fi, GPS, USB, FM, Infrared
Sensors Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope, Hall, Light, Proximity sensor
Body 149 Gram [W], 8.9 mm [Th]

Users Review and Opinion


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