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Looking a Wireless Dual Band Router? Try Netgear Smart Router

NETGEAR R6400 AC1750 WIRELESS DUAL BAND ROUTER: The Next Generation smart Wi-Fi Router

Overview: When it comes to dual band routers then Netgear is one of those companies that can be considered as prominent and reliable. Continuing its streak of amazing WIFI routers, the company has brought a new product to the market the Netgear R6400 AC1750, a Wireless Dual Band Router that offers strong reliable Wi-Fi signal. This router is not a part of the nighthawk family but its physical appearance still looks somewhat similar to the top seller AC1900 class R7000 Nighthawk. I know most of the people reading this article are probably looking for a router that is almost equivalent to the R7000 Nighthawk in terms of performance, but this time on a budget. Read also Netgear Wifi Extender Best Buy below 4000 Rupees.

Well, if you are such a person then, good news. Here is a router that almost compares to the R7000 Nighthawk, but comes with a way much affordable price. The Netgear R6400 AC1750 contains all the things that a nice reliable wireless router must possess. It has external antennas well & fully developed to offer a fast network connection. It also offers good performance in wireless coverage for any location with about twelve or more wireless devices.

This is an efficient wireless dual band router, which hardly has any delay in routing internet connections. With remote access, the Netgear genie makes installation almost effortless. Not only this, the genie utility allows you to easily monitor, connect and control other networks such as your personal computer, Mac, iPad or other android devices. Here are some exemplary features of the Netgear R6400 AC1750 as it compares to the cherished R7000 Nighthawk.

Likable features of the Netgear Wireless dual Band Router R6400 AC1750

Connectivity: The router Netgear R6400 AC1750 is a reliable companion for streaming the internet on home computers and mobile device. For one, it provides an optimal speed, which makes browsing sites easy and just by- a- click. It has a beam forming utility and a dual band technology that makes gaming more extreme and HD streaming smoother. Other than these, the router flaunts USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and gigabit Ethernet support that has the capability to access hard drives up to 10 times faster. These USB ports can be used to share the data from a hard drive to a printer.

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The wireless router has an ultimate connectivity for dual band WI-FI devices like iPad or iPhone 5. A cloud USB access is also present for the convenience of the user.

Attractive design: Looking at the design of this router, its front panel has got a complete array of indicators which indicates about the wireless as well as wired LAN link/ activity. These indicators can be controlled and shut off if desired although the power indicator stays on. The buttons of WIFI on/ off and WPS buttons are also located at the same place. The USB 3.0 port sits just below the indicators.

The inner part of the wireless dual band router flaunts a completely new board design and includes Broadcom BCM4331 2-4 GHZ along with the BCM4360 5 GHz radios. This feature is the same as the one found in the previous model, the R6300 models. The bottom part of the board is the home for the router’s BCM4708A CPU, its RAM, and flash memory feature. As far as the RAM and flash are concerned, the router boasts 256 MBs of RAM and 128 MBs of flash.

These features of the router make it capable enough to provide a hassle free service to its user. With a good service provider and this router on board, I can assure you that you won’t be getting any downtime or connection errors on your end.

Netgear R6400 AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Router Review and Specifications

Speed, range, and reliability

Wi-Fi range is a factor that any router buyer must keep in mind. The sad fact is that most of the budget wireless routers in the market today do not cover the range as committed by the company. Some manufacturers only inscribe the possible Wi-Fi coverage area on their products just as a decorative element. But in the real sense, you find that the product itself barely gets three-quarters of what the manufacturer had stipulated in the label. However, this Netgear wireless dual band router is true to its words and provides what it says.

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The router offers a strong signal that can cover the area of a large house. Actually, this Netgear champion is one of those routers that we as experienced reviewers can use the word ‘quality product’ on.

The part that impressed me the most is that Netgear has made sure that this particular product gives a high- speed connection without any failure. Regardless of the climatic conditions out there, you will still be streaming videos with this router like any normal sunny day. Read also D-Link Netgear WiFi Range Signal Extender below 2000 Rupees.

Weather Proof signals

It is common knowledge that the weather conditions can interfere with the quality of connection emanating from a router. Weather, just like any other technical hitches in a router can weaken the connection signals. Nonetheless, Netgear was able to weather proof the R6400 and here it compares arguably well to the R7000. When it comes to video streaming, this product is really good as it streams high definition games and videos seamlessly.

Easy Sharing: The Netgear R6400 AC1750 router gives you the facility to share data wirelessly. Hence, the user will not find any kind of difficulty to save their important data to their devices. One can also connect his/ her printer to the router in order to take out prints immediately.

Security: Security can never be ignored and Netgear has made proper arrangements for it. You can secure this wireless dual band router by web filtering all your connected devices so that an unauthorized guest can’t get access to your network.

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Warranty Get replacement free of cost

You can return the damaged router within the specified time, in the case of any damages, and can get a new one in exchange. Point to be noted here is that the product should not be in a tampered state and there should not be any missing or damaged parts while returning. If such thing happens then no exchange facility will be provided to you. You get at least a year of warranty from the manufacturer.

Netgear R6400 AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Smart Wi-Fi Router

Final verdict: If we look at the speed, efficiency, range as well as the connectivity of this router, then it seems to be a nice deal with its tagged price of 7445 Rupees.

The wireless dual band router is really powerful, provides faster browsing with no delays. Remember, internet delays are a known to result to discomfort or anxiety while gaming or watching videos.

When it comes to pricing, the router can’t be considered as an expensive one, especially if compared to routers from other manufacturers. All the same, I think the product is worth its price. Looking at the high coverage of the router, you can even team up with your neighbors to buy one and use it together. Read also Best Tips for Buying a New Router This Year.

Price 10000 Rupees
Brand Netgear
Model R6400
Series AC1750
Product Weight 318g
Dimensions 328 × 250 × 95 mm
Wireless Type 802.11 A/C, 5.8 GHz Radio Frequency, 802.11 a/bb/g/n
USB Ports 1
Speed 450 and 1300mbps
Included Components Router
User Rating 4.6/5 Stars
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