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Best Water Heater Under 5000 Rupees

Best Water Heater under 5000 Rupees in India Market

Which is the best storage Water Geyser under 5000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling water heater from 3000 to 5000 Rupees price range. Here you read about the storage water heater models of top brands for water Geyser in India market.

► 25L Candes Perfecto Storage Water Heater {2000W}

Candes is a favorite brand for affordable water geysers. While a 25-Liter water heater of a famous brand in the segment will cost you more than 6000 Rupees, Candes 25L water geysers are available in 3500 Rupees range. The current market price of Candes Perfecto water heater is 3600 Rupees. It is the latest model of the brand.

Candes Perfecto water heater has a metal body, and its inner tank is made of 304-Grade high-quality stainless steel. The heating system of this storage water heater has the ISI certification for excellent quality. Whereas 5-Star BEE rating suggests that it is highly powered efficient, too. The heating element is made of extra-heavy copper. So, it will last many many years without service. Thus, there is no doubt about it that the build quality of this Candes storage water geyser is outstanding. The brand used only high-quality materials in its making.

Candes Perfecto 25-Liter Storage Water Geyser

The performance of this Candes water heater is mind-blowing, too. The 2000W heating system takes about 10 to 15 minutes to warm 25-Liter water in the tank. In the summer season, the required time will be around 10-minute, and the same will be around 15-minute in the winter season.

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Heat retention ability, besides its market price and build quality, is what makes Candes Perfecto my favorite. Once the water temperature is reached to the max temperature, the heating process stops automatically. The water will stay warm almost the whole day. This is very useful, especially for women.

Still, you have any doubts? Candes Perfecto is definitely one of the best water heaters under 5000 Rupees. Go for it!

Price 3590 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Features ISI Certification for Excellent Quality | Tank Capacity: 25-Liter | Heat Retention Technology | Water Flow Rate: 50-Liter/hrs. | Rated Pressure: Up to 8 Bar
Heating Temperature Range: 25°C to 75°C | Thermal Cutoff | Automatic Shut Off | Fully PUF Integration for Heat Retention | Insulated Plastic Coating for Heat Retention
Power 2000W | BEE 5-Star | Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker
Build Metal Body | Tank: 304-Grade Stainless Steel | Extra Heavy Copper Element for Long Lasting Life | Multi-Function Valve | Main-ON Indicator | Heating Indicator | Fusible Valve | Rust Resistant Build | Fire-Proof Cable | Dimensions {WHD}: 44×60×44 CM
Warranty 1-Year for Components | 5-Years for Inner Tank | NO Installation
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