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Best Water Purifier under 8000 Rupees

Best Water Purifier below 8000 Rupees in India Market

No water purifier will give you Nirmal Jal, I mean natural water. Electric water purifiers are designed to purify highly polluted water and achieve quality and purity in them that are close to nature. In that process, they change the very basic concept of water. Understand this with the example of dairy milk. This is a hard reality for those living in metropolitan cities. They have to somehow survive with artificial water.

Our Ayurveda suggests that drinking clean water on a regular interval can alone reduce health hazards significantly. In today’s time when most of the consumables are contaminated with harmful chemicals, you need a smart solution for potable water.

Which is the best water purifier under 8000 Rupees? Here you read about the best-selling water purifier from 7000 to 8000 Rupees price range for portable and pure water.

► HUL Pureit Classic NXT Water Purifier {RO + MF/UV}

In recent months HUL Pureit has gained more water purifier market share in India thanks to its affordable but innovative water purifiers. One of its top-selling RO water purifiers is the model CLASSIC NXT. The HUL Pureit Classic NXT water purifier is available in two variants: Classic NXT RO+MF and Classic NXT RO+UV.

What is the difference between these variants? MF means micro-filtration, which is another RO filter membrane with advanced purification capacity. It is also popular as a post-RO filter. Thus, HUL Pureit Classic NXT with RO and MF is a water purifier with a double RO purification system.

HUL Pureit Classic NXT RO MF

There has been a strong demand to ban the RO water purifier as it wastes lots of water during purification. Then a water purifier with double RO purification will waste too much water in its purification process. The water recovery of this HUL Pureit RO water purifier at the end of 6-stage purification is just 20 to 25%. This means if 100-liter water is processed, you will get 20 to 25-liter potable water.

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There is a big difference between portable, pure water, and up to 99.99% pure water. The UV treatment is needed to make portable water to pure water. Therefore, in my opinion, HUL Pureit Classic NXT RO+UV is better than HUL Pureit Classic NXT RO+MF.

Price 7300 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Input (Max) TDS-Level: 2000-PPM | Hardness: 500-mg/liter | Iron: 0.3-mg/liter | Turbidity: 1-NTU
Purification 6-Stage Purification: {Pre-Sediment, Pre-RO, Mini, RO, UV/MF, Post-RO Carbon}
Capacity Flow-Rate: 10-12 Liter-Per-Hour | Water-Recovery: 20 to 25%
Power Power-Consumption: 36W | Power-Saving Mode | Input-Voltage: 100V to 300V | Advanced Voltage-Fluctuation Guard
Build 100% Food-Grade | Weight: 7-Kg | 24W DC-Pump | 1.5-Meter Power-Cord | Pressure-Rating: 10 to 30 PSI | USEPA-Compliant
Maintenance Germs-Kill-Kit @ 3000-Rupees | Installation: 300-Rupees + Others


► HUL Pureit Advanced Plus Water Purifier {RO+MF+MP}

The Pureit RO water purifier is affordable, but its water purification system is very reliable. Impure water in this water purifier passes through a six-stage purification process to become potable. Those who have been using Pureit Advanced Plus water purifier say that the water purified by this water purifier tastes natural.

This HUL Pureit water purifier is perfect for TDS level in the water up to 2000 PPM. The TDS level of potable water is 0 to 100 PPM. Suppose, the TDS level in the impure water at your place is 1800 PPM. That will be reduced to below 100 PPM after the water passing through the 6-stage purification process of this Pureit water purifier.

HUL Pureit Advanced Plus RO MF MP Water Purifier

The Pureit water purifier has a durable build, and its water storage tank is made of food-grade plastic. Its purification system can process 12-liter impure water in one-hour, and its storage tank can store up to 5-liter potable water. You can either keep it on a table or fix it on a wall.

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Should you buy this Pureit RO water purifier? Does it worth it? I think, yes. At the current market of 7490 Rupees, it is a value for money option. This water purifier wastes water during the purification process like any other water purifier model. But post-purification, the water tastes natural. Pureit Advanced Plus water purifier is one of the best RO water purifiers under 8000 Rupees.

Price ₹7490 | Flipkart
Purification TDS Reduction: 2000 PPM (90%) | RO + MF + MP | 6-Stage Purification Processor {Pre-Sediment Filter, Pre-RO Carbon, Mini-Filter, RO Membrane, Micro-Filtration Membrane, Post-RO Carbon Filter} | Only 25% Water Recovery Post RO Purification
Capacity 12-Liter Water per Hour | 5-Liter Water Tank
Input Water Max Water Hardness: 500 mg/lit | Iron in Input Water: 0.3-mg/lit | Turbidity of Input Water: 1-NTU (max.)
Power 36-Watt Power Consumption | Voltage Range: 100V to 300V | Voltage Fluctuation Guard
Build Food-Grade Water Tank | 1.5-Meter Power Cord


► Livpure GLO Water Purifier {RO + UV + Mineralizer}

This Livpure RO purifier is capable of making high TDS water taste fresh and natural. I would not recommend it for a family, which includes pregnant ladies and newborn since it lacks UF purifier.

Livpure Glo RO Water Purifier with UV Technology

In this RO purifier machine, water passes through the 6-stage purification system. The sediment filter is the 1-stage of purification for removing fine particles from the water. In the 2-stage, the water passes through a pre-activated carbon filter. The filter absorbing harmful patricides, chlorine, and other organic impurities in the water. In the stage-3, an RO membrane clears salt, hardness, heavy-metal, and toxic chemicals from the water. This is the process where for the first-time bacteria and virus in the water come under threat. In the stage-4, the water passes through a UV chamber. Here, UV rays are used to kill water born bacteria & virus effectively. In the end, in stage five and six, the water becomes free from organic impurities, minerals levels in it improve, and its pH value is corrected.

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Going by the efficiency of its 6-stage purification process, no doubt Livpure GLO a perfect water purifier. It will work fine for highly-pulled water, hard water, borewell water, and the water that has a high TDS level. According to the official specifications, it could work fine if the TDS level in the water is less than 1500 PPM.

Price 8000 Rupees
Features Technology: {RO, UV} | Mineralizer | 1500-PPM TDS Level
Filters Sediment | Pre-Activated-Carbon | RO | UV | Silver | Mineral Cartridge
Capacity 7-Liter Tank | Process 12-Liter Water in 1- Hour | 75-Liter water daily
Inlet Pressure Minimum: 0.3 Kg/; Maximum: 3 Kg/
Power Consumption: 24-Watts
Sales Box Water-Purifier | Installation-Kit | Documents
Warranty 12-Months | Free-Installation


► Kent Maxx Water Purifier {UV}

Do not get caught by its tagline that says it is the only UV purifier with storage tank in India. Well, the Kent is not cheating with you, but the fact is that the Maxx water purifier itself was launched in the year 2012. Since then the whole world has changed take your phone for example. Now many other brands are offering UV water purifiers with storage tanks, but for the time being we will only discuss this purifier.

Even after 3 years since its launch, the Kent Maxx UV Water Purifier still has a reputation in the market. One reason might be its affordability as you can easily get it for a price of 7,750 INR.

Design: The greatest advantage of having this filter is its transparent tank because of which you can easily see if the water that you are about to drink is clean or not. Next comes its flexibility, you can mount it on a wall or put it on a table. The design is also not behind any other purifier, vertical cuts on the sides make it look slim. However, this purifier is a little heavy and weighs about 6.1-KG.

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Purification performance: The UV and UF filtration technology make this purifier best suited for the households getting water from municipal sources. The 0.1 micron thin pores of the UF chamber only allow the water along with necessary minerals to get passed through. The UV chamber, on the other hand, kills all the bacteria and cysts from the water making it as clean as it can be.

Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water Purifier Review and Specifications

In addition, the purifier also features a dedicated sediment filter and an activated carbon section. However, the purification efficiency of this filter is of no use in the case of hard water because the UF technology is not capable of cleaning water of high TDS level.

Automatic Purification Features: The Kent Maxx 7-Liter UV Water Purifier can purify up to one liter of water every minute (about 60 liters every hour). The purified water gets stored in the seven liter storage tank. When the storage tank gets 100 per cent filled with water the auto-off feature stops the purification process.

It also features an auto-start feature that automatically starts the purification process once the water is drawn from the storage tank. These two smart features (auto-off and auto-on) make the whole operation fully automatic. Moreover, the storage tank is detachable that ensures easy cleaning.

The purifier body is made from ABS material that ensures long durability. All the parts of the filter are leak free that means no matter what happens the water will always remain contamination free.

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It also features a built-in SMPS that prevents any damage that can happen because of power fluctuation. The power range that this purifier supports is 160-300V. There are only two LED notification lights at the front which only show about the power and filtration status.

Capacity 7 Liters
Technology UV+UF
Features Filter Change, UV Fail Alarm
Installation Wall Mount, Counter Top
Filtration Capacity 60 Liter/hr
Membrane Type 0.1 Micron
Warranty 12 Months
Buy 7600 Rupees


► Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Purifier {UV}

When we think of water purifiers the name that is sure to come up is ‘Eureka Forbes’. In India, many customers rely on Eureka purifiers for safe and clean drinking water. Its products are affordable, full of features and ergonomically designed. As we have started talking about ergonomics here, so it would be worth to discuss the Forbes Aquasure Smart UV Water Purifier that attracts almost everyone on the first look. It is as compact as a purifier can be and features a great design with many useful functions. Also, you will not have to empty your pockets to get it as it is available for an affordable price of 6529 INR.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart UV Water Purifier Review

Design: If you will ask me to describe the look of this water purifier in one word, then I would answer by saying “unmatchable”. It is just 170 mm in thickness and weighs only 4.1-KG, this all makes it so compact that you would want to take it to your weekend spot, but certainly that is not a possibility. It can fit in any corner of your kitchen and you would not even need extra space to collect the water as the purifier itself features a water collection shelf.

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Purification performance: No offense, but the first thing needed to be mentioned here is that this purifier cannot purify hard water. The reason behind it is the absence of RO technology that removes the dissolved compounds and makes the water odorless. But do not lose hope as there are many other affordable RO-UF purifiers available in the market.

Coming to the Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart UV Water Purifier, it has a three stage purification system. In the first stage the water passes through the sediment filter that removes all the visible and suspended compounds from it. In the next stage, the activated carbon filter removes the dissolved chemicals from the water and makes it odorless. The final stage is of UV filtration in which an 8W lamp radiates UV rays on the water thereby killing all the bacteria and cysts. You can say that 8W might not be enough to kill all the disease causing bacteria and you might be right also. However, Eureka has put a smart sensing mechanism in this purifier that ensures optimal use of the UV lamp by changing the intensity according to the level of purification needed.

Remarkably this purifier can purify up to 2 liters of water every minute, meaning you can get 60 liters of purified water every hour. But this figure may change depending on the inlet water pressure and filter quality.

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Convenience features: There are three notification LED at the front to help the user in case some damage happens inside the purifier. This purifier also features a built-in voltage stabilizer that prevents power fluctuation damages.

Moreover, you get one year of warranty on this product from the manufacturer. But this warranty only covers the defects caused by normal conditions.

Capacity 7 Liter
Purification Method Three-Stage with UV
TDS Levels 1-2000 (mg/l) PPM
Installation Table Top, Wall Mount
Filter Life 5000 Liter
Extra Inbuilt Voltage Stabilizer
Brand Commitment Installation and Demo free of cost
Buy 7000 Rupees


► HUL Pureit Marvella Water Purifier {UV}

Pureit always teases its products more with the design and the Marvella UV Water Purifier is no exception. Almost everywhere you will find the ergonomics overshadowing features that it comes packed with. The official website is selling it for a price of 8290 INR, but you can easily get for 7096 INR from Amazon. Although the Marvella series is famous for technology and quality it offers, but buyer get attracted to its look as well. If you want to know the specifications, you might get a little disappointment as it has more some high level drawbacks.

Design: Weighing just 4-KG, the Pureit Marvella UV purifier can be put on a table or mounted on a wall. The ergonomics that Pureit has used in this purifier are really appreciable. It feels sturdy, compact and sleek from the outside.

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Purifier performance: This is a household water purifier with a decent blend of design and the Marvella UV technology that processes water through four stages. Water first passes through sediment filter that removes all the visible and suspended particles from it.

Next, the water enters the phase of activated carbon filtration that removes dissolved compounds, chemicals and gases. Now the time comes for the sediment plus filter that removes carbon particles and other impurities from the water.

At the end, the water passes through the UV chamber that deactivates all the bacteria and cysts from it. After passing through all four stages the water gets stored in the storage tank. The Germ-kill-Kit that this purifier houses inside has a life cycle of 36 months.

How efficient is this HUL water purifier? The UV chamber of this filter has a downside that is its vertical position. In vertical position, the UV rays are not able to penetrate the water intensively because of the gravity, thereby reducing the efficiency.

HUL Pureit WPUV100 Marvella UV 4-Litre Water Purifier Review and Specifications

Although it has effective stages of water purification, but the absence of RO and UF filtration chambers makes it ineffective for households getting water from non-municipal source like bore wells.

The purifier is fully automatic that means if the storage tank gets empty, it will automatically start the purification process. Auto-shut off feature turns the filtration off once the storage tank gets filled. Coming to the storage, only four Liter of capacity will disappoint many people especially those living with large families. The purifier can purify up to 45 liters of water in one hour though.

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The food safe material used in the storage tank makes sure that the water stored inside does not get contaminated. The ABS plastic material used in the body of the filter is highly durable.

On the front, the purifier features four LED notification lights for power, purification, tank full and CSF status. The advance alert system notifies 15 days before the purifier stops working. This purifier supports a wide range of power input i.e. 90-270 Volts, thanks to its built-in SMPS.

Convenience Auto Start | Auto Start-stop
Alarms Advance Alert System
Capacity 4-Liter
Purification UV Technology
Warranty 365 Days
Installation Table Top, Wall Mount
Buy 7100 Rupees