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Will Passwords Become Obsolete? Five Alternates of Character Password


Since the beginning of internet age, we have been using passwords to protect personal information. To be honest, character-based password is now an outdated technique for adding security. I would like to point out though all of this is already starting to change. In future, you will hardly use a regular passwords of today to access personal account or information.

This article is dedicated to exploring those technologies that have the potential to replace character-based passwords in the near future. So, without wasting any more time let us get down to it.

Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint reading technology is not new but it took quite a bit of time to come on smartphones. Nowadays almost every mid-range mobile sports a fingerprint reader on the back. All the credit for this revolution goes to Apple. This technology acts as an additional and more powerful level of security on mobile phones.

Over the last couple of years, fingerprint readers have become more accurate and fast. The technology itself has gone down in terms of manufacturing cost allowing manufacturers to implement it on even some low budget smartphones.

Eye Scanning

When we talk about eye scanning, there are two different technologies in trend- Iris Scanning and Retina Scanning. While the former has already entered the smartphone market, the latter is yet to see the light of the day. Some manufacturers have developed a slightly newer method for scanning the white portion of the eye. This technology seems to be best because the user will not have to bring the phone much closer to his or her eyes.

Some of the phones famous for featuring eye scanning technology are Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Micromax 950 XL and Vivo X5pro.

Face Recognition

Most Android and Windows devices come with built-in face recognition feature. It relies on unique features on the face of users. This technology is good but it is not much practical. In dark situations, facial recognition is of no use.

Voice Recognition

Although not much popular but voice recognition is a real thing. There are even some apps out there capable of differentiating between the voices of two persons. However, engineers and innovators will have to do a lot of hard work before speech recognition can be put to any serious use.

Heartbeat Recognition

Every person has a unique heartbeat pattern. Bionym, a Toronto-based company, recently found a way to identify heartbeat patterns in humans. Expert has dubbed this discovery as ground-breaking. The future of this technology is still uncertain. There are a number of hurdles in the way before it can be used on smartphones.

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