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Wireless Bluetooth headset with MIC – 8 Best Earphone under 2500 Rupees

In this piece, I provide a crisp review of the best Wireless Bluetooth Headset in the price range of 1500 to 2500 Rupees. You are going to see earphones from the brands, which you never heard. We Indian are more familiar with prominent American and Chinese brands. However, since online shopping picked up in India, many European brands and those American brands that are less popular on the global market also made their way to this lucrative market.

Buying a good product of a small brand, a new brand, an unknown brand has some significant advantages, too. As per consumer law, the warranty is legally binding for products that require post-sales service. Warranty terms must be informed to buyers before sales.

These small companies, most startups do not have resources to open service center across India. Instead of repairing the product, what they do is – provide a replacement. For buyers, it is a win-win case, a new unit, a brand new product in hand. Therefore buying products of small-unknown brands is a good strategy. However, you need to keep the following things in mind while buying a product of the brand you do not know.

  • Buy only after getting a solid recommendation from a friend, website, or a reliable account.
  • Especially never buy Made in China or a China brand product, if the brand is unknown to you
  • Carefully examine post-sales service. If you are okay with the terms then only buy.
  • To verify the authenticity of the brand, check its other products in the market and read the testimony of those who already used them.

If you follow these four points, I am sure you would able to purchase better-valued products at a much affordable price.

In this piece, meet some 8 best Wireless Bluetooth Headset under 2500 Rupees. Some of them are products of startup brands, and others come from famous brands. In fact, they are at present best options than the products of well-known brands. Read also भारतीय बाजार में सबसे बढ़िया बोट हेडफोन्स 1000 से 2200 रुपए तक के कीमत में.

►Acid Eye Bluetooth Headset with Deep Bass – In Ideal Earphone for Smartphones

First time I got chance to use Acid Eye brand earphone and experience its excellent BASS rich sound. The Acid Eye Bluetooth earphone, priced 1600 Rupees, is a best cheap earphone with lots of exciting features. It is a fit headset to entertain you during morning run/walk, and gym workout session.

The features of the Acid Eye Wireless Bluetooth Headset include stereo music, voice prompt, mobile call control, and built-in microphone. It comes with the IPX4 rating. Hence, it is a sweat-proof earphone, too.

Acid Eye Wireless Bluetooth Headset Excite Deep Bass and MIC

The most exciting feature of this Wireless in-ear earphone, however, is its audio quality and battery life. It gets 100% fully charged in just 2 and half hours. That would last in some 6 to 7 hours of music listening time. Even if you listen to music in full volume, you get not less than 5 hours of battery backup.

Besides, I also like the fact that the brand of this wireless Bluetooth headset with mic cares about buyers. It provides almost everything needed to use this earphone. For instance, the sales box of this headset also includes a carrying case and a cable management clip. In fact, there is a lot more in the magic box.

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Therefore, I would highly recommend this one of the best sports earphones below 2000 Rupees if you like audio with deep BASS. Its sound quality and clarity are excellent. Static audio is outstanding, too. It is a fit earphone to listen to a lecture, Kirtan, or a record from personal collections with closed eyes.

Price 1600 Rupees
Design Sports Earphone, In-Ear, IPX4 Rating
Sound Quality HD Stereo sound, Bass Dominance, Excellent Static Audio
Battery 2 Hour Charging and 7 Hour Music Listening time
Calling MIC with background noise cancellation, Call Control
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wireless
Weight Just 68 Grams


► Mpow Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones with Mic

The Mpow in-earphone is compatible with most audio producing devices that have Bluetooth connectivity. Its design is such that – use it whenever – whichever ways you want. It is a regular Bluetooth headset in the design of a sports earphone. It has IPX rating: invisible Nano-coating helps to protect it from user’s sweat and increases its lifespan.

One of the best and cheapest Bluetooth headphones this is because of excellent sound quality with remarkable clarity of deep BASS and outstanding battery life. In fact, the brand makes a realistic claim that charging this Wireless Bluetooth Headset for one and half hours delivers seven hours of music listening time. As per the brand, such outlasting battery backup is because of the use of an improved lithium battery. Besides, it comes with 18-month of warranty—indeed great.

Mpow Wireless Bluetooth Headset With MIC in India

The build and design of the in-ear headphone are marvelous, too. It fits well into the ear and locks appropriately from sides. Its design is such that cuts noise around user’s ears. Hence, you can happily use it to keep you motivated when you run in the next city marathon. However, its weight could be a matter of discomfort for few days until you become familiar with it. I felt that during its trail use.

I would rate the Mpow Wireless Bluetooth Headset best buy for its audio and build quality, and Battery life. Moreover, 18-Month of warranty by the brand is a safety net for your investment in it. So do not hesitate in including this fantastic wireless headphone in your favorite wish list.

Price 1700 Rupees
Design Regular, Sports, Bluetooth, with MIC
Weight 118 grams
Sound Quality Excellent, Rich BASS
Battery 1.5 Hours Charging, 7 Hours Music Listening time
Extra Carry Case, Ear tips, and Cord clip


►Tantra Power Boat Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headset

The Tantra Wireless headset with its noise cancellation & echo canceling features and advanced inline control is probably the most useful earphone under 2000 Rupees to listen to the static audio.

Besides, it also produces loud & clear rich BASS audio. Combining both the aspect makes it an ideal choice to use while watching moves.

Further, the inline control on this earphone is user-friendly allows the user to control music playing as well as attaining mobile calls. You can play/pause, change music track to previous or next, and manage mobile calls, too.

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Tantra Power Boat Wireless Bluetooth Headset with MIC in India

You can reject, receive, redial, and end a call from this Wireless Bluetooth headset. From the inline control, redial a mobile number is the feature first time I see on a Wireless Earphones with Mic. If a Wireless Bluetooth headset allows controlling everything from its interface — that is a pro.

The Tantra Power Boat is light in weight, and it has IPX rating, too. It is sweat proof. Moreover, LED indicator is also on this headset to show power and connection status.

Can it be an ideal sports earphone for everyone? No, the design of this Wireless headset with MIC is such that it may not be the best choice to use during fast movements. It may fell off. The brand should either improve the design or add a lock option to it.

I would highly recommend the Tantra headset for regular use, not so much as a sports Wireless Bluetooth headset. Its features are a sturdy build, powerful audio, advanced inline control and it is light in weight, too.

Price 2000 Rupees
Weight 68 Grams
Key Features BASS Dominated Audio, Noise Cancellation, Echo Cancelling, Advanced inline control
Battery 2 Hours Charging, 8 Hours Music Listening
Extra Carry case, Extra Silicon Ear Tips, and Ear Pins


► Chevron AlienBass Wireless Bluetooth Headset – The Lightest Earphone

What is exceptional about this Wireless earphone is that its weight is the central trait of its grand design. It is just 13.6 grams. Do consider this “weight” part while buying a Bluetooth headset, therefore.

Being light in weight does not mean The Chevron Bluetooth earphone lacks a sturdy build. It has a thoroughly professional, a premium design. It has IPX rating, so it is dustproof and sweat proof. Therefore, it is an ideal earphone to use outside your home, during a workout session in the area park.

Further, the fascinating fact is the Wireless Bluetooth headset houses 10-mm driver together with CSR 8635 chipset to reproduce distortion free clear & loud audio. I am comfortable with the level of BASS this earphone could produce, but my team members for this project disagree. Therefore, I would say BASS in the audio is not heavy, instead so-so.

Chevron AlienBass Wireless Bluetooth Headset with MIC in India

The lightest earphone under 3000 Rupees also has a multifunction inline control, a MIC with noise cancellation to pitch HD calls, and a powerful, lasting 120-mAh battery. As per the official claim, 100% charging is done in 2 hours, and that could give some eight hours of music listening time.

I would praise this Wireless lightest earphone more for its outstanding design, NFC connectivity, and HD calling than its audio quality. It is a perfect choice to listen punchy mellow sound, although. If I am not wrong, it is one of the loudest earphones in the market. However, when comes to feel the spirit of music, there are better earphones under 2000 Rupees, which does a better job. I would still recommend it.

Price 2200 Rupees
Weight 13.6 Grams
Design Features Integrated inline control, MIC with noise cancellation, Premium design with IPX rated build, NFC & Bluetooth connectivity
Audio features 10-mm driver, loud and clear audio output, BASS so-so
Extra Ear rubber, Carry case
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►Recommended Branded Wireless Headset with MIC under 2500 Rupees

The Bluetooth earphones discussed so far are the best options in the market. They have with their specialties with a set of the regular features. Therefore, whichever fits in your budget and has it the right build quality & audio you are looking for, buy.

Those are the four best in the market. However, the next four are not the best-rated earphones. They are products of well-known brands, although. Because of the high renown of those labels, public blindly buys them without thoroughly examine whether the product has the right characteristics or not.

At Gadgets Shiksha, we do not care much about the brand name and its reputation. Instead, we judge and rank products based on their build quality and primary traits.

The first Wireless Bluetooth headset is Mizzle MZ-01. Its futuristic design does allure people. See for yourself in the image below. It has a user-friendly control, and it can produce loud & clear audio with the clarity of BASS as well. What is not great about this earphone though — is its weight (159 grams). I hate overweight headset.

Mizzle MZ-01 Wireless Headset with MIC in India

Next in the line is a product of the best-rated Indian earphone & headphone brand, boAt. The boAt Rockerz 210 is a favorite earphone around 1500 Rupees. Recently we did a project on the best boAt earphones. Therein this headset was discussed in detail with its pros and cons and above all answer to the crucial question – should you buy it or not.

boAt Rockerz 210 Bluetooth Earphones with Mic

The third Wireless Bluetooth Headset, which has been a favorite choice not because of its qualities rather its brand name. We had already covered the basic version of JBL T110BT wireless headset in a review piece on best earphone under 1000 Rupees. However, the variant I am referring here has Bluetooth as the only mode of connectivity, and its current price is 2100 Rupees. Nothing is exceptional on this wireless headset other than its light in weight build (16 grams only) and the brand name JBL. One of the reasons for its failure and poor ratings is its feeble audio.

JBL T110BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Mic

The state of the JBL Wireless Headset also implies to Philips SHB5250, a Bluetooth earphone, which is not in so much demand despite the reputation of the brand Philips. Essentially, the headset has much more than just the prominence of brand Philips to help its sales. It has a majestic build: especially its variant in Black color looks outstanding. Then it houses 14.2-mm speaker drivers as well. It produces loud & clear audio. Further, added notable features are tangle-free wire and its light in weight build (only 13.6 Grams).

Philips Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with MIC in India

While everything looks Okay then what is the reason for it is being a failed Wireless Bluetooth Headset? Contrary to the perception about the brand Philips, the earphone has a poor record for its durability. It looks like it has a faulty design. For the record, the majority of its users reported that it did not last even six months— unbelievable, but true.