Hawkins with its FUTURA series heavy iron cookware has in fact set a standard as what should an ideal quality of cooking pots. It is very well though FUTURA cooking sets have a standard heavy design. But that lacks on the front of energy efficiency and looks. I have a FUTURA TAWA that takes a good five minutes on high flame to be ready for making Roti. Again it takes a hell of a time in cooling down. The thickness of Hawkins FUTURA although a pro as the manufacturer is advertising but is not less than an obstacle in cooking fast.

Recently I reviewed a Wonderchef coffee machine, which is, by the way, a good coffee maker in low budget. While researching about the Wonderchef brand, I came to know my favorite chef Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor is the brain behind its products. This was enough to make me a fan of Wonderchef brand. In my Kitchen, I personally prefer products of Philips and Preethi. But now I am going consider Wonderchef kitchen appliances as well. I love to test & try new innovative electric & non-electric Kitchen appliances.

While looking other products of Wonderchef on its website I came across its uniquely design multipurpose cooking pots. Specifications were so good that I ended up buying one for my personal use. This Wonderchef cooking set comes with ceramic plate coating. In fact, I was first introduced to something called ceramic coating while reviewing a Philips hair straightener. For hair safety, the ceramic coating is a popular demand in hair straighteners.

There are many good properties of Ceramic plate. It can sustain in high temperature. Its coating has a pretty flat, smooth surface so is pretty much close to non-stick. And, it has been confirmed Ceramic is non-toxic for humans. Even after long use, it will remain scratch free.

Thus, using ceramic plating in cooking pot is a wonderful idea by Wonderchef. By the way, just to update here, the traditional non-stick coating has been termed not so suitable for our health. In fact, the chemical used in creating non-stick coating could lead to cancer, bone & blood-related diseases.

►Wonderchef Ceramide set Build and Design

Still, in villages, people prefer aluminum cooking vassals. And, the reasons are genuine. Aluminum vassals are fast-heating, cheap, durable, lightweight, non-toxic, and have a kind of natural non-stick properties. The same applies to stainless steel vassals also. However, they are not that lightweight.

The Ceramide set of Wonderchef is made in a pure-grade aluminum material, so it is pretty light in weight. Then there is healthy & eco-friendly ceramic coating. The chemical-based non-stick coating will disappear in a year or two, but the ceramic layer – what I was told is that it would stay intact as long as the vassal is in shape, usable. This is incredible! Every, after a year and two I need to change my frying pan. With this Wonderchef ceramic-plating-based cooking set, eventually, I am relieved from that expense for at least five years. If used with care then it might even last more than five years.

The set includes three jars in the size of 4-liter, 2.25-liter, and 1.25-liter. And their diameter is 24-cm, 20-cm, and 16-cm, respectively. Wonderchef has presented only this size of Ceramide cooking set at present. But one can select a set of favorite color from five different colors it is available.

Rivets-free Handle: After a couple of months of use, it is quite usual in appliances and cooking pots that first one side of the handle is out then another side because of weak rivets. Later, using the cooking vassal becomes a regular headache. Local shops won’t have rivets for it, and the manufacturer’s service center won’t give service support for such tiny issue. Eventually, users ended up replacing that with a new one.

The handles on these three cooking pots are rivet-free. So as long as vassals are in working condition, handles on sides, too, remains intact.

→Gas, Induction, and Microwave Oven Ready Cooking Pots

These are three main cooking platforms: Gas (fire), induction, and microwave oven. And, Wonderchef Ceramide cooking pots work on all these platforms. If you run out of gas – move the vassal to an induction stove; simple. Wanting to bake cake in oven, use one of these which fit into your smart microwave oven.

Wonderchef could able to make this cooking pot so innovative and portable because the brain behind these vassals is Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor. Kitchen-use products should have lots of features but much more important is the use of common sense in their design.

Why other brands could not able to think like this. In India, average kitchen size is much smaller than what we see in homes of developed countries. In a small kitchen, it is not quite possible to have a set of vassals for every cooking platform.

Having these Wonderchef cooking pots means live life worry-free. One goes down use another. Even that goes down use it on third. In my kitchen, I use eight vassals to cook food for one person on different platforms. I guess this time to replace them completely with these three and create some free space.

→WonderChef Ceramide Casserole as a good replacement of Cooker

I always refrain buying any glass item. In fact, I have never been able to maintain glass things in my house. So the glass lids on these cooking pots are something I personally do not appreciate. But the flip side is – due to an ergonomically design of the pots and weight of glass, the lid perfectly locks up on top of these pots. It would release even lesser amount of steam than what a brand new cooker does. The lids, however, have a tiny hole that letting pass some steam so cooking is completed safely. Using one of these vassal for cooking rice and hard Rajma is not a bad idea either.

Further, if you are planning to buy a cooker and some vassals, instead consider this Wonderchef Ceramide set. See if you find them convenient in using for all purpose. I am sure going with this Wonderchef product will save you money.

Wonderchef Ceramide set in India

Beware of Fraud sellers: Wonderchef is selling this cooking pot in a set of three. And, they are generally priced between 2500 to 3500 rupees. Some online websites making customers fool by adding “a set of six vassals” in the product description. This is totally untrue.

Pro Features:-

  • Gas, Induction and Oven Friendly
  • Made using pure grade aluminum
  • Ceramic Plate coating
  • Eco-friendly, Non-toxic and Durable
  • Economically priced
  • Wash it like a regular cooking vassal
Price 3000 Rupees
Capacity 4L, 2.25L, 1.25L; Diameter: 24cm, 20cm, 16cm
Feature Dishwasher Safe
Material Aluminum
Handle Rivet free both sides
Friendly Gas, Induction, Oven