A perfect water filter jug serves the purpose of instant potable water. Such handheld water purification systems are affordable, portable, and user-friendly opposed to the conventional RO system. Here I present an in-depth review two high-grade jug water purifiers, fitting for students, bachelors, office executives, and small families. They are also the perfect portable purifier to carry on an extended tour. The water purifier jugs require no electricity to operate and take about 10-minutes to purify one-liter water. Their manufacturers also claim that the filter installed can remove harmful bacteria & virus, and also smell from the water. This jug water purifier’s comparison lets you decide between 2.5-Liter Astrea water purifier jug and Kent alkaline water purifier pitcher. Price of both best jug water filters for home, and personal use is below 2000 Rupees.

At the end of this article, you would have a fair understanding of whether to buy one of them or not. If yes, which one is the best jug-type water purifier? Read also Here are 26 Advanced Water Purifiers for this Year.

The top brands for water purifier jug in the global market are Brita and Laica. Brita is a German brand specializes in water filters. Laica is an Italian brand specializes in water filter jug, kitchen scale, and various other kitchen add-on products. Water purification jugs of both the European brands have been tested and trusted globally. However, their products are very costly in the Indian market. Currently, the price of Brita Marella water filter jug is 6500 Rupees. And the cost of Laica water filter jugs is around 9000 Rupees.

Best Water Purifier Jug under 2000 Rupees (हिंदी में)

► 2.5-Liter Astrea Water Dispenser with Filter- A Perfect Water Purifier Jug

Astrea is one top name to trust for a handy, hand-held water purifier in the Indian market. Products of this Indian brand have been getting good responses from buyers.

The price of the Astrea water purifier is 2500 Rupees. With a promotional discount, it is on sale at 1999 Rupees currently. Its capacity is 2.5 Liter. Considering the testimony of those who have used it for months, undoubtedly, it is one of the best jug water filters for home and office use on sale.

Astrea Water Purifier Jug For Students

The Astrea water purifier Jug requires no electricity to operate. All you have to do is that fill the top chamber with water, which has the capacity of one liter. In ten minutes, the water would dribble through the filter and stored in the lower chamber, which has the 1.5-Liter capacity.

The filter used on this portable water filter jug is highly efficient. As stated by the manufacturer, the three-stage cartridge is designed with the USA patented HaloPure Technology. The first layer of the filter removes solid particles from the water. Carbon Granules in the second layer kills bacteria and eliminates odors. The third layer with the patented technology kills dangerous bacteria and viruses.

The three-layer filter has the longevity of 100 days or 375 liters, whichever is first. The replacement filter for the water purification jug is available online, costs only 500 Rupees, as well.

Price 2000 Rupees
Capacity 1 Liter + 1.5 Liter = 2.5 Liter
Ideal for Students, Bachelors, Office Executive, Small Families
Technology The USA Patented HaloPure Technology
Filter Three Layer Filter with Natural Carbon Granules to remove solid particles, harmful bacteria virus, and odor
Filter Life 100 Days or 375 Liters
Replacement Filter Available, Cost: 500 Rupees
Convenience Feature LED Indicator for Filter-Change Alert
Customer Service Contact the Brand


→ Astrea 2.5 Liter Purifier Jug Pros and Cons

The Astrea water purifier has a notable design and a compact build. Therefore, it can comfortably fit into the regular size of refrigerator units. I do not recommend placing it in a refrigerator since drinking chilled water is an open invitation for several diseases.

The best water filter jug makes water portable with certified purification system. Unlike the regular RO purifier, there is no loss of water on this jug puffier. Moreover, the three-stage water purification filter at the helm has the patented technology.

Astrea Water Dispenser with Filter Perfect Water Purifier Jug

Those have bought the 2.5-Liter purifier have rated it with 5-star. Thus, one thing is for sure that the Astrea water purifier jug does its work as expected. I would highly recommend it to make corporation water and fresh bore well water drinkable.

Those were the pro factors associated with the jug-type water purifier. However, there is a concern, too. How pure would be the water when the top layer of the filter accumulates enough dirt after continuously using the purifier jug for 45 to 60 days?

→ The alternative of the Astrea Water Purifier Jug – Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Options for the Astrea Purifier are none in the Indian market. It is a perfect as a conventional water purifier. Those with a weak digestion system could consider the Kent Alkaline Purifier Pitcher if advised by a doctor. The unique portable purifier of the brand Kent, one of the top-rated RO purifier makes in the Indian market is in good demand currently. Read also Top 5 Kent UF Water Purifier for Corporation Water Supply.

Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher Review and Specs

Is Alkaline water good for health? It is still a debatable issue. However, the established fact currently is that balanced Alkaline Water could boost health, and improve digestion system in some people.

Kent claims that the alkaline water purifier jug is ideal to reset water to the recommended pH level (8.5-9.5). The water purification jug, further, improves the anti-oxidation ability of the water. The filter with three layers (Sediment – Carbon – Alkaline Media) also removes solid particles and chemical impurity from the water. Thus, you could use it to make corporation water drinkable.

Kent Alkaline Water Filter Jug Features

The build and design of this Kent water jug with filters are sturdy and futuristic. Made of food-grade material, the Kent purifier would last many years. You only need to replace its filter on a regular interval.

→ Is drinking Alkaline Water daily Good for Health?

Regularly drinking alkaline water could be detrimental to your health. The water might disrupt body’s pH level and cause vomiting, nausea, and severe allergies. Therefore, the Kent purifier jug is not recommended for everyone’s use. For instance, I should not use it since my annual medical report confirms that I am perfectly fit. Everything is in order in my body.

Before you decide to buy the Kent Alkaline water purifier jug, do consult your doctor. On the other hand, the best water purifier jug by the Indian brand Astrea is ideal for everyone. It is a conventional purifier with patented technology. It does not reset the water. Astrea Water Dispenser makes the water potent, drinkable by removing impurity.

Price 1600 Rupees
Body Material Food-grade Plastic
Pro Features Improves Anti-Oxidation Ability in the Water, Removes Chemical Impurity
Warranty 12-Months
Capacity 3.5-Liter
Dimensions (mm) 300 (L) X 115 (W) X 255(H)
Filter Materials Sediment – Carbon – Alkaline Media
Kent Customer Care +91-9278912345 | [email protected]