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Why You Should Purchase a MacBook Pro in India ?

Apple MacBook Pro 2015 Specifications

The debate of Mac vs. Windows has been a hot topic in many decades now. However, still most of us remains confused and cannot decide between these two prominent operating systems. Often people compare the relevance of a Mac machine with the price of a Windows PC, which is wrong in so many ways.

It is true that a MacBook Pro will cost you a fortune, but at the same time, it offers a number of great features. Apple is the most trusted brand offers refined user interface, powerful hardware, optimized software, high-build quality, and unified environment.

But hey! I am not here to criticize Windows PCs. In my opinion, both these platforms are necessary for the evolution of consumer electronic products. However, in this article, I will only focus on the benefits of using a MacBook Pro in general.

Apple MacBook Pro 2015 Built and Design

Apple launches new laptops every year during summers. This year’s MacBook Pro brought some cool innovations including a force touch trackpad. Of course, you get multiple variants to choose from.

The MacBook Pro 2015 is available in two screen size (13-inch and 15-inch) both of which offer different customizable configurations. Apple has designed these machines for heavy usage. If you need a compact machine, which is portable too, then choose the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2015. However, if you prefer a regular display size, then choose the 15-inch model offers better specs but not very portable.

The price of the MacBook Pro 2015 depends on configuration and can vary between 55000 to 1,99,900 rupees. So, now let’s discuss why should you probably want to purchase a MacBook Pro?

Apple MacBook Pro 2015 Devices

Apple Macbook Pro Specs for Reliable Performance

Although I am not aware, exactly what are your needs but it is clear that after spending so much money, you would want this laptop to perform as expected. Well, do not worry, the MacBook Pro 2015 will not let your expectations down. Even the most basic variant of this amazing device is capable of doing all kinds of task. Be it video editing, animation, graphic processing or any other power hungry task, the MacBook Pro will take care of everything.

Hard disk drives are noisy and have limited read & write speeds, this is the reason that Apple ditched them a couple of years back. Instead of featuring HDD, this laptop comes with a Solid State Drive also known as SSD. On it, you can expect read & write speeds of more than 1000 MB per second, which is massive compared to 5400 RPM on an SATA hard disk. Another great thing is that SSDs are super silent as they do not feature any moving parts inside.

The MacBook Pro also performs really well on the front of graphic processing. Unlike average Windows laptops, it features integrated Intel Iris Graphics. Moreover, users can also go for a dedicated graphic card from other manufacturers if they are purchasing the 15-inch model. The MacBook Pro can easily handle the production of full HD and 4K video projects.

Apple MacBook Pro 2015 Display

No matter which variant you choose, there will be at least 8GB of LPDDR3 onboard memory available. Apple is famous for manufacturing blazing fast laptops. The MacBook Pro range of this year features Intel’s latest generation processors for better performance and higher stability. In most of the benchmarking tests, this laptop throws every competitor out of the competition.

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As Always Apple Offers Great Productivity with this Notebook

If your job requires working on a laptop, then my friend there cannot be any better option than the MacBook Pro. Do not listen to the rumors that spread the myth that Mac OS environment is limited on the software front. Most of the so-called experts who present such wrong information to the customer, in fact, they have not even worked on a Mac OS machine in their lifetime.

Developers love Apple’s operating system, be it iOS or Mac OS. Most of the top software companies who develop productivity apps spend millions of dollars to produce applications for Mac OS. One interesting fact is a Mac version of software will offer more feature than the windows version. I know this sounds a little awkward, but this is a fact. Big pocket users generally purchase Apple devices. This means Mac users have more paying capacity than the users of any other software platforms. This is the main reason why Microsoft and Google both push frequent updates for their software available on iTunes. For brands, Apple platform is the right place to meet high-value customers.

Apple MacBook Pro 2015 Excellent Design

Software optimization is another reason to choose a MacBook Pro laptop. Since, there are only limited counts of devices that run on Mac OS, it becomes much easier for the developers to optimize their software according to each hardware combination. Even Apple is benefitted from this. Every time you install a new version of Mac operating system, the device will be more optimized, bug-free and indeed fast.

For instance, the latest OS X El Capitan offers superb performance, better I/O handling and at the same time it is not heavy on the hardware. Most of the RAM of your laptop will remain free better utilization.

Coming to the software market, you can find the best applications on iTunes like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro and even Microsoft Office. Every graphic designer and music producer loves to work on a MacBook. Engineers and product managers of top MNCs always work on a laptop that has Apple logo on the back. The story of Mac OS is really great. The modern world wide web that we use today could have been still in its initial stage if its founder was not using a Mac machine.

Apple MacBook Pro 2015 Features

Apple Means Better Security and Stability

Apple’s is a proponent of closed eco-systems. It loves to have a greater control on its consumer products. This is why you do not get better customization options on a MacBook as compared to Windows laptop. However, no matter how bad and rude this seems, it ultimately helps the users themselves. Greater control over hardware and software allows Apple to minimalize the chances of its customers getting attacked by a malicious software. Every app that you install from iTunes is tested by Apple employees in person before getting published. Moreover, the brand has a very strict policy on the design and software optimization.

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But it would not be a justifiable thing to say that Apple’s devices are absolutely safe. Crackers do develop viruses for Mac OS but in a very small number as they are mainly focused to Windows platform, which has a greater share in the market. Moreover, as Apple products are used by top companies, it takes no time to roll out a fix for every virus. I can bet that you would never need to install antivirus because Mac OS’ own security is powerful enough to detect serious threats.

The best thing is MacBook Pro offers a stable environment for all your applications to run. Its operating system is based on UNIX platform, which is considered more reliable than Microsoft’s DOS.

Apple is also known to offer the best customer service in the world. The executives at Apple service center are generally found to be technically qualified and conscious of what they are doing. Their respectful behavior toward customers always wins the heart of the people.

Apple MacBook Pro 2015 in India

Appealing User Interface by iOS Operating System

Mac OS has evolved over time and this helps the MacBook Pro to offer one of the best user interfaces in the world. The experience of the users gets even more enhanced because of the high-density retina display. Accurate color reproduction and high contrast ratio help photographers to finish their projects with greater efficiency.

The mission control feature is exceptional as it allows the users to easily create multiple virtual desktops. Another highlight of the interface is Launchpad that lists all your installed apps in a drawer just like iOS. Spotlight has improved a lot and can fetch specific results from the web.

One of the reasons why I love using a MacBook Pro is its trackpad. Various gestures help the users to access different functionalities much easily. To select text, you just have to hover the cursor using three fingers. Pinching out the trackpad with three fingers opens up the Launchpad. The trackpad of the MacBook Pro 2015 is based on Apple’s famous Force Touch technology. It offers a whole new way of interacting with the device. This trackpad can sense and calculate how much force you are applying. A simple tap acts like click but a force tap is taken as a different input. When you apply a force while hovering the cursor over a text on a web page, the laptop will display additional information about that text like its meaning. This all makes your work more efficient and immersive.

Apple MacBook Pro 2015 Ports

Most of the Windows PCs suffer from the problem of long boot time. Imagine if you are attending an important conference and suddenly the spokesperson says something important to take note of. But your Windows laptop is not On. You instantly push the power button but by the time the OS boots up, you forget what the spokesperson had said. But the combination of SSD technology, optimized OS, and powerful hardware allows the MacBook Pro to boot up within a matter of seconds. Its operating system is really smart and optimizes the storage on itself, which is why the performance of the device never degrades over time.

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Apple Never fails in Providing Long Battery Life

The MacBook Pro 2015 comes with a massive battery. Single charge offers so much power backup that you would not feel the need to look for a power outlet in the office for a whole day. The manufacturer itself promises about 10 hours of battery life on the MacBook Pro. If your work requires creating presentations, browsing the web (using power hungry Chrome browser) and writing codes then its battery will easily last for about 9 hours of continuous usage.

Another great feature of this laptop is that you would not have to purchase an additional power adapter while traveling to another country. The charger that comes in the box is universal. However, you would need to change the power brick part because the design of power socket is generally different in different countries.

Apple MacBook Pro 2015 Price

Really Helpful Ecosystem: The MacBook Pro 2015 will provide an amazing platform to work on if you already own other Apple devices like an iPhone or an iPad or even an iMac. The cross-platform “Air Drop” feature allows the users to transfer files from one Apple device to the other without going through a long setup. Just choose the file you want to share, then the device and Vola! the file is transferred.

Apple’s ecosystem is really great. The reminders that you will setup on the MacBook can be synced up with your iPhone. You can even use the MacBook Pro to make calls or reply to messages via your iPhone. The iCloud service will prove to be a lot helpful if you have subscribed to a fast internet connection. It allows one to sync files stored on the cloud with all his Apple devices.

Can Also Run Windows OS: There are some limitations to Mac OS but those should not stop you from buying this great device. If a game is not available for OS X but is available for Windows platform, then do not worry. The MacBook Pro allows its users to install a copy of Windows operating system on a separate partition.

Apple MacBook Pro 2015 Specifications

Display 13-inch or 15-inch (Both Retina)
Dimensions 1.8 X 31.4 X 21.9 cm (13-inch) or 1.8 X 35.89 X 24.71 cm (15-inch)
Weight 1.58 kg (13-inch) or 2.04 kg (15-inch)
RAM 8 GB or 16 GB
Storage 128 GB or 256 GB or 512 GB (SSD)
Graphics Intel Iris Graphics 6100 or Intel Iris Pro Graphics orAMD Radeon R9 M370X
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1 X MagSafe 2, 2 X Thunderbolt 2, 2 X USB 3.0, 1 X HDMI and SDXC Card Slot
Battery Life 10 Hours
Multimedia Dual Microphones and 720p FaceTime HD Camera
Input Keypad and ForceTouch Trackpad
OS OS X El Capitan
Buy 50000 to 110000 Rupees
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