Which is the best wet grinder under 10000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling wet grinders from 5000 to 10000 Rupees range in India market. The recommenced wet grinders are from prestigious brands for wet grinders. So, you could select one of them, which fits in your budget with an assurance of many years of working without service and excellent grinder, blending and mixing.

► 2.0-Liter Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder

Elgi Ultra or Ultra is the most favorite brand for wet grinders in India market. In fact, this Indian brand has the maximum number of wet grinders on sale than any other brand. Currently, the best-selling wet grinder model of the Ultra brand is the Ultra Perfect+. The drum capacity of this Ultra wet grinder is 2-liter and it features 150-Watt motor. It is the best-rated wet grinder in India market and one of the best-selling wet grinders under 10000 Rupees at present.

Ultra Perfect+ Wet grinder is a favorite of buyers because of its superior build and excellent slow grinding ability. The uniquely design dual stone system for grinding, which is marketed by the brand as a patented conical stone, does effective grinding without generating heat. So, batter made in this wet grinder is always softer and fluffier. That will last up to 5-days if kept in a refrigerator at the right temperature.

Ultra Perfect Plus Wet Grinder

The drum is not attached to the motor system. So, it can be removed from the motor unit deck and use as a regular container for keeping batter.

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Operating Ultra Prefect+ wet grinder is super easy, too. Set the multi-utility steel drum on the motor unit. Drop the stone system in the drum, lock the stone rod with the motor-head. That’s it.

Digital timer with auto Switch-OFF makes it, a total monitor-free wet grinder. Set the timer and forget about it.

Atta Kneader + Coconut Scraper + Wet Grinder under 10K {हिंदी में} | #Ultra Perfect+

Price ₹7800 | Amazon | Flipkart
Ideal for Wet Grinding | Make Batter | Atta Kneading (Buy Kneader Separately @ 500 Rupees) | Coconut Scraper (Buy Attachment Separately @ 900 Rupees)
Features Patented Conical-Stones | Digital-Timer with Auto Shut-Off | Grinding Complete-Buzzer | No Heat in Grinding | Daal & Rice Grinding-Time: 30-Minute | Up to 10-Years Warranty (2-year for Timer Function)
Motor 150W Copper-Motor | No-Load Speed: up to 1350-RPM | Drum-Speed: Up to 140-RPM | ABS Plastic Body | Power-Cord 1.65-meter
Drum 2-liter | 100% Food-Grade | Material: Grade-304 Stainless-Steel | Grind & Store Drum | Size: 250×180 mm
Stone Patented Conical Stones | Weight: 2.5-Kg
Safety 100% Shock-Proof | Power Failure & Resume Safety protection | Power Surge Protector
Sales Box Wet Grinder | Batter Cleaner | Documents


► Panasonic Wet Grinder {SW200 & GW200}

The Panasonic wet grinder is a Made in India product and its design is based on highly reliable superior Japanese technology. Therefore, it could be an excellent choice if you are looking for a long-lasting wet grinder.

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There are two variants of this super wet grinder on the market. The first model is MK-SW200 with an automatic timer switch and another model is MK-GW200 with manual on/off switch. Because of the built-in automatic timer switch, the SW200 variant will be more useful and easier to operate. You will not have to monitor it. the wet grinder will stop automatically when the set timer completes.

Panasonic Wet Grinder with Timer

Both variants have similar build, design, and weight. While their design is compact and their build quality superior. Built-in air ventilation on the motor part ensures fresh airflow to the motor and keeps it cool during grinding. Even if you run this wet grinder 7 to 10 hours daily, there won’t be any harm to its motor. Hence, it will continue to serve many years without malfunction. Other essential safety and convenience features are also present on this Panasonic wet grinder.

Panasonic says it has registered a patent for the unique design of Alfa-Flow, which is the ultimate thing responsible for the performance of this wet grinder. Two rounded granite stone blocks adjoined and run on the grinding plate in the opposite direction. Yes, the Alfa flow with granite stone gives a faster and better result.

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For easy cleaning, this Panasonic wet grinder comes with a unique water-draining system that takes out water through the base. I have not seen this feature on any other wet grinder. In other top wet grinders, you will have to first dismantle them, then one by one wipe all the parts well, and finally, fix them together again. Here, you are very free from such unwanted tasks.

Top Wet Grinder under 7000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Panasonic SW200 {GW200}

Price ₹5300 →  SW200 | ₹6300 → GW200 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Faster Grinding | Easy to Clean | 5-Years Warranty | Made in India | Alpha Flow: Patented Stone-Design | Short-Circuit Protection | Over-Load Protection
Motor 240W | Copper Motor | Max RPM → 1350 | Air Ventilation for Motor Cooling
Build 2-Liter Grade-304 Stainless-Steel Drum | ABS Plastic Body | Number of Stones: 2
Sales Box Wet-Grinder | Food-Grade Steel Drum | Granite-Stone Roller | Spatula | Lid | Documents


► 2.5-Liter ULTRA BIGG+ Wet Grinder

The most common breakfast in south India is either idly or Dosa. Thoroughly grinded rice batter is required for yummy fluffy idly and delicious crispy Dosa. Preparing rice batter is quite a simple task if you have a well-made grinder machine at home.

I have found in my research that Elgi Ultra is a top favorite brand of buyers for reliable long-lasting wet grinders. Ultra is a very good brand and it belongs to Elgi, a Coimbatore based company. This is the brand that launched the first-ever table top wet grinder. Ultra Bigg+ is the latest wet grinder of the brand and this model has many features & functions for better grinding and user convenience.

ULTRA BIGG Plus Wet Grinder

The 2.5-liter stainless-steel drum of the ULTRA BIGG+ Wet Grinder can make a large quantity of rice batter in one go. The same food-grade safe steel drum can be used to store the ready batter after grinding. No need to shift the batter to another container. This significantly reduces the total time required for the entire process!

Patented conical stones: The Ultra grinder machine comes with two conical stones. For the shave size and design of the stones, the brand holds a patent. Interesting!

ULTRA BIGG+ Wet Grinder can do Atta kneading and coconut scraping. The required attachments have to be purchased separately. Elgi Ultra brand provides those attachments.

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This Elgi Ultra wet grinder works quietly. It also vibrates less compared to other wet grinders. One of the best features of this wet grinder is that it does not require constant monitoring. Set and forget!

Price ₹7790 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Patented Conical-Stones | Shock-Proof Body | Multi-Utility Drum | Batter-Cleaner | Warranty: 5-Years
Motor 150W | Stone-Speed: 1350 RPM | Drum-Speed: 135 – 140 RPM | Protection: {Over-Load | Power-Surge}
Grinding Dual Conical-Stones | Stainless-Steel Drum | Rice-Grinding: 30-Minute | Daal Grinding: 30-Minute
Build Drum: {Grade-304 Food-Grade Safe Stainless-Steel, Capacity: 2.5-Liter} | Motor Body: ABS | Weight: 14.6-Kg | Height: 11.73-Inch | Power-Cord: 1.65-meter
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