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Wireless Portable LG Home Speaker Below 2000 Rupees

LG PH1 Wireless Speaker Review and Specifications

LG PH1 Wireless Speaker- Your mini sound expert

Are you planning to buy a portable Bluetooth speaker? Here is a new choice available for you, from one of the most noteworthy Korean electronics giants.  LG has introduced a wireless audio product in the market at a retail price of 4490 Rupees so as to counter other similar products from its gravest Korean rival Samsung. This wireless Bluetooth speaker, which goes by the name LG PH1, will surely become a hit in the market, owing to its great features and efficiency in delivery.

Although LG is not that big of a name when it comes to wireless speakers, it surely has nailed Samsung and Sony with this one. I agree there are a plenty of better looking portable speaker options available in the market. But if you haven’t decided what you really want to buy, I would strongly recommend this product to you. Sadly, people still hold the notion that the big electronics brands usually come first when quality is the object in question. Nevertheless, let’s see, whether the LG PH1 has the capability to sideline other bigger competitors.

Unique Design – Nicely engineered shape

We have seen a number of conventional Bluetooth speakers which flaunt a rectangular and square design. Here I am talking about the likes of the MI Bluetooth speaker from Xiaomi. The problem with the square or rectangular slab- like design is that it prevents the speaker from producing sound in multiple directions. But this is not the case with LG PH1.

This mini speaker from LG is designed in such a way that it produces 360- degree Omni- directional sound. Moreover, the round design enables the user to place it anywhere without worrying about sound loss or interference. The rubber padding fitted at the bottom of the speaker prevents unwanted movement even at a high volume. Actually, even with the round design which most people would term as unstable compared to the block design, the PH1 manages to remain utterly stable. The vibration from high volumes is not really a threat to the steadiness of this product.

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Nicely crafted transparent plastic: LG opted to use a transparent plastic in this cylindrical dome shaped LG speaker. This transparent casing is meant to hide the mono driver, without really interfering with the speaker’s aesthetics. The sound is delivered by the driver in a top- firing direction. Meaning that it emits sound pretty well even if the product is placed on the ground.

But what is the secret behind using a transparent material in a portable speaker? Well, the answer is simple, because the designers of this product also wanted the PH1 to work as a lighting device too. The speaker emits four basic light colors; namely white, red, green, and blue. The lights glow in different patterns, keeping some sort of rhythm with the beat you are playing. That’s actually one the features that impressed me in this product. What’s even more, the user even has an option to control the lights emitted by the speaker. This can, of course, be done through a physical button present on the right side of the device.

Portability and convenience

Portability is one feature that you can never ignore in a Bluetooth speaker. This particular attribute is among the very many amiable features that make PH1 a nice product to buy. The speaker is lightweight and can easily fit in a palm enabling you to carry it anywhere. It only weighs 1.9 Kg on average. Of course, we can’t compare it to Xiaomi’s MI Bluetooth speaker in terms of weight, but again this product offers more especially in lighting and design than the MI. The MI Bluetooth speaker weighs about 300 grams. When I compared the two I felt that there is some sort of fakeness in the MI due to its exceptional lightness.

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Hardware Check: LG has provided various buttons and ports for controlling the speaker. These buttons include physical volume rockers, a power button, play/ pause button, a button to operate lighting effects, and a button to answer the calls. Can you believe it? This thing can actually answer calls. If paired via Bluetooth with your smartphone, you can actually answer calls when playing golf effortlessly.

The highly receptive inbuilt microphone on this product adds another star to it. It’s what makes it possible to answer a call with it, even when you are a couple of yards away from it. Additionally, this product has some indicators which include battery and Bluetooth connection status indicators. These LED-lit pointers help notify you about the product’s status; for instance when the battery is running low. Besides all this, LG has added a 3.5 mm jack and a USB port for streaming music to your headphones seamlessly. The USB port is for charging the speaker

Decent Audio Performance

If you are planning to have a small room party, let’s say like a mini cocktail, then the PH1 should be one of the items in your list of things you’ll need. This speaker offers a surprisingly good sound performance and will surely light up the party. Despite having a compact size, the speaker is pretty loud and clear. I wouldn’t complain about the audio quality, judging from the fact that this product has just a mono driver installed on it. The speaker does not vibrate even at a high volume and punches well above its weight. It can play loudly and it’s free from distortion.

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Pro Features:-

  • Modern and stylish design
  • Nice and loud audio quality with good bass
  • Lightweight & portable


  • Unimpressive battery life
  • Highly priced if compared with other products with similar features

Final Verdict: The LG PH1 Bluetooth Speaker is a great deal for those who are searching for an ultra-portable wireless speaker unit. The appealing design and a high- class audio are part of the points favoring this LG product over other competing ones. On the other hand, its price coupled with some complaints about a poor battery seems to be at the heart of breaking the deal for most buyers. All the same, for the few days I used it, I honestly can’t find any fault on this product. You should not miss GS exclusive the Top 6 Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 Rupees.

Price 2000 Rupees
Brand LG
Device Type Portable Speaker
Model PH1
Weight 1.9 Kilograms
Dimensions 8.2 by 8.8 by 8.8 centimeters
Battery Average Life 5 hours on average
Batteries Included No batteries
Connectivity Bluetooth
3.5 mm Aux port Yes and USB  for charging
User rating 4.7/5 stars