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Best RO Water Purifier under 15000 Rupees

Best Water Purifier below 15000 Rupees in India Market

Do water purifiers soften water? The answer is YES. The right way to buy a suitable water purifier to make hard water at your place potable is first to test the water. Testing water in a digital lab would cost you less than 500 Rupees. Spending only 500 Rupees would save you close to 5000 Rupees. The result will give you a clear picture of the water quality at your place. According to that, you will be able to decide whether you need an RO water purifier or a water purifier with just UV+UF would suffice the need.

No brand in the country can earn profits just by focusing on the premium segment of the market. That is why top water purifier brands in India market not only offers purifiers for premium customers but also has a long catalog to attract middle-class people.

Which is the best water purifier under 15000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover best water purifiers in India market in 14000 to 15000 Rupees price range. Here you read an in-depth review of RO purifiers of top brands in the India market.

► 8L LG WW140NP Mineral RO Purifier with Steel Tank

The LG brand has changed the Indian water purifier market dynamics by launching a new range of RO water purifiers with mineral booster and stainless-steel water tank. The RO water purifier model WW140NP is one of the models from the new range. Its current market price is 14990 Rupees. Yes, it comes with a food-grade safe high-quality grade-304 stainless steel water tank.

LG WW140NP Mineral RO Purifier with Steel Tank

This LG RO water purifier is perfect for water TDS level up to 2000 PPM. It usages a 5-stage RO purification system to make unclean, smelly water, up to 99.99% pure and natural. Because of its 8-liter steel water tank for storing pure water, this LG water purifier is perfect for a family size of up to 7 members.

Further, this LG steel tank water purifier requires lesser maintenance than its alternative on the market. Since it comes with a filter change alert system, you do not need to bother about when the next maintenance service has to be performed.

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Those who have bought LG WW140NP Mineral RO Purifier and currently using it, have recommended it. Therefore, it is one of the best RO water purifiers for you if your budget for a new water purifier is below 15000 Rupees. Go for it.

Price 14990 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Digital Sterilizing-Care for Chemical-Free Washing of Water Purifier | Water-Recovery: 25 to 40% | Warranty: {1-Year for Whole-Unit | 10-Year for Stainless-Steel Water-Tank}
Purification Drinking-Water: 5-Stage ► {Out-Sediment + Anti-Scalant → Sediment + Carbon Filter → RO → Mineral-Booster} | RO-Purification Removes contaminants as minute as 0.0001 mm in size
Maintenance Out-Sediment Filter: 3000-Liters | Other filters: 6000-Liters
Build 8-Liter Stainless-Steel Water Tank | Power-Consumption: 40W | Indicators: {Filter Change, Tank-Full, Power} | Water-Tray | Installation: Table-Top/Wall-Mount


► 7L Havells Max Alkaline Water Purifier {RO+UV}

Havells Max is a very popular RO water purifier. It is one of the best RO water purifiers under 15000 Rupees. Havells Max Alkaline RO water purifier is its re-branding. Both the water purifier models have the same purification mechanism, absolutely no difference at all. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy Havells Max Alkaline in 14500 Rupees when Havells Max is available in only 12500 Rupees.

What is Alkaline Water? The pH value of normal water is 7 whereas the Water with pH value 8 to 9 is termed Alkaline water. The pH value is an indicator of how acidic or Alkaline is a substance by measuring electrically charged particles in it. High pH value means less acidic. Thus, Alkaline water is less acidic. Therefore, some experts recommend Alkaline water to neutralize the acid or the high acid in our body.

Havells Max Alkaline RO UV Water Purifier

As explained by Shri Rajiv Dixit, there is a simple, natural method to reduce the acid in our body. Every day in the morning the very first thing you will do is to drink a glass of water without brushing your teeth. Saliva produced and secreted by salivary glands in the mouth contains many essential substances, including electrolytes, antibacterial compounds, mucus, and various enzymes. It can significantly reduce the acid in our stomach thereby in our body. It is a natural, practical, and advantageous than drinking machine processed water with high pH value.

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Besides, Water with high pH value or Alkaline water may not be suitable for every member of your family. An efficient water purifier is a must to make water potable, though you could avoid water purifier with Alkaline water.

Price 14500 Rupees
Features Learn more about Havells Max RO Water Purifier


► 10L HUL Pureit Marvella Water Purifier {RO + UV}

The Marvella RO water purifier is an affordable alternative to the Pureit Ultima. This budget RO purifier machine comes with all the needed features in general expected on a premium & advance water purifier.

HUL Pureit Marvella RO Water Purifier

Good Purification System: The manufacturer has used the same purification system on the Pureit Marvella, as it is in the Pureit Ultima. The water passes through six stages before ending up in your glass. Reverse osmosis technology makes a difference in the concentration of elements and filters out the harmful chemicals dissolved in water.

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The UV chamber helps a lot in killing the germs and bacteria in the water. Its efficiency, however, could have been higher if the manufacturer had installed it in the horizontal position.

Although I usually do not recommend RO purifiers for cleaning soft water, this device is worthy of an exception. It comes installed with a TDS modulator that adds the needed minerals back to the water. However, the online Indian market is full of other low-cost purifiers if you only want to purify soft water.

Contamination Free Storage Tank: I have to agree, the HUL Pureit Marvella sports an impressive build and design. It is a solid build in a futuristic design. The manufacturer has used food grade materials in the making of its storage tank. Another good thing is the purifier is suitable for small to medium size families as it can store up to 10 liters of water inside. Moreover, it can purify at least 9-liters of water every hour.

Fully Automatic Operation: One of the main highlights of this Pureit product is it does not require the purification process turn on or off manually. The machine is quite smart and can handle everything on its own. Also, an indicator panel on the front notifies the users in case of any fault.

According to the manufacturer, this purifier needs no maintenance at all, which is a big pro.

Low Power Consumption: The power consumption of this device never exceeds 48 Watts. This means you do not have to worry about the electricity bill. Another good thing is it supports a wide voltage input range of 140 – 240 Volts and can easily resist power fluctuations.

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Should you buy this HUL Pureit water purifier? The people who are looking for a premium quality purifier, but do not have a reasonable budget should go with this HUL device. You do not have to think twice before making its purchase decision. However, do remember one thing, you can get a purifier at a much lesser cost if the design and build quality is not on priority.

Price 14500 Rupees
Features Advanced Alert System | TDS Removable: up to 2000 PPM | 45% Water Recovery in RO Purification | Rated GermKill Kit Built-in
Purification RO | UV | 6-Stage Purification process | 90% TDS Reduction
Build Weight: 8.3-Kg | Dimensions: 48 x 36 x 29.4 cm | Break Resistance Test Before Ship to Customer | Power Consumption: 48W
Capacity Water Tank: 10-Liter | 28 Liter Water Purification Every Hour
Warranty 1 Year | Free Installation | No Annual Maintenance


► 8.5L Livpure Touch 2000 Plus Water Purifier {RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer}

To purify hard water from bore well and tanker, or even from corporation supply, the Livpure Touch 2000 Plus is one of the best-suited purifiers in the market. It is capable of making hard water with high TDS potable, safe for drinking.

You have to be extra careful in deciding whether to invest in this smart purifier or not in case of the water source at your place is the corporation pipeline. If the corporation water quality is good, then you need a UV+UF water purifier. In RO purification, water loses minerals and other beneficial properties. I am sure you must be knowing water is a good source of essential minerals in living beings.

Livpure Touch 2000 Plus RO Water Purifier

Using purification technologies like RO, UV, and UF, this Livpure purifier machine can purify all types of hard water. The water passes through seven stages inside this purifier and comes out as pure as it can be. However, before entering the central purification system, water first passes through the sediment filter that removes the suspended particles and makes the water look clean. Also, the activated carbon filter removes those chemicals that make water smell terrible. A taste enhancer built-in as one of the stages of the purification process makes the water taste sweet, withal.

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Ideal RO Purifier for a large family: The 8.5-liter tank of this water purifier can store enough water for an average Indian family with 4 to 10 members. Its plastic body is made of food grade materials, so you do not have to worry about any contamination.

Heavy Duty: This Livpure purifier is capable of cleaning up to 15 liters of water every hour. The maximum volume of water that it can purify in a whole day is 75 liters, however.

Touch Interface: A touch interface is not an essential requirement for a water purifier. The information displayed on the front related to inside purification processes is useful, however.

Compact and Wall Mountable: Even though this purifier comes with a bunch of purification filters but its build is compact hence requires much less space. Installing it on a kitchen wall will save space in a congested family apartment.

Pros: –

  • Suitable for cleaning hard water
  • 5-liter storage tank
  • Food grade body
  • RO, UV and UF technology
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Purifies 15 liters of water in an hour
  • Power efficient
  • Touch interface shows various useful information
  • Multiple water-dispensing options

Cons: –

  • A vertical position of the UV lamp reduces efficiency
  • Table mount installation option is not present
  • Cannot be used to clean soft water

Should you buy this Livpure purifier? From the above discussion, it is clear that the Livpure RO purifier machine is fully capable of cleaning any hard water. This purifier machine also comes many extra features to enhance the end user experience.

Price 14300 Rupees
Features Multi-dispensing options | Filter-Change Indication | Taste enhancer | Next generation design | Smart Alert | UV Fail Alert | Auto Shut-Off
Purification 7-Stage {Pre-Filter | Anti-Scalant Cartridge | Sediment-Filter | Pre-Carbon Filter Cum Adsorber | RO-Membrane | UF-Filter | Silver Impregnated Post-Carbon Cartridge | UV Disinfection Column} | TDS: Up to 2000 PPM
Capacity Water Tank: 8.5-Liter | Water Processing: {15-Liters/hour | 75-Liters/day}
Build Food-Grade Material | Only Wall-Mount installation | Filter Life: 6000-Liter
Sales Box Purifier Machine | Pre-Filter | Installation kit | User Manual | warranty card
Warranty 12 Months | Free Installation
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