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Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs and Websites

Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs and Websites

Close to 50,000 maintained plugins are one of the reasons why WordPress is the market leader in content management software. WordPress CMS alone cannot run a professional website. Plugins are must for the smooth functioning. Selection of the right plugin, however, is tricky. Not every plugin is suitable for every WordPress website. Which plugin would function well in your WordPress Website is often hard to preempt.

A plugin is very popular and has 4.5, and above ratings — do not guarantee that it is best for your website. For instance, this website is powered by some plugins which are very old yet have only a few thousand downloads and few hundred active installations. However, those plugins are crucial for this website to function smoothly.

► How to select the best plugins for WordPress Website?

There is no method to filter out a set of best plugins for a WordPress Website. It is basically hit & trial method. Install and let it run, check the results, if satisfied keep it active, if not, deactivate and delete.

One has to be very careful in the selection of the right plugins. When plugins make websites, plugins also break WordPress websites. Therefore be entirely sure what is best for your website. Unwanted plugins can make your website sluggish, too. Plugins can create security holes and plugins can plug the security holes. Therefore, selection of the right plugins is one of the key factors behind a successful WordPress Websites.

Never install a plugin just because it is top demand. For instance, I see no sense in contact form plugin. However, contact form plugins are some of the best plugins in WordPress depository. Decide your priority for your website and then select the right plugins.

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► Top Universal Plugins Suitable for All WordPress Websites

In this piece, I cover best plugins those entirely makes logical sense to most of the WordPress powered websites. I will also guide you to formulate plugin strategy for your website growth. I am not going to cover plugins, which are ideal for selected websites. Instead, I am going to discuss universal plugins, suitable for in general all WordPress Websites.

Let me tell you upfront that I do not provide any details here on how to set up the plugins. I am only going to talk about their features, comparison of their free and pro version, and also a comparison with alternatives available. I will give you the reasons why should you consider the plugin and why should you not.

To give better clarity and to make my point easy to understand I will use one to ten rating points. Suppose I say — to the free version of the plugin I give 8 Point and to the pro version 10 points. What this tells is that there is not much of difference between free and pro. Thus, the free version has more value as it is free. However, if I say 6 points to the plugin and 10 points to its alternative, this means the alternative offers more value than the plugin itself.

► Caching Plugin for WordPress Blogs and Websites

A caching plugin must be the first plugin which a newly developed WordPress website has to install. Caching plugin ensures that your website load fast, respond fast, and thereby ensure a better experience for visitors. There are hundreds of caching plugins with a big-big claim for making websites fast. Website Caching is a sensitive matter. A single mistake could break your website make it non-accessible.

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I had to struggle to figure out which is the best caching plugin when I was setting up my WordPress website. However, you do not. I am here to assist you in the selection of best caching plugin for your WordPress website. There are only two best caching plugins. The rest all are either useless or not useful.

  • WP Super Cache
  • WP Rocket

W3 Total Cache, Fast Cache, Hyper Cache, and others caching plugins are not useful. Thus, choose the one that fits your ability to manage and your Website requirement from the recommended two.

WP Super Cache is an official WordPress plugin for caching. It is super easy to install and configure. This website runs on WP Super Cache. Check for yourself how fast it loads. If you are new to WordPress, WP Super Cache is the recommended caching plugin for your WordPress Website.

→ WP Rocket vs. WP Super Cache

If you are someone who knows WordPress and understands its unique terminology, then WP Rocket is the most suitable caching plugin. WP Rocket is far more advanced and has several performance enhancement options. However, to setup WP Rocket, you have to have some experience in working with WordPress.

Moreover, WP Rocket is a paid plugin whereas WP Super Cache is free. If budget is an issue, WP Super Cache is perfect. If performance matters not money, then WP Rocket is the right solution.

WP Rocket and WP Super Cache, both are a lightweight plugin, magically improves website load time.

Description WP Rocket WP Super Cache
Performance 10 Point 8 Point
Features 10 Point 6 Point
Easy to Setup 7 Point 10 Point
Price 5 Point (Paid but cheap) 10 Point (Free)
Link Install Install
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The points are not ratings instead an indicator. For Instance, performance point indicates there is not much difference between both the best caching plugin. However, there is a considerable gap in features. WP Rocket offers many great features. It is, in fact, a complete solution for a WordPress website.

Further, the chart above also helps you to understand that if you decide to go ahead with WP super cache, you are not sacrificing your Website performance. For instance, I am OK with the WP super cache features, and its caching performance is nearer to WP Rocket. And also, it is free. So, I am fully satisfied with WP Super Cache. Similarly, you can measure your website requirement, money matter, installation and setting complexity and then decide WP ROCKET or WP SUPER CACHE.

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