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Whirlpool Haier Single Door Refrigerator Under 12500 Rupees

Whirlpool Haier Single Door Refrigerator Under 12500 Rupees

190-Liter Whirlpool Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator 205-GENIUS-CLS-PLUS-4S

My favorite is LG for a single door refrigerator, but most buyers trust Whirlpool as the preferred brand for a single or double door refrigerator.  The whirlpool machine I am going to discuss here comes with some innovative features and four-star energy rating to confirm low electricity consumption. Moreover, it has all such features one might be expecting in a new refrigerator. Its capacity, too, is very appropriate for a family with five to seven members.

No electronics product can ever be hundred percent accurate and complete in terms of feature and performance. Similarly, this Whirlpool machine, too, has some positive features and some negatives. All pros and cons of this Whirlpool champ are elaborated here. Continue reading our assessment about it.

Power efficiency Energy Rating and Operational Voltage

This single door machine has the capacity of 190 liter and is based on direct cool refrigerator technology. Since the machine was produced before 31 December 2015, its four stars energy efficiency rating is now equivalent to the three stars rating given after January 1, 2016. Still, with re-evaluated three stars rating, it is really an advanced machine in terms of power efficiency.

The refrigerator can work without stabilizer, which means it has some stabilizer-type protection for protecting its internal components from power fluctuation. Interestingly, it is optimized to remain operational in a wider voltage range of 130V to 300V. Thus, this can easily work in village homes where power crisis is almost daily’s issue.

Whirlpool 190L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator 205 GENIUS CLS PLUS 4S Outside

Built and Design: The machine is 1191-mm in height and 536-mm is its net width. It requires free-standing installation and has two major sections – one freezer section, and three small compartments.

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One primary use of refrigerators is to chill water bottles. Whirlpool has cared this aspect well: the refrigerator has two dedicated sections slightly bigger in size on the door side for water bottles where up to seven bottles of soft drinks and water could be easily kept.

This whirlpool machine does not have deodorizer and water dispenser feature. But it comes with many convenience features that include a larger vegetable crisper, super quick ice maker, 2X water bottles chilling and an egg rack as well.

The removable gasket has anti-bacterial properties very safe and easy in – removing and after washing fixing back. Always use warm water to clean refrigerator gasket.

Inside the refrigerator, shelves are created using toughened glass, which is strong enough to take on weight more than 10kgs easily as the manufacturer claims.

Advanced Technology in use

All the features, functions, and power system on it is eco-friendly; thus, it does almost no harm to our nature, which really needs safety from operation machines in our homes.

Whirlpool has used its signature sixth sense quick chill technology that gives chilled water, soft drinks, watermelon & mango and other fruits in relatively less time.

The Veggie basket comes with moisture lock technology, very effective in keeping green vegetables fresh for many days. The moisture lock technology is not new but Whirlpool makes it more effective. In this regard, even LG refrigerators are also very effective.


  • Big section for Water Bottle and Cold drinks and 2X chilling
  • Eco-friendly operation
  • Wider voltage range support 130V to 300V
  • Energy efficient Machine 3-star rating (4-star rating is re-evaluated as one star less now)
  • Sixth sense quick-chill technology makes fast ice
  • Very spacious inside: almost all major sections are including one would expect in their new machine for keeping kitchen use things well-organized.
  • Door Lock
  • Expressing freezing
  • Two refrigerator shelves and one egg tray
  • Ice tray
  • Stabilizer is not required
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Verdict: The features of this machine are more than enough for the regular Indian kitchens. Yes, this is true that it does not come with any catchy feature but, in fact, that is even not needed. For a price of 13000 rupees, three-star rated machine which does not require any other investment for working should be enough for you. In its spacious compartment and multiple sections & bins on door, secure milk, large quantity of fruits & vegetables, eggs, leftover foods, water bottles, soft drinks, and many other things. Furthermore, it makes ice at much faster rate. At the current price, I consider it a paisa vasool single door refrigerator.Whirlpool 190L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator 205 GENIUS CLS PLUS 4S Inside

Price 12300 Rupees
Convenience Features Door Lock, 2x Faster Bottle Chilling, Super Quick Ice, Large Vegetable Crisper, Ice Tray, Egg Tray, Interior Light
Gasket Removable; Anti-Bacterial
Power Management 3 Start Rating ( Formally 4 Star Rating), Works without Stabilizer, Operational Voltage : 130-300V
Technology Express Freezing, Top Freezer Refrigerator, Direct Cool, Sixth Sense QuickChill, Moisture Lock Technology: Honeycomb
Body Weight: 35Kg; 1191mm(H), 619mm(D), 536mm(W)
Indoor Two Shaves; Toughened Glass Shelf Material

Haier Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator HRD-2157

Actually, those who have used Haier refrigerators would greatly differ from my trust in LG refrigerator and with the trust that makes Whirlpool a highly recommended brand in the refrigerator segment of the Indian electronics market.

I encounter some criticism of this Haier machine as it requires deforestation every after three days. In fact, this is mandatory for all refrigerators. In order to maintain the right cooling and for that, running internal system minimum requires a complete deforestation process every after 72 hours. What are the key features, which make it a hot selling single door refrigerator in the online market? Let us find out.Haier 195 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator HRD 2157 Review and Specifications

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(2016) Five-star rating

Under 13000 rupees budget, finding a 5-star rated heavy machine is almost impossible. However, Haier has made it possible by this single door refrigerator model, which is really spacious from inside.

Hold one, not everything is fine with it. Its operating voltage is very narrow, just 220V to 240V. According to Haier, no voltage stabilizer is needed but I believe that is very much needed. Attending 220V everywhere in our county is almost impossible. In fact, even in the city area, it is not easy to maintain the fine voltage.

An ideal solution of this problem can be a reliable voltage stabilizer from a reputed brand like V-guard. First, use this refrigerator without voltage stabilizer and see how it works with power fluctuations in your area. If electricity issue is major then go with an external input power stabilizer.

Five years of warranty   

In the case of malfunctions in this, the first one year the entire product (only the components working in its background) will get free service. After that, four more years only the compressor will be eligible for free service.

Built and Design: Inside and Outside

I am sure customers will never complain about having more space inside a refrigerator. The Haier machine is about 200 mm bigger than the whirlpool machine and thus 1313 mm in height, 628 mm is net depth, and 541 mm is its net width.

Haier has shared some other dimensions details, too, that include the net capacity of the refrigerator as 170 liter and the net capacity of its freezer is 18 liter.

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Talking about compartments inside this refrigerator, there are three master shelves and five bins at its door. Egg tray is also included in it. For a better security, this has door lock feature as well.

On the name of convenience, this has many compartments for easy segregation of kitchen use items. You can keep veggie and fruits in its vegetable crispers. There is a chiller compartment is also built-in. Some ignorable inconvenience is present in the form of absent water and ice dispenser.

Let me summarize the main features of this very popular refrigerator machine. The Haier refrigerator is based on direct cool defrosting and its refrigerator type is the Top Freezer. Shelves inside are separated using toughened glass.

Technology in Action

Haier HRD 2157 refrigerator series features Haier’s signature technology one hour icing technology, also referred as 1 HIT.

Featuring mechanical controls with top LED function, this also has some add-on feature for preventing bacteria growth inside and thus preserves maximum freshness as well.


  • Energy efficient : 5-star rating ( 2016 Rating )
  • Automatic door
  • 5 years of free service warranty (check terms & conditions)
  • Three Shelves
  • Low noise level
  • Chiller compartment


  • No dedicated compartments
  • To keep fruit & vegetable fresh: no moisture lock technology

Final Thoughts: If you are looking a refrigerator with basic convenience features but high capacity and the same time energy efficient then this Haier machine is the best in the market today. It is really spacious from inside. And, it is designed to accommodate more things and keep them fresh for a long time.

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The Haier budget single door refrigerator is not recommended for every home. It lacks many features. However, in the low budget, it is a certainly a high capacity Paisa vasool refrigerator. For small families, I recommend the whirlpool machine and for big families  – need a high capacity refrigerator in less price should trust this Haier product.

Price 12200 Rupees
Convenience Features Top LED, Door Lock, Chiller Room, Crisper cover, Egg Tray, Ice Pack, Automatic Door Closer/Stopper, Cover Vegetable Case, One Hour Icing Technology Freshness Solution
Refrigerator Features Vegetable Crispers, Chiller Compartment, Antibacterial System, Five Door Balconies, Three Shelves
Power Management 5 Start Rating, Works without Stabilizer, Operational Voltage : 220-240V
Body 195 Liter Capacity; Weight: 35Kg; 1313mm(H), 628mm(D), 541mm(W); Net Capacity: Refrigerator (L): 170L, Freezer (L): 18L
Indoor 3 Shelves; Toughened Glass Shelf Material
Warranty Five Years
Buy Haier 2157

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