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Wooden Zebronics Home Speaker with Bluetooth USB and SD Slot

Zebronics BTRUCF fantasy Speakers Review and Specifications

Zebronics BTRUCF fantasy 2.1 Bluetooth Home Speakers

Zebronics is all about the decibels. I don’t think there is an area that the company has invested heavily in, like sound output. Among its freshest releases is the Zebronics BTRUCF fantasy 2.1 speaker system. This 27W beast will tear up things in the house, even with the closest attempt to push it to maximum volume. Zebronics went a step further and sort for RMS sound monster certification in their BTRUCF fantasy speakers. Of course, this was a wise move, in order to attract sales. But frankly, this system deserves every goddamn sound certification there is. With this product, you also get some good wind up in the design. I must say that its face is a people pleaser. Let us discuss some of its amiable features.

Features of the BTRUCF fantasy Sound system

Zebronics fitted a lustrous front panel on all these speakers which is inviting to most people. I like how the designers of this product fitted some attractive LED lights beneath the subwoofer’s sheath. Unfortunately, this system only comes with one predominant color, Black. The satellite speakers are decorated with a blue casing with a sensational Y-shape. On the subwoofer, you also get an LED display which is housed in a tinted translucent plastic casing.

The display blends in perfectly with the Y-shaped pattern on the system’s facing. Also on the upper part of the subwoofer is a round control panel. The panel consists of a Volume rotary knob, which is surrounded by some playback controls. A Micro SD port and a USB port are fixed at the upper left side of the front facing on the subwoofer. Further, the speakers are enveloped in a black wooden cabinet, only the front sides are made of plastic.

Made for loud music fanatics

The Zebronics BTRUCF fantasy system is not made for tranquil people. They simply wouldn’t handle the booming of the 12.7-centimeter drivers on the subwoofer. Yes, the drivers on the subwoofer are 12.7 centimeters in diameter, while those on the satellite speakers have a 7.62-centimeter diameter. In total, these drivers deliver a thundering 27W worth of sound. The strong wooden casing handles all that vibration perfectly, so there is very little bass distortion, in fact, it’s almost insignificant. The full range drivers are made of high-quality membranes to reduce harmonic distortion and even at its highest volume, you won’t hear even a slight sound distortion. This is probably the reason why this system earned an RMS sound monster certification, that easily.

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Plenty of connectivity options

This product comes with a number of connectivity options which include a Bluetooth radio, a USB port, and SD card slot. But I suspect that the Spartan LED screen might make bring some difficulty while trying to connect this gadget to other devices via Bluetooth. In most cases, you need a big display in order to connect via Bluetooth with ease. The USB and SD slot are right at the side of the front facing. And, you can use the USB port to play music from pen drives and flash drives. It supports drives with up to 16 GB worth of memory.

The system also supports a number of audio formats that are stored in these drives, like MP3 and WMA formats. I didn’t find any recognizable power consumption certification like Energy star, on this gadget but I am sure a 27W total output won’t consume anything momentous in your electricity bills.

Pricing and verdict

This speaker system is priced at 2700 Rupees on average. At such a price I have no complaints since I think that it is worth its price. My verdict on this gadget is that it’s fairly priced and you can actually buy it, if you can’t raise twice the amount to buy a bigger Zebronics sound system. I’d say that for the 3000 Rupees price range, the Zebronics BTRUCF is among the very best options.

Price 2700 Rupees
Brand name Zebronics
Total sound output 27W
Bluetooth Yes
USB/ SD slot Yes
Subwoofer driver size 12.7cms
Satellite speakers driver size 7.62cms
Supported Audio formats MP3/WMA
Cabinet material Wooden
LED display Yes
RMS sound monster certified Yes

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