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Water Purifier with five Stage Purifications under 6000 Rupees

Whirlpool Destroyer EAT Water Purifier Review and Specifications

Whirlpool Destroyer EAT Water Purifier

A generally believed perception is that a person needs to have deep pockets in order to purchase a good water purifier. Well, to be honest, big brands have spread numerous myths to misguide customers. This is the reason that I always recommend customers to do in-depth research before purchasing anything.

The recently launched Whirlpool Destroyer EAT Water Purifier, which is available in the market for an amount of just 4,999 rupees, is a perfect product for people with tight budget. According to the manufacturer, this purifier offers nice build quality, an impressive purification technology and works without electricity. Read also Multi Stages RO UV UF Water Purifiers below 6000.

Whirlpool Brand Value

Whirlpool is a widely known home appliance company. Found in the year 1911 in the USA, it has since then spread business in many countries. This brand has already made its name in refrigerator and washing machine segment. Now, it is trying to secure a place in the water purifier market.

Whirlpool Destroyer EAT Water Purifier Add Attachment

Customer Support: For any help related to this product, you can dial this number- 1800 208 1800.

The American manufacturer Whirlpool has a reputation of giving superior customer service. However, in many cases even big brands fail to deliver quality customer support, which is the case with this purifier.

Many of the customers whom we interviewed were not happy with the product. They told us that it leaks too much water and the purification process takes a lot of time.

According to some customers, Whirlpool‘s executives offer good support when the purifier is under warranty, but after this period, the customer service gets worse. I was shocked after hearing this as Whirlpool is a big brand and this kind of unprofessional approach will certainly lower its brand value.

Uses a 5 Stage Purification System: Most non-electric water purifiers in the market use UF (Ultra Filtration) technology to purify water. There are many benefits of using this technology as it does not require electricity to work and can remove all suspended particles from water. The only problem the UF technology is that it is not capable of purifying hard water.

To overcome this problem, Whirlpool had to devise its own purification system. The Destroyer Water Purifier uses unique 5-stage purification system. Before entering the purifier itself, the water first passes through a PreFilter that removes all visible particles like dust, dirt, sand, and silt. This preliminary procedure takes away extra pressure from the main filtration unit and enhances membrane’s life.

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In the second stage, the water goes to an EAT mesh, which removes small suspended particles that are not visible to normal eyes.

Next is the stage of electro-adhesion. In it, the water passes through a membrane of positively charged particles where all the negatively charged impurities like cyst, germs, and bacteria are stuck.

Now the water moves to the activated carbon chamber. Here, ionic action at the atomic level makes the water clean of heavy metals like lead and arsenic. The final stage is of electro-absorption and it filters out dissolved chemicals from the water.

Although the Whirlpool Destroyer is a budget segment product but the features it comes with are generally present only on purifiers of the premium segment.

Whirlpool Destroyer EAT Water Purifier Comparison

Extra Features on this Whirlpool Purifier

The purifier offers a fully automatic operation. No need to touch or press any control button to start the purification operation; it does everything automatically. This machine is highly efficient and retains all the necessary minerals. In that process, it does not waste even a single drop of water.

PPM of Water: You should not purchase a water filter without getting the water coming to your house tested.

The water available to every household differs. Thus, the needed purifier technology will also differ according to the (poor) quality of the water.

I know many people who have blindly purchased purifiers without testing water quality in their house have later regretted the decision with a dysfunctional product.

Soft water purifiers like the Whirlpool Destroyer (the one we are discussing here) fail considerably while cleaning high PPM water. Companies manufacture these filters for purifying corporation water, which is processed before coming to your house. So, before ordering or booking any purifier follow these steps:

  1. Take sample of the water
  2. Go to a water testing lab
  3. Get a details report of the water taste

If the report says that the hardness of water is more than 500 PPM then do not purchase this purifier. In this case, you will need an RO-based water filter.

No Electricity Required: This Whirlpool water purifier works without electricity as it uses earth’s gravity to move the water. Therefore, you will save a good amount of money on the electricity bill.

Maintenance and Filter Life

According to the manufacturer, customers will not have to spend a lot of money on the maintenance of this purifier. The estimated life of the EAT filter is about 7-8 months. Surprisingly, you do not need to call anyone from the support department of Whirlpool to change the filter. It is much easier to remove the old membrane and install a new one. A new EAT filter will cost you around 1200 rupees.

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Whirlpool Destroyer EAT Water Purifier Features

Inbuilt Storage Tank

After filtering the water, this purifier stores it in a 6-liter storage tank. The storage tank features food grade materials and the water will contaminate even after hours of storage.

The only problem that I see is the lack of a water level indicator. Without it, the customers will not be able to see how much water is remaining in the tank. In addition, the capacity of the tank is quite low and it is only good for people who live alone.

Build and Design: I must say, Whirlpool has done a remarkable job of designing this purifier. It comes in a compact outer shell and the finish of its body will suit walls of any color. However, the quality of the build material is not very impressive. You will hear creaking noise upon putting some pressure on its body. The tap looks cheap and may not last long.

Moreover, as I have mentioned in the preceding sub-topics also, many customers are facing leakage issues with this product. The manufacturer has done improper fitting of the components.

Installation: The free installation service provided by Whirlpool will prove to be a big relief to the customers.

This purifier supports only wall mount installation. You will have to sacrifice a wide area, as it comes with two filtration units (main unit and PreFilter unit). Upon receiving the product follow these steps to get the installation done free of cost:

  1. Make sure that the packaging box is not damaged and is properly sealed
  2. Dial 1800-208-1800
  3. Register your address and fix an appointment
  4. As per the company, installation can take up to 48 hours


  • Cost effective operation
  • Pleasing and compact design
  • Does not remove essential minerals from water
  • Automatic operation
  • Lightweight
  • Works without electricity
  • Free installation is provided from company’s side


  • Average build quality
  • Takes a lot of time to purify water
  • Leakage issues
  • Customer service is not that impressive
  • Low capacity storage tank
  • It is not good for purifying high TDS water.

Verdict: Considering the price point, it will be quite an injustice if we start criticizing this product. However, I would have appreciated some quality enhancements. Whirlpool should listen to customers who are complaining about the leakage issue.

Whirlpool Destroyer EAT Water Purifier Review and Specifications

Overall, the Whirlpool Destroyer seems to be a good budget package. It is capable of removing chemicals, particles, as well as bacteria from the water.

Total Storage Capacity 6 Liter
Filtration Method EAT
Purification Capacity 1 Liter Per Minute
Electricity Required No
Weight 3 KG
Dimensions 280 X 235 X 365 mm
Installation Type Wall Mount
Warranty 1 Year
Buy 6000 Rupees
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  1. has whirlpool resolved the leakage issues? I am planning to buy a water purifier for muncipal water. please advice. is there something better than this?

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