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Best Water Purifier under 5000 Rupees

Best Water Purifier under 5000 Rupees in India Market

Whether you need a water purifier for pure drinking water or not is no longer a matter for family debate. The water purifier machine has become an essential requirement even in small towns nowadays. An excellent alternative to the RO water purifier machine is Cane water. Regular(non-branded) cane water cost is 2-Rupee per liter. The latest water purifier machines on the market with advanced-efficient filters, which last longer, have been successful in reducing the cost of clean drinking water to near one rupee per liter.

Once the Tamilnadu government had canceled the license of 93 cane water suppliers on the ground of poor water quality. Later there was a prolonged strike by water suppliers which resulted in colossal drinking water scarcity in Chennai. Then the government under pressure withdrew its order to cancel their license. With this incident, you can understand very well that cane water is good but cannot be trusted for 100% purity.

Which is the best water purifier under 5000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling water purifiers from 3000 to 5000 Rupees range. Apparently, 5000 Rupees is enough budget for water purifiers of top reliable brands. Therefore, here you read about RO water purifiers of those brands which yet to gain popularity because of the excellent products they sell.

► Aquaguard Aquaflo-DX UV Water Purifier

Which is the best UV water purifier in India market? Aquaguard Aquaflo DX from the Eureka Forbes, despite being a 3-year old UV water purifier model now, is one of the best-selling UV water purifiers under 5000 Rupees. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the UV water purifier on the market.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aquaflo DX UV Water Purifier

Before I explain this Eureka Forbes UV water purifier, you must know the role of the three most popular water purification technologies: RO, UV, and UF. The RO Purification makes dirty water POTABLE. UV Purification makes potable water PURE. And, UF purification makes pure water 99.99% PURE.

The UV water purifier from Eureka Forbes makes potable water PURE through its 3-stage water purification system. Water processed in this water purifier will be safe for kids. However, if you have an infant at home, you should invest in a water purifier with UV and UF purification system.

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The work of a UV filter in a water purifier is to kill germs and bacteria in the water. So, the water will be safe for kids as they have now a stable immune system. Since the dead bodies of germs and bacteria are still in the water, it is not safe for infants who are still in the process to develop an effective immune system.

Price 4900 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Features 12-Months Warranty | 2-Liter UV-Purified Water in Just 1-Minute
Purification 3-Stage Purification | Purification-Modules: {Clarity-Cartridge, Chemi-Block, UV-Chamber}
Input Water-Quality: {TDS → 1 to 200 mg/liter | Pressure → 2-Kg to 0.4-Kg sq-CM | Temperature→ 10 to 40°C | Chlorine→ Max 0.2-mg/liter | Iron→ 0.3-mg/liter | Turbidity→ 15 NTU Max}
Build 8W UV Lamp (5000-Hours Burning Life) | Smart-Indicators | Built-in Voltage-Stabilizer | Dimensions (WDH): 210×140×382 mm | Weight: 2.9-Kg | Installation: Table-Top/Wall-Mount | Power-Consumption: 40W


► DE Fresh Aqua India RO Purifier with Alkaline Water

Growing demand for water purifiers has paved the way for small water purifier companies to launch affordable water purifiers. One of the best RO water purifiers under 5000 Rupees comes from a new brand called DE Fresh Aqua India. Water purifiers with multi-stage purification process by this new brand are on sale in the price range of 4000 to 7000 Rupees.

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Those who have been using water purifiers of DE Fresh Aqua India brand praised the brand and its product. That is something exciting, not standard for a new, small water purifier brand. Water purifier machine requires a proper installation, which only an authorized service engineer from the water purifier brand can do correctly. Here is what most RO water purifiers brands fail, including top brands as providing service across India within 48 hours is incredible exercise. DE Fresh Aqua India provides free installation. You would not have to spend on extra fitting for the water purifier as all the essential things will be in the sales box.

Key Traits: The Common features of DE Fresh Aqua India water purifiers are Philips UV lamp, multi-stage purification processor, pre-filter, and an eye-catching design. What amazes me the most is their low maintenance cost.  The cost of annual maintenance set is below 1500 Rupees. The cost of pre-filter and other necessary support components is below 500 Rupees, withal.

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How committed DE Fresh Aqua India is in providing service during 12 months of warranty period will eventually decide whether it is the next Kent or not. We have listed this brand in our watch list.

Price 4990 Rupees
Features Multi-stage Purification | Philips UV Lamp | Alkaline Technology
Filter RO | UV | UF | Pre-Filter | Other Filters
Warranty 12 Months
Maintenance Below 1500 Rupees


► Aquafresh Swift RO Purifier With UV and TDS Adjuster

The RO water purifier is designed to effectively filter out any pollutants in the water, providing you with pure and safe drinking water. Its 15 liters water tank for pure water ensures you have adequate water throughout.

Aquafresh Swift Mineral RO Water Purifier UV TDS Adjuster

5-stage purification process: By using an effective 5-stage purification process ensures that the water you get is free of dirt, pollutants, and disease-causing microorganisms. You can, therefore, enjoy drinking your water without fear of adverse effects.

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RO and UV purification technologies: The water filter comes with an RO membrane, which gets rid of bacteria and chemical contaminants. It also helps reduce the total amount of dissolved salts and solids in the water, giving you pure, clean and safe drinking water. In addition, it features an Ultraviolet lamp, which helps kill bacteria in a faster and more effective way.

Automatic filtration feature: This RO UV water purifier comes with an auto shut-off features, which allows for easy automatic purification of water. Simply put the water in the purifier and leave it to attend to other errands you might have. After the water has been purified, the purifier will automatically shut itself off.

Highly durable: The water purifier is made using highly durable plastic, and it also comes with various components that are made using high-quality materials. These quality features of its build & design ensure that it serves you longer. It also comes with a 6-month warranty.

Easy to install and use: Aquafresh Swift comes with a compact design, making it very easy to install. Simply install it in your kitchen and you are good to go. It is also very easy to use and clean.

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Aquafresh Swift water purifier has received quite a number of customer reviews online, and most of them are positive. Customers like the fact that it is very effective in purifying the water and it comes with a large storage capacity. The only complaints were a few cases of defective components, which were promptly handled by the company.

Price 4990 Rupees
Features Smart Automatic Water Purifier | Purification Auto Start & Stop | UV-Fail Alarm | Filter-Change Alarm | Push-Fit Leak-Proof Design | 10-Days Replacement Warranty
Purification 5-Stage Purification System | RO+UV | TDS Adjuster | Sediment Filter | Active Carbon Filter | Ideal for TDS: Up to 1000-PPM
Capacity 8 to 10 Liter Purified-Water in 1-Hour | Maximum 100-Liter Purified-Water in 24-Hours
Build Water Tank: 15-Liter | 11W UV Lamp


► Aqua Supreme RO Water Purifier

In the last 10 months, we have done reviews of many water purifiers. However, only a few purifiers had a great balance between features, quality, and price tag.

In this purifier review article, we are presenting a water purifier equipped with the latest technology, better-built quality, and surprisingly very low price tag. The Aqua supreme is a brand new purifier in the market. It has impressed on the very first look.

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The Aqua Water Purifier offers more than you can ever expect for just 4170 rupees. My experience about the water purifier market says the machine is the cheapest product with an 18-liter storage tank and 12-stage purification technology. In fact, it is the only product comes with an 18-liter tank below 5000 rupees price.

12-Stage Purification Systems: This great machine passes the water through 12 purification stages. It features RO, UV and UF technologies, which are considered the best to make hard water potable. Out of 12 stage purification onboard, about five stages are to retain the essential minerals so that your body remains healthy. Even though it uses reverse osmosis method, there will be no problem in cleaning soft water with this purifier. To extend the life of membrane, the manufacturer has equipped it with antiscalant balls.

A TDS controller at the heart of this machine ensures purified water from the tap tastes sweet. The main highlight of this device is it can purify about 15 liters of water every hour.

Aqua 18 Ltr Aqua Supreme RO UV UF TDS Water Purifiers

Sturdy Build and Impressive Design: The manufacturer has made it sturdy and durable. Its outer shell is capable of resisting small collision and will last for years. Its storage tank is made of a food grade plastic that stops the contamination even if the water is stored for a long time. This machine is compact and you can install it without sacrificing a lot of the Kitchen space. The ergonomics of its outer shell will certainly enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

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In the box, you also get a free installation kit. However, the customers will have to pay for the labor charges and extra parts.

Big Water Storage Tank: A couple of days ago I did a review on a purifier that was priced around 5,000 rupees and featured a 14-liter storage tank. At the time of writing that review, I was really impressed with the capacity of the purifier and considered that machine as the most affordable solution for large families. However, this product has changed my opinion.

The bottom half of this purifier sports a big 18-liter storage tank. This purifier will be great for budget households consisting of 7-8 family members. It also features a water level indicator at the center.

Easy To Maintain Purifier: The thing that scares most of the budget customers is the cost of maintenance of a water purifier. However, the specialty of this product is it does not require the users to spend a lot of money after the purchase. Its membrane comes with a long life.

The inbuilt flushing system removes all the filtered impurities out of the purifier and enhances durability. The push-fit components eliminate any chance of leakage, thereby increasing the efficiency of this product.

It is a fully-automatic water purifier, which means do not bother about turning on or off the device every time manually. The onboard system takes care of the whole purification system on its own.

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This purifier is also equipped with an inbuilt SMPS that offers a wide voltage input range of 120-280 Volts. It avoids damages resulting from major power fluctuations that are very much common in India. Moreover, it consumes just 40-Watts of electricity and certainly, it will not increase your power bill.


  • Big water storage tank
  • UV, UF, RO and TDS controller
  • Free installation kit
  • Made of sturdy and food grade materials
  • UV fail alarm
  • Water level indicator

Verdict: To be clear, this product is manufactured by a brand, which is very new in the purifier market. Therefore, you cannot expect high-quality customer service. However, for people who earn low and have a large family to feed, it can be a good solution. All you need to make sure is to get the installation done correctly.

Price 4990 Rupees
Filter RO | UV | UF
Process 12-Stage Purification Process
Features Auto-Fill | Auto Shutoff
Build Tank: 18-Liter
Power Consumption: 40W
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